NFL vs Donald Trump

NFL vs Donald Trump



Colin Kaepernick’s Message to the United States

When Colin Kaepernick initially started kneeling during the national anthem it was because he simply wanted a conversation here in the United States.

His goal was clear, a national conversation with regards to race and justice in this country.



Little did he know what would end up happening would become so much more.

Not that this is a bad thing, quite the contrary, it has blossomed into one of the most intriguing and beautiful idea’s that has begun to sweep this nation and the world.

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Trump’s bigotry, his racist words, his womanizing ways, his hatred for others, all of that is now coming back to bite him in the arse.

As well as those that are like minded.

As I scroll through all of my social media accounts I see a mixture of comments, some that are in support of the many NFL teams and players that opted to kneel during the anthem this weekend and some that do not support them.

I support the police and military, I do not however support anything that President Trump stands for, nor do I support the very nature of both our judicial and prison systems.

I worked in them once and I see them for exactly what they are.

Both lost their way, long, long ago.

And the anthem no longer represents this country or it’s society that is made up of unique individuals who have come from many different cultures, that carry different ideals and beliefs.

Our ancestors came to America in part, to escape an oppressive society, this is the land of the free and as such we should be evolved enough to have grown past the need to believe that only those who are truly patriotic will rise for a simple song, one that no longer represents the people of this nation as a whole.

Because America is the land of the free, anyone is free to stand, kneel or ignore the anthem, they are no less american than those who rise for the anthem.

One of the best parts of being a human being is being able to evolve past things that no longer fit, and the anthem certainly no longer fits this nation.



Trumps suggestion that any player who doesn’t stand for the anthem should be fired shows clearly his level of intelligence.

The last time I checked, the United States Government does not actually own any of the NFL teams, therefore they are not in charge of hiring and firing any of the players.

While a lot of the stadiums are taxpayer subsidized, let’s not forget that city governments wanted those stadiums, and voters in those respective cities did vote for them. Still does not mean that the Federal Government gets any say whatsoever in how players choose to protest and still have zero say in firing or hiring.

Trumps bitter remarks serve as a sad reminder that he and his team only want to hold us back rather than move us forward.

How can anyone respect the anthem, the flag or what they might have once represented when we have a president who disrespects both on a daily basis not to mention the very people who stood by both once?

We have a president who fully supports racism, bigotry, sexism and inequality as he continues to demonstrate every single day.

This country is better served by being open to the ideals and beliefs of others, learning from one another rather than spreading hate and hanging onto things from our past that simply no longer serves us.



I commend the NFL, its players and every other athlete and individual who took knee this weekend instead of stand for something that no longer has any meaning to what this country and it’s people are today.

Cristal M Clark

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