Harvey Weinstein Facing Legal Issues?

Harvey Weinstein Facing Legal Issues?





Men in Power and Sexualising and Harassing Women


When news started breaking about Harvey Weinstein’s dirty little deeds, women started coming out of the woodwork to tell shocking and horrifying stories of what he did to them.

Yet, it is highly unlikely that any criminal charges will ever be brought against Harvey simply because coming onto a woman like a vulgar pig is not illegal.

Sexualising women is not illegal.

I would almost be shocked but honestly, I am not.

I was watching both CNN and FoxNews cover this story this morning and caught some of the interviews they had with women and I have to tell you, I found those interviews to be empowering.

Men do this to women all of the time, it doesn’t matter if you work in Hollywood or not, it happens.

More often than not when it happens it does surround some type of job situation.





A few weeks ago, I woke up at my usual 4 am on a Saturday (I’m a light sleeper and am up at that time usually daily to be honest), I was working out and noticed a text come through at around 4:37am, I ignored it because I was working out and had forgotten about it until around 6:30. I had no idea who the text was from so I responded back.

Turns out it was a former employer of mine here in Denver, the guy once owned a local energy drink company which he sold at one point, he has other local companies and I always had admired him and I felt that we were lifelong friends. I mean we touched base maybe once a year and my hope was that one day, I’d go back to work for him, I honestly felt he was the best boss I ever had.

Sadly though the texting doesn’t go on too long because he called me and he had the audacity to ask me for nude pictures of myself and ladies, I could tell that he was in bed, he was breathing in such a way that I knew what was happening…

The calls and texts did not stop all day, I tried to put it off, I tried to ask him to stop, I suggested he was not being himself, it just would not stop. His sexual harassment of me that day was disturbing, disgusting, frightening, disheartening and it was simply not okay at all. 

I was in complete shock to be honest. So I finally called my best friend who is a man by the way, he would never hit on me, attempt to get nude photo’s or anything. I asked him what I should do, I mean I had already asked my former boss to stop and he wasn’t stopping so at this point I figure I have nothing to lose.

My best friend tells me that the only way to make it stop to either act like I am in love with him, act drunk, high or crazy.

Well, because I am me, I opted for all of the above because I had to be sure that it would just stop and as luck would have it, that did the trick.  

But you know what didn’t go away?

The way it made me feel inside, about myself, how I thought others respected me, it made me question things and I felt bad not to mention, I was crushed by what had happened. I walked away hurt deeply by it all.

Up until this morning, after really seeing all of these women come forward, I did feel powerless.

I ended up sending Troy a message last week to apologize for my response to him, then deleted him off my phone last Friday.

After seeing all of these women come forward with stories about Harvey and how it made them feel, how they would apologize to him, I realized this morning that it’s not our fault ladies.

Why should any of us have to apologize to a man who would subject us, out of the clear blue sky to such hideous behaviors?

Why as a woman do we feel bad when we are treated as nothing more than the object of someone’s desire?

That behavior is simply not okay and I give a lot of thanks to the women who have come forward with stories about what Harvey Weinstein did to them because when you hear those stories as a woman hearing how it made them feel, how they responded to it, it’s like looking into a mirror and seeing each of our own experiences.

It resonates deeply.

I realized that my former boss, men like this, they do this almost as if it were habit, I also realize that I am more than likely not the only former female employee he has done this too. And I am pretty certain that he feels that I should be flattered by the attention a wealthy man of power attempted to give me.

The truth is, I am not.

I found it insulting, hurtful, rather ugly and it ruined my perfectly planned Saturday of hiking and many coffee’s after a long hike.

For the men in this world that do this to women, this should be your wakeup call.

We women can be funny creatures, we can dislike one another all day but be a man and do this to one in the pack and we’ll come together like one fluid army and protect our own without a second thought or any hesitation in the matter.

So while the behavior is not illegal, we as women know that we do not have to be silent or hide what happened to us at the hands of some guy who has a hard on because to him we are just things to be used and tossed to the side when they are finished.

Harvey Weinstein’s life has been ruined now because of his own disgusting behavior.

Gentlemen, you should take heed of that fact, it is becoming less acceptable in today’s world to treat women like sexual objects.

That move could very well come back to haunt you.

Cristal M Clark

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