US Officials Supporting North Korea?

US Officials Supporting North Korea?




Secretary of State John Kerry – US Senator Bob Corker


In what I am going to go ahead and call just strange news today a couple of US Officials are seemingly adding fuel to the fire where North Korea is concerned.




Secretary of State John Kerry boldly announced that North Korea should have nukes because Trump’s threats have crossed some sort of line.

To expand upon that, Kerry simply thinks that Trump needs to stop adding fuel to North Korea’s fear of a unilateral attack or something similar.

Basically, North Korea has been excused here because of  fear that they have, that Trump cannot help himself but feed.

Okay, agreed however they should then be the better country and lead the way to actual diplomatic talks instead of send out childish responses to Trump’s remarks and tweets.


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On the other side of the ring we have US Senator Bob Corker who really isn’t a fan of Trump’s. North Korea’s official newspaper Rodong Sinmun yesterday actually cited dear old Bob in an effort to support its own attacks on Trump.

Bob if you’ll recall has actually questioned Trump’s stability and competence not to mention he’s given Trump some rather colorful criticism for Trump’s ill thought out criticisms of North Korea and it’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un.

“Dignitaries such as Corker, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the U.S. Senate, and former officials said that the president is uselessly escalating tension with the DPRK and he has to halt the reckless blackmail and take hands off the Korean affairs.”

It actually does get just a little bit better:

“Nobody can predict when Trump does a reckless act. The only and one way for checking his rash act is to tame him with absolute physical power.

If the U.S. misjudges the DPRK’s toughest will and dares to act recklessly, the latter will be compelled to deal a resolute and merciless punishment upon the former with the mobilisation of all forces. The U.S. has no energy to prevent it. Then its regret is too late.

We warn Trump’s coteries once again. If they want to get rid of ruin, do not make reckless remarks.”

I have to admit it here, North Korea’s official newspaper sort of did hit the nail right on the head with regards to Trump.

Either way what we do know is that not even Trump’s illustrious tax plan is going to save him from everything from the Russian Collusion Investigation, to his poorly and rather absurd tweets with regards to North Korea or any other foreign state.

He simply just cannot win here and stands to lose more ground than he ever thought he could actually gain.

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