Trump to White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis – I’m Condemning You


Charlottesville, Virginia


What was it? Something like 36 hours after the race fueled attack in Charlottesville, Virginia that Trump finally grew up, grew a pair and condemned racists, calling out White Supremacists groups and Neo-Nazis.

I don’t know about any of you, but I was sitting on the edge of my seat for this one.

“Racism is evil and those who cause violence in the its name are criminals and thugs, including KKK, Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans, those who spread violence in the name of bigotry strike the very core of America.”

I’m impressed actually, quite. Who really wrote that, was it his wife? Trump certainly did not come up with that on his own, I think we all know that.

Many are wondering why he waited so long, perhaps he realized that in calling these groups out he might risk losing a large pool of voters he had nicely sitting in his back pocket.

But, then again will he really lose them, he did wait 36 hours before condemning them, which may have left many thinking, “he doesn’t really mean it.”

And, let’s not forget because how could we that, Trump was during the 2016 Presidential election a bigot, racist and womanizing pig, so why would any of these groups take him seriously and for that matter why would any of you?

It hasn’t been that long since the election and people don’t change overnight.

Let’s also not forget that over the weekend Saturday, right after the attack in Trump’s initial speech, he blamed “many sides” for the violence. Not to mention that he also hinted at rather verbally, that these types of incidents happened while Obama was President.

Actually, they did not happen like this. Yes we had some crazy fools out shooting folks for just about every other reason you could find, but I don’t recall a white supremacist mowing down anyone of color in the name of white supremacy.

Then enter the white house who strongly suggested that what Trump meant by his initial speech was to condemn white supremacist groups and neo-nazis. Still, I can’t figure out precisely where that message was hidden in his initial speech.

Either way, this is what hurts Americans, that initial speech, the one all of America and an entire world were watching, the one in which Trump did not condemn these white supremacist and neo-nazi groups, but rather condemned all sides and tried to skirt the issue under a rug…the world saw that and it matters how one reacts to such an outrageous act of violence by someone whose way of thinking has no place any longer in this world.

For his initial response, Trump failed, then to back it up 36 hours later with something his mom clearly wrote for him, just makes it even worse.

The icing on the cake though, that was how he opened the speech.

“Our economy is now strong. The stock market continues to hit record highs, unemployment is at a 16 year low and businesses are more optimistic than ever before. Companies are moving back to the United States and bringing many thousands of jobs with them. We have created over one million jobs since I took office.”

Why in the hell open with that? This is not a business, no one wants or needs that type of pep, self gratifying, pat yourself on the back sort of talk.

Address the nation as a President should, by acknowledging the issue at hand, face it head on, show some humility, grieve with those who have been affected by this nonsense.

These are things Trump is simply incapable of.

Trump has failed all around on this one by failing so clearly to speak out about hate, racism and the violence surrounding those two things.

It’s 2017, we have for the most part grown past that old way of thinking where race drove us apart, Trump would do well to realize that, understand it, get to know it deeply and then maybe he could actually speak from the heart instead of read a speech his mommy wrote for him, I mean wife.

Cristal M Clark

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Kim Jong Un/Donald Trump  Enjoy – War of Words, Threats & Name Calling


While Guam and Japan and the Rest of the World Prepare for a Missile Attack

North Korea’s Military is putting the final touches on a plan to launch missiles into the waters around the US territory of Guam.


All while Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un hurl insults at one another and trade threats.

US leaders condemn Trumps words and his threats and are urging him to treat this situation with diplomacy and as for Kim Jong Un?

Well he is showing the entire world that he has basically had enough.

People have been calling him names for years, boy child, spoiled murderous brat and most recently Trump has referred to him as the “chubby fat kid.”

And while everyone was behaving badly, calling Kim names and making fun of him, he kept his mouth shut and built up a nuclear arsenal.

Kim Jong Un is one of the most underestimated and dangerous men in the world right at this very moment. According to all the media hype. 

So is he?

North Korea is on the verge hitting the United States with a nuclear missile.

Not only is that a feat for such an impoverished nation but it is also, a slap directly across the face of the Trump administration and it defies international sanctions as well as risk severing North Korea’s traditional allies in Beijing.

So, if North Korea doesn’t care about all of that, then you know they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What’s worse? No one knows what Kim’s motives are, so we really have no choice but to sit down and open up talks with him.

That would prove difficult for a man such as Donald Trump, who lacks the simple ability to sit down and listen, his childish preference leans heavily towards needing attention himself so he does and says things that are insulting and outrageous.

Not the smartest of ideas in this case.

While he’d like to be hailed as a hero, unless he learns the fine art of keeping his mouth shut and sitting upon his hands so as not to tweet, Kim may very well launch those missiles.

As for Kim, it’s not clear if he would be open to talks, I am leaning towards yes, he would be so long as others in the world not only in the US, began to realize the fatal error they made by underestimating him.

If, on the other hand Trump elects to keep running his mouth haphazardly in this case, it could prove disastrous.

Cristal M Clark

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Marcus Hutchins – Discovers Killswitch for WannaCry, Gets Arrested by the FBI

Surfer Who Saved World From WannaCry Attack Prepares For Next Wave

WannaCry Hero Who Stopped the Global Cyber Attack – Arrested?

Marcus Hutchins who was responsible for stopping WannaCry from its global cyber attack, was found to be a wanted individual and by wanted I mean by the FBI of course.


Marcus who is 23, hailed as a hero for saving the NHS from cyber criminals, was at a hacking conference in Las Vegas when he was arrested by the FBI.

In an indictment that was released by the US Department of Justice it was revealed that dear old Marcus faces at least 6 counts of helping to create, spread and maintain the banking Trojan Kronos between 2014 and 2015.

The banking Trojan Kronos was spread through emails that contained malicious attachments which victims would click on and install onto the user’s computer, once installed it allowed thieves to steal money using credentials such as internet banking passwords.

In the 8 page indictment that was filed in Wisconsin, a U.S. Attorney accuses Marcus of creating the app and at least one unnamed other person of conspiring to sell the app on AlphaBay, an underground website that was seized by law enforcement in early July.

That “other” person? Well they have yet to be named.

The indictment also happens to charge Marcus and the mystery co-defendant with using a device to intercept communications in violation of the Wiretap Act.

It does not however, specify the nature of the device, but recent court cases suggest utilizing such a “device” can also refer to software and apps.

After having discovered the “killswitch” for WannaCry Marcus did attempt to keep a low profile and stay out of the media spotlight and as it turns out, for good reason.

And as for the mystery co-defendant? Well everyone is wondering why the FBI has made the decision to redact that individual’s name from the indictment, the only real good reason they would have were if that individual were actually cooperating with them.

As for Marcus, well he should have stayed out of the whole WannaCry situation but even sometimes cybercriminals are super competitive and perhaps he wanted to one up those behind WannaCry.

Of course, being that he may have been behind the banking Trojan Kronos, his playing around and actually finding the killswitch to WannaCry would cause concern for the FBI, while he may have released the info about discovering the killswtich, he might have found something else that, for him would have been more of a benefit to aid in committing future cybercrimes.

Cristal M Clark

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Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act – Finally, IoT Security?


U.S. Congress to American’s – This Act Won’t Cover You American Simpletons  

As being reported by multiple news agencies Congress feels that Iot Security just Sucks and you know what, Congress is absolutely right.


IoT is a hot topic, everyone wants to make a smart device, yet they fail to think about security. Even smart toothbrushes can be hacked, smart cars, refrigerators, watches, baby monitors, adult toys, medical devices like pacemakers, you name it, if its a connected device, it can be hacked.

Including all of these home routers people buy and just put into their homes. It’s getting to the point where you need an IT security team just to manage the security of the connected devices that you have in your homes.

As you all know, security on internet-connected devices hasn’t kept pace with the market, basically it’s pretty much been ignored and the market is going to continue to grow.

While having this bill sounds great, here’s the fine print:

The reality is that it is Congress who sucks for suggesting this bill.


Because the bill would only protect the the Federal Government, it’s not for the rest of us.

The bill would would require IoT devices sold to the federal government to have the ability to be patched and not use hard-coded passwords which are usually generic and easily figured out.

Being able to patch a device isn’t exactly advanced security to be honest, and maybe Congress should refrain from purchasing IoT devices.

The Federal Government does currently utilize certain smart devices:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has sensors for studying whale migrations and underwater volcanoes.

And The The Centers for Disease Control and Protection uses connected devices to monitor mining environments.

Just to name a couple and that still doesn’t explain why Congress feels that they need a special bill on the books to protect them? While I agree IoT security is important, I find it really hard to believe that a hacker really gives a shit about the study of whale migrations and underwater volcanoes much less, intel monitoring mining environments.

So what is the real back story or reason?

How many times have any of you made a purchase under a work account and repaid the company or just had the vendor charge it to a personal credit card because the purchase made under your corporate account came with a significant discount?

Happens a lot in businesses around the country. Employers are typically pretty cool about it because the company is paying for the purchase themselves and the employees reap the benefit from the discount.

So I have to wonder, how many purchases are going to be made under this new Cybersecurity Act in the name of being sold to the Federal Government, that end up being personal purchases just to get the better security.

These members of Congress should learn to think before speaking, acting or doing much of anything that is geared only for themselves.

They don’t make it to Congress on their own merits after all and if any of them are under the very misguided impression that they did they may want to take a step back and look at that picture again only this time in vivid color.

Cristal M Clark

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China Scolds Trump – Like a Parent Does a Child


Donald Trump – Stop Your ‘Emotional Venting’ on Twitter

In a shocking yet comical turn of events, China has elected to scold Trump with regards to his ‘emotional venting’ on Twitter.


Personally, I say Kudo’s to China, American’s are sick of it, we’ve heard that other countries are sick of it and it’s nice to finally see one of those other countries stand up and actually say something about it so openly and so very honestly.

The story goes a little something like this:

On Monday of this week, Xinhua, Beijing’s official news agency, published an editorial basically describing Trump’s childish Twitter habit as “emotional venting.”

That editorial as luck would have it was shared pretty widely on other Chinese news websites.

“Trump is quite a personality, and he likes to tweet, but emotional venting cannot become a guiding policy for solving the nuclear issue on the peninsula.” referring to the Korean Peninsula.

Now of course, the editorial was in direct response to Trump feeling the need to try to bully China to do more with regards to North Korea via Twitter last weekend where he suggested that China could easily solve the problem with North Korea.

Some would argue however, that Trump does have a point being that China is North Korea’s largest trading partner.

Beijing does in fact have some leverage over Pyongyang and they could ‘help’ get North Korea to the negotiating table.

If they wanted to of course. Nothing says that they have to do that.

They very well could have some pretty good reasons not to do that. Which I am guessing that our mainstream media and Trump have elected to not bother with getting all of the facts for or even with finding out why China is not using trade in an effort to get North Korea to the table talking.

Sometimes it’s best to ask the foreign country in question why they are not doing something in a private and discreet manner rather than offend them by Tweeting very publicly and openly, thus insulting said country.

This answers the third part of the equation, Trump doesn’t have any type of good approach that he can use with North Korea other than insult them via Twitter which I am more than sure is so very tempting for him, however I am guessing he has been “asked” to refrain from doing that.

Sure, Trump could elect to try to take out North Korea’s nuclear facilities, but the popular theory with regards to that is, that it would cause North Korea to retaliate against South Korea and Japan. Both of which are not good.

Trump could try sanctions which if I am not mistaken we are already utilizing to some extent, and well let’s just say it’s not really working like one would hope.

Lastly, he could try diplomacy but let’s be completely honest here, it’s Trump we are talking about, he is so not the guy who is cut out for that as he continues to show us. Even if he were to pick someone to do it for him, given some of his picks for staff…if it were me, I’d leave that one alone for now.

If we were to look back just a few weeks ago, on June 20th, Trump was praising China for their efforts in trying to work to get North Korea to agree to talks.

Then shortly thereafter it was learned that Chinese trade with North Korea pretty decently increased 37.4 percent within the 1st quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2016.

So naturally, the White House then retaliated by slapping sanctions on a Chinese bank, a Chinese company of some sort, and two Chinese individuals for their ties to North Korea, also back in June.

While that does not excuse China for not helping, it most certainly does very little so as to entice them to help. What’s more, what happens to the lost trade, anyone else going to step in and make up for it or…

So yes, it’s easy to just say things but the reality is that, negotiating trade and making it a form of punishment does carry economic repercussions, some good but, mostly bad.

China is looking out for China, as they should, as any other country in this world would if they found themselves in the very same shoes, on any given day.

Something Trump would do well to ponder before running off and Tweeting insults aimed other countries.

Cristal M Clark

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