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Dark Web Intelligence Service




Recorded Future

Here’s something you don’t often hear about, a tech company just raised $25 million in a Series E fundraising venture.




Recorded Future just so happens to be a threat intelligence service that has a pretty unique niche if you will.

The firm monitors the dark web looking to find intel on up and coming cyber attacks as well as help to locate your stolen information should it have been stolen at some point in the cyber world.




If you don’t have any background on the dark web, we’ll just stick with the basics, it’s the place where criminals like to meet up at in the cyber world of course.

The dark web is more often than not difficult to navigate which is what makes Recorded Future so unique in what it does, they actually have found much better ways of navigating through the dark web and finding stuff than our own government does.

What’s more is now that they have raised this $25 million they can offer their services to more than just the government and financial sector.

Criminals utilize the dark web to plan cyber attacks, some use it to plan actual coordinated in person attacks, yes as in terror attacks, sadly a lot of stolen intel ends up on the dark web such as social security numbers, banking information, child porn, victims are more easily trafficked on the dark web.

And once all of that ends up on the dark web, it ends up being sold.

That does not always guarantee an arrest will be made however, sometimes tracking some of these guys down can prove even more difficult than actually navigating the dark web.

It is nice to see a company rising up however and attempting to do more about the dark web than our own government has been able to do the last 5+ years.

Cristal M Clark

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