G-20 Summit – USA Gives Up World Leadership

G-20 Summit – USA Gives Up World Leadership


China and Germany – look to take the torch from the U.S.  

It’s been rumored that the US has pretty much retired from world leadership since the day that Donald Trump took office.

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And with each passing day, it does look more and more like that is, in fact the case.

Before we get into the nitty, gritty let’s back up to before Trump was inaugurated into office shall we and do a slow waltz.

Many of us out here in the real world warned everyone, that if Trump did not mend his childish ways he would end up an embarrassment to the US Presidency and make the United States a country the world once looked up to, a laughing stock.

This years G-20 Summit is yet another shining example of Donald Trump’s inability to actually lead a nation like a leader should rather than behave like a petulant child. The only difference is that instead of stomping his feet, screaming and crying, he is having his tantrum the adult way by, sending barbaric tweets in an effort to insult those that he dislikes or disagrees with, tweets that are at times strewn together with misinformation instead of facts.

Both China and Germany have already moved into to position to take the beloved torch and run with it at this years G-20 Summit. For those of you that do not already know this, The U.S. traditionally takes point in the search for common approaches to the big global issues of the day at G-20 summits.

Let’s just say, that China and Germany are basically being moved ahead in the line to take the torch because the Trump Presidency has been accused of dropping the said torch since Trump was inaugurated.

And speaking of dropping the torch, ball, the U.S. Presidency…

To make matters worse, in a recently released Pew Research report, 37 countries were asked if they had favorable views of our newly elected President and if they trusted him to do the right thing with regards to world affairs.


The answer although not shocking, is really, really bad. Trump is losing ground, ground he is not going to win back anytime soon.

In all but 2 countries the overall feeling of President Donald Trump is a thumbs down. With Countries losing confidence in the United States and her President at an alarming rate.

The 2 countries that do however favor Trump:

Israel and well you might have already guessed this one:




So as we head into the Celebration of the Declaration of Independence I’m left with one question, does Donald Trump in anyway represent the ideals this once great country was about? Does he really represent America or just himself and his selfish ego?

I’m wondering how many more times and he will drop the proverbial ball and still remain in office?  

It is only a matter of time after all, he will eventually drop that ball on the wrong person, country or in the wrong way and eventually he will end up in his own web of deceit.

Take for instance the bit about not having tapes of between he and James Comey…can you really trust his word? Comey may well have given up the fight knowing that even if he did have tapes, Trump very well would have destroyed them…if I was like Trump, I would and then dare the guy coming after me.  

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