U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s –  Creeper, peeper tools


IOS, Android, PC and MAC


In Tuesday’s WikiLeaks dump an all not to shocking detail has emerged with regards to what I like to call, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agencies, Creeper, Peeper Tools.

It seems, as luck would have it that not only does the NSA develop, then subsequently lose somehow vital details and intel about it’s spy tools utilized to hack anyone and everyone in the WORLD, so does the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

In the leak dubbed Vault 7, shocking details surfaced about how the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has more Zero Day exploits than one would have ever imagined let alone guessed.

Some of the internal CIA files show what appear to be a web-based Wiki of it’s own that seemingly catalog the agency’s apparent hacking techniques.

And the most shocking detail of all is that the documents are a cache of surprising capabilities, from dozens of exploits targeting Android and iOS to advanced PC compromising techniques as well as, detailed attempts to hack Samsung smart TVs, so that they can be turned into silent listening devices. Remember that folks when you are sitting around screaming at your TV while watching a game or your porn, whichever.


Vault 7 also details capabilities to hack routers and desktop operating systems, the internet-of-things devices, including but not limited to: researching hacking cars.

Last but certainly not least, hacking smartphones: One chart describes more than 25 Android hacking techniques, and another for those of use on iPhones, shows 14 iOS attacks.

The good news here is that so far no one can find any code so as to share with the world, however that really doesn’t matter at this stage of the game, because any good hacker can actually write the code him or herself now that, that cat is out of the bag.

My only question is, do we have at least one spy agency in the United States who has not had an intelligence leak? Just one agency that can actually manage to hang on to it’s hacking, cyber-weapon and cyber-spying capabilities?

Come on guys, get it together already.

Cristal M Clark

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Global ransomware epidemics – Are Here to Stay

Computer security and hacking concept. Ransomware virus has encrypted data in laptop. Hacker is offering key to unlock encrypted data for money.

WannaCry, Petya, GoldenEye – With More to Follow Any Day Now

Someone mentioned to me today that a news outlet published an article today or yesterday that suggested that the global ransomware epidemic was pretty much here to stay.

I almost spit out my coffee laughing because many security experts, writers and other major news outlets, myself included, have been warning the world about this issue for well over a year now.

News Flash: This is Not Surprising, it’s hardly even new news these days.

Ransomware has been around for years however it was used to only target individual networks, such as a single business, hospital or person.

After the infamous Shadow Brokers hacker group leaked the National Security Agency exploits back in April, cyber-criminals were able to learn about a more dangerous weapon.


The kind that can strike on a global level.

But is that really all that true? I mean, I love poking fun at the NSA for losing the intel in the first place but…

Anytime you see that someone, anyone is capable of widespread hacking, you should automatically assume they or another someone or group is capable or nearly capable of global hacking, ransomware, the ability to steal data on a global level and gain access to major networks including those that are tasked with running things like banking systems, power grids and governments just to name a few.

It is not like these guys are stupid, we make the mistake of assuming that no one else in the entire world other than the NSA or any government for that matter is capable of and working on developing cyber weapons like WannaCry, Petya or GoldenEye.


That is so far from the truth it is not even remotely funny. Just because a cyber-criminal hasn’t used a cyber weapon such as this before does not necessarily mean they haven’t developed it or are not working on it.

These guys could have very well been waiting for some type of leak, before moving forward with unleashing the weapon that they created so that they could tweak for instance the NSA’s weapon so that it would be more difficult to trace back to the point of origin.

Usually eventually one can figure out who created what cyber weapon by pouring through the code after all, so in an attempt to disguise that, so if it were me, I would use someone else’s cyber-weapon with that someone else’s code and tweak it just slightly enough to change it without giving away from what country I am in, or what group I am part of and so on.

The point is, without a doubt, cyber-criminals were already moving in this direction believe it or not. Criminals on any level who do not want to become upstanding citizens spend a good majority of their time thinking of new and improved ways around the laws, and that includes new and improved ways of breaking the law, ways that are less detectable by law enforcement.  

Those in the business of committing cyber-crimes are no different than any other type of criminal in that respect.

So no, global epidemics of ransomware being unleashed is not going anywhere soon, new and improved weapons are already being made and developed so as to unleash.

We’ll all have to find better security measures, but a word of caution, much like the flu virus every year, the one we get flu shots for,  we will not truly know how to protect ourselves or whether or not our newest security measures will actually work, until we know what kind of virus we are facing as each new attack is released.

Last but not lease, some of these attacks may also be disguised as mere ransomware, they could actually end up being something much worse that we have yet to learn about.

Cristal M Clark

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New and Improved Cyber Attack Spreading Across the Globe 


U.S. National Security Agency – The World Thanks You!


Once again we are seeing a global cyber attack spreading today and, the attack is causing massive disruptions around the world today.

Pharmaceutical company Merck became the first more well known U.S. company impacted by the ransomware. They made an announcement sometime around the middle of the day stating that it’s computer network had been compromised.

The Ukraine so far has been hit the hardest, its government and company officials have reported serious intrusions across the Ukrainian power grid, banks and government offices.

Rosneft which is Russia’s top oil producer and Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk were hit hard as well as the the largest advertising company in the world, Britian’s W.P.P.

While no one is quite sure who might be responsible for today’s attacks, security experts are saying that the attack’s are similar to ransomware and even more curious or maybe not so much, the attacks are eerily similar to last month’s WannaCry.


Ironically, both are utilizing tools that were created by, you guessed it, none other than the U.S. National Security Agency.

This particular piece of ransomware is deeply concerning because some suspect that it is a worm, meaning it is self-spreading software, which can in turn spread rapidly, without human intervention. It runs on it’s own once inside.

It is akin to having the flu and coughing inside an elevator without covering one’s mouth while the virus inside of that person is still contagious. Everyone on the elevator is at risk at becoming ill.

It never ceases to amaze that while the U.S. National Security Agency loves to play with fire, they have yet to learn how to put the fires out.

Bravo U.S. National Security Agency, you’ve really outdone yourselves this time, by creating a cyber weapon that is full of loopholes and flaws, that somehow managed to escape the confines of the NSA and fall into the hands of those who just want to watch the world burn.

Cristal M Clark

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CIA Chief to U.S. – Stop Worshiping Leakers

CIA-Director-Mike-Pompeo-Crime I Shop

U.S. – CIA Director – Mike Pompeo

Not to worry though, Mike says that the U.S. now plans to punish leakers in an effort to stop them.

According to an article published by Bloomberg a few days ago, Mike was quoted as stating”

“Russia “meddled” in last year’s presidential election as part of a decades-long effort to “undermine American democracy.” And of course now, as a result of that, our Government plans to actually punish leakers.


Mike has also been quoted as suggesting that leaks are more prevalent because of a worship of leakers like for instance, a worship of Edward Snowden, which is not a very intelligent suggestion by any means.

It’s not a worship for leakers at all, it’s more about not allowing our Government, to lie, cheat, steal or spy on citizens of the United States, or World through unwarranted, illegal and unapproved means.

Pretty black and white if you ask me, and if Mike wanted to actually stop leaks, he’d do more in the way of advocating better ways so as to allow whistleblowers like Edward Snowden to actually take a concern to someone who will actually do something about it rather than blow him off, ignore him and do nothing, pretty much exactly like what did happen to Edward Snowden. 

And let’s face a reality that the world not just the citizens of the United States had every right to know about the NSA’s bag of spy toys. Leak or through the proper channels that whole situation needed to play out in public. Like it or not Mikey!

I’ve written about this before, Edward Snowden did in fact try to go through the proper channels before he walked out the door of the NSA with his intel that he freely gave to the world. The problem was, no one wanted to stop the NSA, shut the program down or allow Edward to continue using the whistleblower channels so as to do something about the the NSA’s spy program. 

So the Government’s whistleblower program is broken, and Mike would be well served by acknowledging that first and foremost and working on fixing that instead of alienate himself by promising to punish those who are trying to do some good knowing that, the whistleblower program is a complete and utter joke.

The problem with Mike’s threat and his inability to actually decipher the difference between a leaker and a whistleblower tells me with crystal clear clarity that his preference is to allow our Government to continue to create cyber weapons, spy tools and the like so as to unleash malware and spy on unsuspecting Americans and Foreign states without cause let alone permission and…he doesn’t want anyone knowing about it.

And while I do not personally believe that intel like what malware and how it’s used should be released to the public for obvious reasons, still the world has a right to know in layman’s terms that our Government created something used to spy, steal intel or that infected over half the world’s computers at one time…like for instance, Stuxnet.

The problem that Mike faces by labeling people like Edward Snowden as mere leakers is that, as I said previously Edward did try to utilize the proper channels before he leaked the intel. He tried to shut the program down the right way before the door was shut in his face, therefore forcing him to release the intel the way that he did.  

And by default not allowing a whistleblower to come forward with information about unwarranted, illegal spying on US citizens and the world, well that is just criminal in and of itself.

The question Mike should be asking himself and his fellow leaders is why is it that our nations whistleblowers are turning to leaking intel in the first place? It’s not for attention, it’s because the very program that was designed to both protect them and to stop our Government from wrongdoings, is simply broken.

Cristal M Clark

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Murder of 7 year old girl from Stamford, Texas – Rocks Community


Stamford, Texas – Cortney Clayton

Back in the late 80’s it was not all that uncommon to let a 7 year old walk to the store by themselves. The world was a more trusting place, but that doesn’t mean that it was any safer, especially for 7 year old Cortney Clayton of Stamford, Texas.

On the night of September 2, 1988 at approximately 7:30pm, Cortney begged her father to allow or her to go to the store located roughly a half a block from her home to purchase a soft drink.

What is known is that she actually did make it to the store, she purchased the soft drink, came up short a few cents while paying for the drink, a stranger in line behind her offered to cover the cost of the drink but the clerk explained that she knew Cortney and let the girl walk out the front door.

After that, it wasn’t until 6 months later on Easter Sunday that the remains of Cortney Clayton were discovered by hunters, 50 miles south of her hometown of Stamford.

Within minutes of Cortney going to the store, her father had sent her older brother to go to the store so that he could walk his sister home. Her brother never found her or saw her. Her soda was sitting on the back bumper of the owner’s truck, but no other sign of Cortney could be found.

The town of Stamford, TX at the time had a population of about 3,500, and they never had kids go missing. So at the time this would have been quite an unusual case for them to try to sort out.

The police actually found a witness that they felt was credible, through hypnosis the witness was able to describe Cortney and a suspect. That suspect was described as a dark-complected male in his early 20’s.

The witness also described a car parked in front of the store. It had a white interior and was parked next to the store owner’s pickup truck. The witness had been driving to pick up her husband across the alley from the store. She also remembers seeing the car door open and a man leaning against the side of the building.

The suspect, the car, well they were never found sadly.

I am unsure about how I feel about the “witness” because she had been hypnotized. Sometimes even under hypnosis, suggestions can be given, other memories are confused with current situations and the like.

However, if we are to go off of the witness statement because it’s all that we have, it’s clear that Cortney was abducted by a stranger. This was not someone that she knew although many might suspect that is the case.

I do not believe that Cortney got into the car willingly, so her death could have been accidental, during the commission of trying to kidnap her, yet it was never inevitable.

This young man was always going to kidnap a child he was just waiting for the opportunity. Generally in killings such as this, you are looking at a guy who has in his past exhibited odd behaviors such as, animal torture and killing, peeping, even being accused of having touched, fondled or molested other children inappropriately as a child himself.

Cortney’s murder at the hands of this young man may have very well been his first, he wanted to know what it felt like to murder another human being. Because she was not hidden well or buried it tells me that he disposed of the body in a sloppy, quick fashion so he was pretty new to the killing game.

If I had to guess, I’d say it is highly possible that Cortney’s killer was not mid 20’s at all more like around the age of 20, if not more around 19 or a bit younger at the time of her murder.

Investigators still stand a decent chance of catching the guy though, the problem they may face is figuring out what town he is from, my hunch is he is fairly local, he was the type of young man that would not have stood out in a crowd, yet he did have behavioral problems as a child/teen and I am guessing his parents were not together for some, if not the majority of his childhood.

Just because it seems like a needle in the haystack doesn’t mean that the needle can’t still be found.

Cristal M Clark

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CIA hacking air-gapped networks?

US CIA-Crime-shop

US Central Intelligence Agency – Brutal Kangaroo


A newly released dump of intel by WikiLeaks details how the CIA developed a way to hack an air-gapped network using a USB and some creative malware. Technically speaking, this is not in anyway new information. It has always been known that one could hack an air-gapped network using a USB so as to either:

  1. Steal intel on the USB or;
  2. Download some type of malware so as to infect the network promoting the network to send out the requested data should the malware detect any open internet connection.

How does it work you ask?

The software consists of four specific applications:

Shattered Assurance

Drifting Deadline



And Finally my personal favorite, Brutal Kangaroo.

Shattered Assurance is the server-side of the code that forms the basis of the attack system and infects the USB drives that are plugged into an infected computer with the Drifting Deadline malware.

Once an infected thumb drive is plugged into a target computer that is set up to autorun its contents and is using Windows 7 as an operating system and running .Net 4.5, Drifting Deadline deploys Shadow malware onto the system.

Shadow is a much older piece of code that has both client and server versions and it is highly configurable for specific targets.

The operator can set it up to collect system data of up to 10% of the system’s memory, watermark all data it collects, and store it on an encrypted partition on the infected computer’s hard drive.

Once the infection has been achieved, Shadow will look for other connected systems and infect those too. It can be set up to put the pilfered data onto any new thumb drives that are installed in the system, or send it as a burst if it detects an open internet connection.

The final app in Brutal Kangaroo was once called Broken Promise, which is a tool used to examine the stolen data easily and quickly. Taken together, the Brutal Kangaroo suite could be very useful for defeating air-gapped machines and is certainly more feasible than more esoteric methods.

Or one can just get a job working for the NSA and walk out the door with data and intel. Take your pick right?

At any rate, this should not come as a huge surprise to anyone, you would expect the CIA an intelligence agency to have this sort of tool what does however surprise me is the vivid detail that WikiLeaks released about how the malware works, the data dump details just how each app works together in order to gain the needed or wanted access to intel.

I am all for transparency when it comes to our Governments, but at what point do we begin to question the amount of intel released to the public?

Some of the documentation released in the latest WikiLeaks dump could cause problems later down the road because it fell into the wrong hands and if someone modified one or all of the app’s capabilities making it a worldwide problem like for instance with WannaCry?

Sometimes in our effort to keep our Government’s honest, we manage to create more of a problem than we do good. Anything having to do with Cyber-Security, Cyber-Warefare, Malware and the like, being detailed and released to the world under the guise of keeping our Government’s in check, is simply not accomplishing those efforts.

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. National Security Agency Shuts down Honda Factory


NSA – WannaCry/Wcry ransome worm

Well folks in the gift that just keeps on giving, the NSA has managed to shut down a Honda Factory after they found the WannaCry/Wcry ransome worm in its networks.


Not that the NSA directly shut the factory down, it was however indirect because WannaCry/Wcry was derived after all at and by the NSA.

According to a report released today by Reuters, the automaker had to shut down its Sayama plant northwest of Tokyo on Monday after finding that WCry had affected networks across Japan, North America, Europe, China, and other regions.


Forget Russian hacking, look at all the damage the NSA has managed to cause. Which we would not have known about had it not been for the Shadow Brokers, who obtained the code for this beauty and released it to the public back in April.

WannaCry/Wcry is basically a weaponized exploit developed, used, by the NSA. It was also in shocking news, stolen from the NSA.

Honda officials for some odd reason did  explain how or why engineers found WCry in their networks 37 days after the kill switch was activated although, it is highly possible that engineers had mistakenly blocked access to the kill-switch domain.

That kill switch by the way was created by sheer luck. A security researcher who had been playing around and acting out of curiosity just so happened to register a mysterious domain name contained in the WCry code that subsequently acted as a global kill switch which immediately halted the self-replicating attack.

I’m more than sure someone is developing ways around that sort of kill switch, I mean if you are in the business of stealing data, and shutting the internet down, power grids, hospitals and the like, you wouldn’t want to be stopped, so advertising the fact that some guy was able to create a kill switch by accident, only entices new developers to create ways around any type of kill switch.

At any rate, here’s to the NSA for not managing to keep it’s top secret weaponized exploits from falling into the the wrong hands or rather from falling out of it’s very own front door.

Does the NSA even know about all the of intel has left it’s facility or will we have to wait on someone like Shadow Brokers to inform us, the hard way…again?

Cristal M Clark

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James Comey – Political Asylum in Russia


Vladimir Putin – James Comey – Donald Trump


“Putin Trolls Democrats, U.S. Media: Offers Comey Asylum” | LifeZette

“Master Troll Vladimir Putin Offers Comey Political Asylum” – NYMag

“Putin brutally trolls Trump, offers James Comey political asylum” – Techly

“Vladimir Putin Trolls James Comey Over ‘Strange’ Memo Leak “| HuffPost

Just to name a few of the headlines recently, my question is, just reading the headlines who exactly is Vladimir trolling, Trump or James? Maybe both perhaps?


Rumors are running that Vladimir Putin has ever so graciously offered political asylum to former FBI director James Comey, rumors that some media outlets have dramatically reported as unconfirmed sarcasm or  joking, while leaving the subtle hint that they just don’t know if Vladimir was serious or not.

The truth is, Vladimir made an offhand statement which was rather cheeky if you will, about if former director James Comey needed political asylum he would get it from mother Russia.

Of course he was not serious, he is growing weary of the accusations that Russia meddled in the 2016 Presidential Elections.

What’s more is that James is a good old American Irish Catholic, he is pretty proud of himself and the country which he has served. He is not leaving anytime soon and if he were, I doubt he’d head to Russia.

Putin also likened James Comey’s memo leaking to that of James Snowden’s whistleblowing.

“It looks weird when the chief of a security agency records his conversation with the commander-in-chief and then hands it over to media via his friend,” Putin said.”What’s the difference then between the FBI director and Mr Snowden?”

“In that case, he’s more of a rights campaigner defending a certain position than the security agency chief,” the Russian President continued. “It makes him not a security service director, but a civil activist advocating a certain belief.

“By the way, if he faces any kind of prosecution in this regard, we will provide political asylum in Russia for him as well. He should be aware of that.

Putin has also said of the allegations “They (the United States) meddle in all other countries affairs, what did they expect?”

Either way, he made a couple of pretty clear points.

James leaked information in an effort to be sure that a special counsel would be put into place so as to investigate allegations of Trump/Russian ties prior to the 2016 Presidential Election.

James got exactly what he intended out of the deal or rather leak.

And that other point?

To be completely honest as well, the point is simple, fake news, misleading information, guiding a public in one direction or another when it comes to electing a leader?  Well our very own Government, the United States Government has been doing that to foreign states for decades if not longer.

So I hate to say it, but I am with Putin on this one, what does our Government expect?


It is a tit for a tat right?

Putin-Trolls-Donald-Trump-Crime- Shop

That is of course unless Trump and/or his goon crew had any part of helping any foreign state meddle in the 2016 Presidential elections.

If that were the case then that opens up an entirely new jar of worms.

Cristal M Clark

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Chicago – Shot and killed, 286, shot and wounded 1335


Chicago – where it pays to either shoot or become a corrupt cop

I was reading an article over the weekend about the city of Chicago facing another lawsuit surrounding a police officer who is accused of framing 51 individuals.


What’s more is that the citizens of Chicago have been complaining about police corruption, abuse and of having been set up by the very men and women in uniform who have sworn to protect and serve them, for years.

The problem is that no one was listening until near the end of the Obama administration and by that time, the damage had already been done.

Jose Montanez, served 23 years for a murder that he did not commit.

He filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against former Det. Reynaldo Guevara, the city of Chicago, several other officers and prosecutors.

According to Jose, Det. Reynaldo Guevara and his partner, one Ernest Halvorsen, gave information about a 1993 murder of a factory worker to a jailhouse informant, who then made statements implicating Jose and two other men in the crime.

Jose also alleges that the then Prosecutors Matthew Coghlan and John Dillon knew the informant’s testimony was false but, didn’t really care, all they wanted was a conviction which is what any prosecutor wants. Enough sometimes to look the other way when investigators have oh, set someone up.

Jose is one of 51 individuals  who have lined up accusing detective Guevara of framing them for murders from the 1980s through the 2000s in the predominantly Latino neighborhood of Chicago’s Humboldt Park.

In looking at the number of shootings in Chicago, I had to sit back and wonder how does a city clean up the drug related shootings and sheer volume of violence when the city itself simply cannot employ police who are actually I don’t know, upstanding?

Like the uniform and oath says they should be?

We’ve all seen the stories about corrupt Chicago police who were taxing drug dealers back in 16 right, so this setting up individuals for murder is not really a huge surprise.

Another issue that society faces is that our younger generations have a much different way of both processing information and thinking altogether.

So cleaning up Chicago of it’s crime and corrupt police simply cannot be accomplished as easily using old techniques. We must now think things through and include plans beyond just a plan A.


In any case in looking at this years shooting across the fine city of Chicago the break down, year to date is:

286 individuals shot and killed

1335 individuals have been shot and wounded

1621 individuals have been shot in Chicago so far this year

And Chicago has seen 305 homicides so far this year

How do you stop the violence when the very police tasked with stopping it are just as corrupt?

Cristal M Clark

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