Missile Could Reach D.C. – Trump Works on Adult Communication Skills

Missile Could Reach D.C. – Trump Works on Adult Communication Skills


North Korea – The Latest Missile Launch


Yesterday we wondered what they were up to in North Korea.

Today we received our answer.

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North Korea has finally stepped back into the picture only this time with a new and improved twist.

They were able to launch a missile today that reached a record altitude which means, that they finally have a weapon that can reach the US mainland, namely Washington, D.C.

That really does not surprise me here, Kim Jong-un has expressed many times of his desire to destroy the US.

What is truly concerning here is that this new ICBM from North Korea could potentially reach anywhere in the world not just the US.

In this latest test, since the missile actually reached higher than any previous missile launches from North Korea, which could prove to be catastrophic to the entire world and not just the US.

Trump’s response was simply “We’ll take care of it,” instead of his usual tweet-flurry of insults and petulant behavior.


Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina indicated today that if things do not change it looks like we will be going to war with North Korea. He was careful to add in his personal thought that if that does in fact happen, it’s all North Korea’s fault.

Fair enough, however, I have not seen the United States try very hard here since Trump took office.

This may just be me here, the last time I checked hurling insults and calling people names does not exactly show a world leader that you want to work things out diplomatically.

Still the same, a war with North Korea is not all North Korea’s fault, not only do we have Trump to thank for this threat, we have quite a few of those before him that also share the blame as well as, multiple Countries.

This war has been allowed to brew for decades.


The good news here is that neither leader actually wants to start a nuclear war that would be devastating, worldwide.

That leaves the fact that something has to give and it will eventually give. The direction it goes in, well that does depend highly on Trump.


He may have to eat some crow here and give his best effort at being humble and give a little to North Korea in order to avoid something no one really wants.


Trump may have to be the first to pick up the phone and to start an adult conversation.

Cristal M Clark

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