Las Vegas Shooting Survivors/Witnesses – Dying Final Destination Style

Las Vegas Shooting Survivors/Witnesses – Dying Final Destination Style




Whatever Doesn’t Kill You

They say whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger but that certainly doesn’t seem to be the case for some of the Las Vegas shooting victims and witnesses.


So is death knocking on doors of survivors/witnesses to the Las Vegas Shooting?

Depending on which site you hit the number varies of those who survived the Las Vegas shooting or who served up as witnesses only to have mysteriously met a sudden and unusual demise.

So what gives?

Is it an elaborate government coverup of some type?

Or could it be nothing more than the real life version of Final Destination?


The latest was Roy McClellan, 52 who met his end via a hit and run accident in that he was the victim.

Dennis -Lorraine -Carver-Crimeshop

Dennis and Lorraine Carver were eyewitnesses and survivors of the October 1, Las Vegas Shooting, from California.

It appears that their car for no reason whatsoever veered off of the road outside of their home, yes I said that correctly, outside of their home and crashed into a gate, then promptly exploded with the happily married couple still inside of the car.

Both died instantly.

Some have said that Mrs. Carver in a social media post stated that they had survived the “shooters,” which is why the couple met a rather untimely death as the FBI and local law enforcement have insisted that the shooting was carried out by one man and one man only.


Danny Contreras died in the same week the Carvers died. Danny was another eyewitness/shooting survivor and the only difference between Danny and Mr. and Mrs. Carver was that Danny openly and quite publicly claimed that the shooting was carried out by multiple gunmen.

Danny’s body was found in a vacant home, he was found with multiple gunshot wounds.

Oddly, a suspect has yet to be found.


Kymberley Suchomel, whose death is for obvious reasons or are they? Kymberley went very over the top public insisting that the shooting was in fact, carried out by multiple gunmen, not just Stephen Paddock.

She was pretty determined to make sure that the world knew her account of what happened and to prove the mainstream media wrong.

She was found dead in her home less than a week after she went public with her account of what she witnessed.

She died of a seizure, which by the way she was known to have had from time to time.

Still the same…


Orville Almon is the or was the lawyer who represented the Route 91 music festival and the singer who happened to be on stage at the time of the shooting, Jason Aldean.

Orville is said to have suffered a seizure and died while asleep in his home.

May I just interject here, a seizure? If this is a government cover up could they be any less creative? Seizures and heart attacks are so yesterday and also pretty damned predictable in terms of government menacing but then again, so is the next victim’s untimely demise.


John Beilman oddly enough became wanted by the FBI following the discovery of a communications device in the hotel room of one Stephen Paddock.

Following that little discovery, John took not only his life, but the life of his disabled daughter.

Last but not least, meet Chad Nishimura.


Chad Nishimura a Mandalay Bay valet, actually parked the gunman’s car and gave an interview where he stated that Stephen Paddock was a “normal” guy and went on to say that the gunman did not have many bags.

Chad’s story is a little more interesting, after he began telling media outlets his take on the gunman stories were quietly quashed and never really could get any air time. Suddenly and without warning all of Chad’s social media accounts were seemingly deleted.

Chad by the way has managed to vanish into quite thin air here or has he? I mean he could be on vacation or simply hiding out and waiting for the highest bidder in terms of which media outlet or talk show is willing to pay the highest for his account of what happened that night.

Or less exciting, Chad was young and he could have owed someone money or could have been wanted by authorities somewhere. Still, I am leaning very heavily towards him attempting to get some sort of financial offer for his side of the story.

Either way you paint the picture the deaths of these individuals is very tragic and sad yet, each disappearance or death is completely logic in terms of each person’s life, health and habits.

I honestly doubt that the government has had anything whatsoever to do with any of the deaths here. I personally expect more from them in terms of knocking off and/or taking out citizens of the United States, in all honesty all of the deaths and disappearances above are so 1965.

Some so in fact suspect a government coverup of sorts, an attempt to silence survivors and witnesses who tell a different truth from what the government has told the media, who then fed it to the masses.

Some believe this is coincidental, while I never believe in coincidences…

Of course, I am leaning towards the Final Destination in real life theory here…

Cristal M Clark

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