U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s –  Creeper, peeper tools

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s –  Creeper, peeper tools


IOS, Android, PC and MAC


In Tuesday’s WikiLeaks dump an all not to shocking detail has emerged with regards to what I like to call, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agencies, Creeper, Peeper Tools.

It seems, as luck would have it that not only does the NSA develop, then subsequently lose somehow vital details and intel about it’s spy tools utilized to hack anyone and everyone in the WORLD, so does the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

In the leak dubbed Vault 7, shocking details surfaced about how the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has more Zero Day exploits than one would have ever imagined let alone guessed.

Some of the internal CIA files show what appear to be a web-based Wiki of it’s own that seemingly catalog the agency’s apparent hacking techniques.

And the most shocking detail of all is that the documents are a cache of surprising capabilities, from dozens of exploits targeting Android and iOS to advanced PC compromising techniques as well as, detailed attempts to hack Samsung smart TVs, so that they can be turned into silent listening devices. Remember that folks when you are sitting around screaming at your TV while watching a game or your porn, whichever.


Vault 7 also details capabilities to hack routers and desktop operating systems, the internet-of-things devices, including but not limited to: researching hacking cars.

Last but certainly not least, hacking smartphones: One chart describes more than 25 Android hacking techniques, and another for those of use on iPhones, shows 14 iOS attacks.

The good news here is that so far no one can find any code so as to share with the world, however that really doesn’t matter at this stage of the game, because any good hacker can actually write the code him or herself now that, that cat is out of the bag.

My only question is, do we have at least one spy agency in the United States who has not had an intelligence leak? Just one agency that can actually manage to hang on to it’s hacking, cyber-weapon and cyber-spying capabilities?

Come on guys, get it together already.

Cristal M Clark

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