Apple’s AirDrop – Being Used to Cyber Flash

Apple’s AirDrop – Being Used to Cyber Flash


Creepy Men Using AirDrop – to Drop Unwanted Dick Pics


Hopefully you are all aware of this new thing, creepy men are using Apple’s AirDrop feature to drop annoying dick pic’s on unsuspecting women.

Here’s the problem, in AirDrop you can send pics of whatever you’d like without AirDrop revealing your identity. You can even send video using AirDrop, which I am sure creeps are attempting to do as I type this.

AirDrop is available on all Apple Devices and it works from as far away as 30 feet.

The recipients cannot block the sender they can only see the sender’s username.

So now, disgusting pigs who are roaming around disguised as men worldwide are sending the ladies some rather disgusting and unwanted pics using AirDrop.


But, never fear because you can prevent some jerk sending over unwanted pictures, files and video.

For IOS (iPhones and IPads) swipe up from the bottom, you’ll be able to see if AirDrop is set to contacts only or everyone. You’ll want to change that to contacts only unless you don’t trust all of your contacts in which case you’ll just want to turn it off altogether.

On your Mac switch to finder and select AirDrop, you’ll find what you need at the bottom of the window where it says “Allow Me to Be Discovered.”

Once you’ve seen or dated one dick, you’ve pretty much seen them all, am I right ladies?

Cristal M Clark

IOS users can find The Crime Shop on Apple News

@thecrimeshop on twitter


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