Kim Jong Un/Donald Trump  Enjoy – War of Words, Threats & Name Calling

Kim Jong Un/Donald Trump  Enjoy – War of Words, Threats & Name Calling


While Guam and Japan and the Rest of the World Prepare for a Missile Attack

North Korea’s Military is putting the final touches on a plan to launch missiles into the waters around the US territory of Guam.


All while Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un hurl insults at one another and trade threats.

US leaders condemn Trumps words and his threats and are urging him to treat this situation with diplomacy and as for Kim Jong Un?

Well he is showing the entire world that he has basically had enough.

People have been calling him names for years, boy child, spoiled murderous brat and most recently Trump has referred to him as the “chubby fat kid.”

And while everyone was behaving badly, calling Kim names and making fun of him, he kept his mouth shut and built up a nuclear arsenal.

Kim Jong Un is one of the most underestimated and dangerous men in the world right at this very moment. According to all the media hype. 

So is he?

North Korea is on the verge hitting the United States with a nuclear missile.

Not only is that a feat for such an impoverished nation but it is also, a slap directly across the face of the Trump administration and it defies international sanctions as well as risk severing North Korea’s traditional allies in Beijing.

So, if North Korea doesn’t care about all of that, then you know they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What’s worse? No one knows what Kim’s motives are, so we really have no choice but to sit down and open up talks with him.

That would prove difficult for a man such as Donald Trump, who lacks the simple ability to sit down and listen, his childish preference leans heavily towards needing attention himself so he does and says things that are insulting and outrageous.

Not the smartest of ideas in this case.

While he’d like to be hailed as a hero, unless he learns the fine art of keeping his mouth shut and sitting upon his hands so as not to tweet, Kim may very well launch those missiles.

As for Kim, it’s not clear if he would be open to talks, I am leaning towards yes, he would be so long as others in the world not only in the US, began to realize the fatal error they made by underestimating him.

If, on the other hand Trump elects to keep running his mouth haphazardly in this case, it could prove disastrous.

Cristal M Clark

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