CIA Chief to U.S. – Stop Worshiping Leakers

CIA Chief to U.S. – Stop Worshiping Leakers

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U.S. – CIA Director – Mike Pompeo

Not to worry though, Mike says that the U.S. now plans to punish leakers in an effort to stop them.

According to an article published by Bloomberg a few days ago, Mike was quoted as stating”

“Russia “meddled” in last year’s presidential election as part of a decades-long effort to “undermine American democracy.” And of course now, as a result of that, our Government plans to actually punish leakers.


Mike has also been quoted as suggesting that leaks are more prevalent because of a worship of leakers like for instance, a worship of Edward Snowden, which is not a very intelligent suggestion by any means.

It’s not a worship for leakers at all, it’s more about not allowing our Government, to lie, cheat, steal or spy on citizens of the United States, or World through unwarranted, illegal and unapproved means.

Pretty black and white if you ask me, and if Mike wanted to actually stop leaks, he’d do more in the way of advocating better ways so as to allow whistleblowers like Edward Snowden to actually take a concern to someone who will actually do something about it rather than blow him off, ignore him and do nothing, pretty much exactly like what did happen to Edward Snowden. 

And let’s face a reality that the world not just the citizens of the United States had every right to know about the NSA’s bag of spy toys. Leak or through the proper channels that whole situation needed to play out in public. Like it or not Mikey!

I’ve written about this before, Edward Snowden did in fact try to go through the proper channels before he walked out the door of the NSA with his intel that he freely gave to the world. The problem was, no one wanted to stop the NSA, shut the program down or allow Edward to continue using the whistleblower channels so as to do something about the the NSA’s spy program. 

So the Government’s whistleblower program is broken, and Mike would be well served by acknowledging that first and foremost and working on fixing that instead of alienate himself by promising to punish those who are trying to do some good knowing that, the whistleblower program is a complete and utter joke.

The problem with Mike’s threat and his inability to actually decipher the difference between a leaker and a whistleblower tells me with crystal clear clarity that his preference is to allow our Government to continue to create cyber weapons, spy tools and the like so as to unleash malware and spy on unsuspecting Americans and Foreign states without cause let alone permission and…he doesn’t want anyone knowing about it.

And while I do not personally believe that intel like what malware and how it’s used should be released to the public for obvious reasons, still the world has a right to know in layman’s terms that our Government created something used to spy, steal intel or that infected over half the world’s computers at one time…like for instance, Stuxnet.

The problem that Mike faces by labeling people like Edward Snowden as mere leakers is that, as I said previously Edward did try to utilize the proper channels before he leaked the intel. He tried to shut the program down the right way before the door was shut in his face, therefore forcing him to release the intel the way that he did.  

And by default not allowing a whistleblower to come forward with information about unwarranted, illegal spying on US citizens and the world, well that is just criminal in and of itself.

The question Mike should be asking himself and his fellow leaders is why is it that our nations whistleblowers are turning to leaking intel in the first place? It’s not for attention, it’s because the very program that was designed to both protect them and to stop our Government from wrongdoings, is simply broken.

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