US Secretary of State – Calls Donald Trump a Moron?

US Secretary of State – Calls Donald Trump a Moron?




Rex Tillerson – US Secretary of State – Donald Trump

In a rather unusual turn of events that has managed to make the strangest of news headlines this week.




As it turns out Secretary of State Rex Tillerson actually did call Trump a moron, then Rex proceeded to and this is mind blowing, have an actual news conference today to deny that he ever called Trump a moron…and as it turned out, he did not actually manage to deny it.

Rather, he sort of actually admitted to it.

When asked if he called Trump a moron

“I’m not going to deal with petty stuff like that.”

Just bypasses the question altogether eh? I have to hand it to the guy for his inability to lie here.




How this all started?

As described by senior administration officials who were aware of the situation at the time:

Rex had pretty openly and as it turns out, pretty honestly referred to Trump as a “moron,” after a 7/20/17 meeting at the Pentagon with members of Trump’s national security team and Cabinet officials.




To be fair, Trump and Rex have never quite had the rainbows and roses type of relationship as it is. The problem is however, Trump really is not in any position to rid himself again of another individual from his administration.

That would just look bad all around.

Some media reports are indicating that Vice President Mike Pence had to talk good ole Rex down off of the ledge of resignation at some point.

Something Rex flat out did deny at the news conference he held today.




Trump’s take on this?

As per his usual he has buried his head in the sand of delusion and has unhappily said the reports are fake news and are nothing more than made up fairy tales.

First, may I just state the obvious, Trump does behave like a moron at times.

I mean at times I have even found myself asking you, my readers whether Trump might have been high, drunk, on some meds, needed to be on meds or is he just crazy, suffering a head trauma, mental disorder, after some of the tweets and statements Trump has made.

I don’t know about any of you but if it were me and if I were part of his administration, I for sure with zero doubt could see myself mumbling the words “moron” on a daily basis with regards to Trump.

Why lie about it?

It is rather satisfying to know that, at the very least I am far from the only person who often times refers to President Trump as a complete moron.

As for Rex, well we are waiting for the next moment in time it becomes public how you really feel about Trump.

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