Sexual Misconduct – Hollywood Walk of Shame

Sexual Misconduct – Hollywood Walk of Shame


After Weinstein

I was having lunch with a friend of mine yesterday and we were talking about the men who have fallen from grace in the wake of Harvey Weinstein.

Here is a partial list:

Louis C.K.

Benjamin Genocchio

David Guillod

Jeff Hoover

Brett Ratner

Kirt Webster

Andy Dick

Michael Oreskes

Hamilton Fish

Kevin Spacey

Ken Baker

Mark Halperin

Rick Najera

Knight Landesman

Leon Wieseltier

Terry Richardson

John Besh

Lockhart Steele

Robert Scoble

Chris Savino


And the man who started it all

Harvey Weinstein

Most of these men have been accused of sexual harassment and sex assault and to be fair asking if you can masturbate in front of a woman repetitively is sexual harassment.

My friend who is an investigator commented on the fact that she read my story a while back about my former boss who by legal standards sexually harassed me and while it was funny that I took matters into my own hands, what Troy did was illegal.

Of course in his mind it was okay and the reality is it was a man just being a man so it’s perfectly acceptable because he is rather well off so…

Sadly however that was not okay, It’s a prepubescent teen with a hard on attempting to impress someone because they have money which equates to power in their fragile little minds.

I just so happen to know a couple of individuals who have money and let me tell you, they are for sure under the complete misguided impression that, that offers them a free pass from bad behavior.

The problem however is not with Police. My friend was lecturing me about why taking matters into my own hands with regards to my former boss was not a good idea. Well, point taken, yes, I could have called the police I mean over 20 calls/texts in an hour is somewhat of a problem, however I worked in the legal system, not that I would play it mind you, I do know how things go however so taking matters into my own hands was at the time the only option.  

No one, cop or otherwise wants to do this delicate dance with me, please allow for me stop you long before it starts, because even down to the police, we can look at it case by case and lets count out just how it shakes out.

If someone has money they aren’t the problem, the person reporting them without money is. Point blank, those numbers simply do not lie whatsoever.

This is not a song and dance anyone wants to do with someone such as myself because I will without fail bury you under the mess of cases you elected not to take to trial because someone was more well known, or had money.

So while it’s funny to see all of these men of power fall from grace, aren’t they set? I mean let’s just call it like it is, how far from grace are they really falling here?

And for the women who are enduring this without money or who are not in Hollywood? They basically have no status in society, what about them?

Go ahead and keep reporting on the Hollywood/Political types but until I see someone like my former boss on TV explaining his way out of sexually harassing women, the main stream media still isn’t doing its job, neither are police or the judicial system.

All of this news empowers no one and still only serves to hype up hollywood.

The bottom line is this, we need to change our views about acceptable male behavior because let’s face it, being a man is not sexually harassing an individual, any individual.

Cristal M Clark

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