Las Vegas Shooters Missing Hard Drive Perplexing Investigators


Las Vegas Shooters Missing Hard Drive Perplexing Investigators




Stephen Paddock


Investigators had been hopeful to glean some knowledge from a search of the Las Vegas shooters hard drive, to their shock, it seems to have gone missing.

Not that the investigators ever had of course, they never did. They suspect that it had been removed prior to the mass shooting.

Authorities also noted that some type of file erasing software had been purchased by the shooter prior to the shooting as well. No one is sure if it had been used or not.

It does seem rather interesting that the hard drive is missing and some software that was designed to erase hardware had been purchased.

Then again, both things could actually turn out to be absolutely nothing, something the shooter planned so as to mislead investigators into thinking he had something on his hard drive that he really, really wanted to hide.

We live in a very tech savvy society, people keep everything on laptops, tablets, phones, however more often than not unless someone’s set this up for them, most average, single, 64 year old males are a bit reluctant to just put everything online, hence they are highly unlikely to have created any type of a manifesto on a laptop.

What’s more is that missing manifesto are a trend these days, mass shooters simply are not leaving behind a reason for why, a better understanding into who and what they are and were.

Investigators often times do still find things regardless of age, that are helpful in the investigation for instance, did someone help him, know about it and not say anything etc.

In this shooters case, he knew exactly what he was doing, for each irrational thought, he had one rational to match it.

He wasn’t stupid, he was a numbers guy, they are deep thinkers and in my experience, they plan detail, after detail with absolute perfection. They can’t do it any other way, it has to be that way.

I am leaning towards the family here, one brother was arrested on suspicion of child porn, but the other brother this Eric, I see something pretty intriguing and if it were me investigating, I would study that very carefully.

We may never fully know the motive for that deadly night October 1, 2017, sometimes that is a very bitter pill to swallow, yet having a better understanding of what was in the mind of the shooter helps us prevent shootings such as these in the future.

Cristal M Clark

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