Portland – Hangry Patrons Revolt Over Failed Taco Fest

Portland – Hangry Patrons Revolt Over Failed Taco Fest


Portland, Oregon First Annual Taco Fest – Features No Tacos

Apparently the organizers of Portland, Oregon’s first ever two day Taco Fest forgot that actually having Taco’s at the festival was pretty important.


The event promised entertainment, fun and many, many beloved taco’s but…the food trucks ran out of taco’s within the first 90 minutes which was met with a hangry crowd of patrons who had paid to get into the event.


The Portland police actually had to show up because the a crowd of angry patrons elected to around the on-site organizer and demanded a refund of $17.50 the cost of each ticket.  

Attendee’s were also upset by the lack of Taco options at the event, some took to social media to inform the world that the event only had 3 possibly 4 trucks that offered taco’s the rest of the food trucks were your typical, Asian Foods, BBQ, Burgers, etc.

The event organizers did offer an apology on its website, stating  “technical issues”  compromised the food vendors ability to prep the food before the event started, which led to long wait times and frustrated customers.

The patrons of the event however would certainly still beg to differ, the issue it seems was a complete lack of beloved tacos.


Because the event was a complete and utter failure within the first 90 minutes, resulting in a hangry crowd, it was canceled on Sunday.

This should be a lesson learned, you do not come between people and the promise of tacos, at least not in Portland.

Cristal M Clark

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