Hurricane Irma – Kim Jong-Un Dance

Hurricane Irma – Kim Jong-Un Dance


Hurricane Irma and Kim Jong-Un vs Donald Trump

After a quick look at all of today’s headlines it dawned on me that it really is a toss up over which headlines are winning out.


News about Kim Jong-Un and his nuclear war threats, or hurricane Irma both seemed to be running neck to neck.


For good reason of course, both are extremely worrisome.

Today Donald Trump made some both good and bad remarks with regards to North Korea:

Trump had this to say to reporters at the white house; “Military action would certainly be an option. ‘Is it inevitable?’ Nothing’s inevitable, it would be great if something else could be worked out.”

Then of course he went on to say with regards to if the US had to strike: “it will be a very sad day for North Korea.”

mentally -unfit_trump_crimeshop

Way to go Trump for just taking away with the wanting to “work” things out, bravo.

Although Trump claims that he is willing to work something out, the reality is that Trump has really given no sign of even wanting to bother himself with knowing what it is that Kim Jong-Un wants.

Rather, Trump and his administration are bullying other nations to impose some pretty heavy sanctions upon North Korea to try to get them in line.

They are in essence attempting to get other nations to cut North Korea off while the White House and the Trump Administration lift not one finger in any attempt to try to “work” things out and improve relations with North Korea.

Great plan, if it had been utilized years ago because let us not forget that North Korea already has nuclear weapons and they are ready to fire them at will.

The point is, they have nothing to lose by starting a war.

Trump and his dream team are trying to get nations to pick sides by doing America’s bidding, the problem here is that not all of those nations are ready to jump on to Team America and just cut North Korea off, if they were, they’d have done it already.

Kim Jong-Un, well he is not an idiot and see’s that pretty clearly.

On the flip side, simply assassinating Kim Jong-Un would not resolve the issue either. Did everyone watch season 3 of Narcos yet?

Remember the line in episode 6 at the beginning about the Cali Cartel being an almost perfect organism? They cut the head of the snake but, the body kept going?

That’s pretty much the regime in North Korea, sure you can kill Kim Jong-Un, but don’t ever kid yourself into actually believing the body won’t just keep going.

On the other side of all of this, we are looking at hurricane Irma making her way towards Florida, she’s eating and getting bigger and stronger.

Then behind her, we might be looking at Katia and Jose.

North - Korea-Fires -Missile-Over - Japan-CrimeShop

If I were Kim Jong-Un and if I were really ready to go to war, I would actually choose to strike when America is facing a weaker than normal moment, for instance when a massive hurricane hits US land and starts destroying everything in it’s path.

In particular if it hits Florida because hurricanes tend to build up strength rather than dissipate when marching through Florida and could go on and potentially destroy other parts of this nation, and because Harvey just destroyed parts of Texas and we haven’t even touched the tip of what’s happening in the mid-west.

When you force the hand of a nation that is already in crisis mode from several natural disasters and fires no less, you force that nation’s leader to make split second decisions, decisions that seal the fate of that leader.  

I am willing to bet, Kim Jong-Un has been paying very close attention to what is going on here in America waiting for the precise moment to strike first and when he sees it, he is going to take it unless Trump and his team are actually willing to sit down and negotiate.

That means stopping with the trying to get other nations to impose sanctions for the US.

It means Trump and his team, being capable of sitting down and negotiating with Kim Jong-Un face to face.

Cristal M Clark

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