North Korea – Doesn’t Really Want Nuclear War?

North Korea – Doesn’t Really Want Nuclear War?

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Experts are weighing in on North Korea -And it’s just one big ball of guessing

I’ve seen countless headlines today about North Korea, experts at every level are weighing in, according to Fox News: “North Korea could be destroyed within 20 minutes – Harry Kazianis, Director of Defense Studies at the Center for National Interest.”


Other entertaining stories from the day include:

“Why does Kim Jong Un Want Nuclear Weapons? Experts weigh in” – CBS News

“North Korea Crisis: Russia’s Putin Warns of Global Catastrophe” – NBC News

“The Options That Have Been Tried on North Korea so Far” The Atlantic

The list goes on and on so I am sure you get the idea.

The problem with North Korea is that we do not truly understand, let alone know what it is that Kim Jong Un wants, experts are weighing in but the reality is, has anyone just simply asked the man? It may just be me here, but it seems easier to ask than it does to guess.

That pesky second problem, we do not truly understand or know exactly what his nuclear arsenal looks like, yet again “Experts” are guessing and making assumptions about what that arsenal really is. 

We can sanction the shit out of North Korea today, the reality of that is pretty simple, they’ve already built the arsenal and it is ready for use.

That leaves one final question, does anyone know exactly what the range is on his missiles or is he just toying with us all by test firing the one’s he knows will not make it to the US? Again, experts are weighing in on this intel yet, we simply do not know. 


Trump can’t insult his way on Twitter through this one, using sanctions doesn’t solve the issue because North Korea currently has nuclear weapons ready to go.

And Putin, well he was absolutely right on the money when he suggested that “North Korea would rather eat grass than abandon its nuclear program as long as they do not feel safe.” Meaning any further sanctions are futile.

At this juncture only diplomacy and tact will work because Kim Jong Un is not going away and he has shown no sign of just giving up.

Learning to negotiate with him is the best option regardless of whether or not North Korea could be destroyed within a matter of minutes.

Just sitting around waiting to strike back and just pull the trigger because no one wants to work with Kim Jong Un is simply barbaric and uncivilized, not to mention that it carries consequences that affect the entire world, not just North Korea. 

Cristal M Clark

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