Amber  Alert- Thornton CO

Amber  Alert- Thornton CO

Amber-Alert, Colorado-crime-shop.jpg

Amber Altert-Called off.

While we all received the Amber Alert hours, several hours after it should have been issued Thornton, PD, we all knew the worst already happened.  

It is a simple mathematical process.

I for instance have kids who come from a home of divorce, they tend to stick together through rough times including a thing like a rain storm. My Kids have stuck together through rain, blizzards, mountain lions and bears.

Do the math, Thornton PD, something about the steph-brothers story is not right. Kids going to the store, separated by a rain storm? Forgive me here but, Colorado does not in anyway shape or form see “rain storms” like in the south. 

My kids who came from a broken home, they always stuck together through the roughest of times.

Personally, I’d call in APD but it looks like Thornton wants an easy way out on this one.

The story told to the media is a farce.

Cristal M Clark

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