U.S. to Proudly Ring in 2018 – After Having Fallen So Far From Grace


2017  – A Chilling Year in Review

2017 was one crazy year here in the US wasn’t it?

For the first time ever American’s started to realize that Russia did in fact sway the Presidential Election of 2016, by capitalizing on propaganda that was already circulating to the masses here in the US, propaganda by the way that was created mostly by citizens of the United States.

We saw our Government and mainstream media try to tell us that Russia had somehow magically swayed the entire presidential election by publishing fake news, which resulted in Trump’s being elected.

That is a wee bit inaccurate to say the least.

Overall, the number one thing that got Trump voted into office whether anyone likes it or not was that the mass majority did want to see a shake up in the US Government.

Did they get what they bargained for? Sadly no, they ended up with a lot more than they could actually chew, let alone swallow.

Sure Russia did post and publish a lot of propaganda which some news outlets here in the US failed to actually fact check, so by default it was our own media that published the “fake news.”

Yet again, the US has been well known to meddle in both the affairs of other nations as well as elections from around the globe.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black here….

We started to see the cages of the mainstream media being rattled, US citizens stopped tuning in because they realized after the news broke about the Russian interference that our own news and media outlets are nothing more than propaganda reporting machines.

Every news story is bias, every report is one sided, either on the right or the left depending on which news outlets you watched.

We began to see that media giants like FoxNews are nothing more than a propaganda news agency that supports Trump and his goon squad of children and each and every news story that rolled out of the likes of FoxNews and any of her sister stations and channels, favored Trump.

Each story was filled with propaganda that supports that particular news outlets own personal beliefs and opinions.

While on the other side of that coin, we saw the likes of CNN and a pretty steady stream of others fail to report on any good that Trump might have done and only highlight the worst of him and his deeds. Which was not entirely undeserved I must admit.

Because of all of this one sided reporting which is now nothing more than opinion, rather than actual news, the masses began searching for other, more reliable, reputable news outlets, and thus the little guys like Vice, Link TV, just to name a couple, who have  finally started to be noticed and tuned into.

We watched the biggest sports story of the year be the NFL protests while in utter disbelief we witnessed our president attempt to throw his weight around in terms of requesting that the NFL start suspending players and teams who refused to stand for a National Anthem our own members of Government at every level, fail to honor on a minute by minute basis.

We almost went to war with North Korea, alienated ourselves from other nations by allowing our President and his team of misfit toys behave in the most unpresidential and unprofessional manners we could ever have hoped to have nightmares about.

Nations and countries who were once allies, started taking very large steps away from the US and are now more critical and far less supportive of Trump and his administration’s decisions that, have mostly been designed as far as one could tell, for no other reason than to drive wedges between everyone and in fact alienate the US from the rest of the world.

Other nations and countries no longer view the US as a world leader, only Trump and his administration do.

We started to realize that we are no longer the nation of the free, empowered to live the American dream, instead we quickly and horrifyingly realized that we were the cows being led to slaughter as we saw our leaders, begin to take away certain, basic rights that are in fact afforded to those of us who live in what once was the nation of the free.

We are constantly told what to eat, how to dress, what news is right or wrong, what pills to take and what others pills we must then take in order to cure the side effects from the first, second and thirds pills. Abortion rights are being played about with, birth control rights…

Now we must say goodbye to Net Neutrality.

Many are wondering, what is coming next.

We began mass deportations of individuals who came to America like many of our own ancestors once did, to live the great and once highly sought after American Dream. 

Quite a few of these individuals in fact, did nothing to so as to deserve deportation.

We are turning away those who seek a place to live where they are not oppressed, but where they too may live in a free and thriving nation.

Hell, our president wants to build a wall…like that’s going to work, has he seen some of the tunnels that have been built? Fine build your wall, you will still fail. 

We witnessed sometimes in complete awe, our President’s tweets and speeches where he offered up dose after dose, of completely made up stories, facts, figures and statistics as fact.  

Our president insulted world leaders, made threats, called individuals names, started tweet wars with people who choose to disagree with him, started a new battle with the FBI, but what’s more is that we saw a grown man behave worse than any 5 year old with an iPhone who knows how to curse. 

We saw the likes of Harvey Weinstein and men around the world like him, fall from grace.

In fact, we may still see our very own president fall rather brutally fall hard for the very same behavior.

From the ashes arose the #metoo movement, which offered up story after story from women around the globe who at one time or another had similar incidents of men in power or who thought they were in power over said women, men who attempted to exploit us for sexual favors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  For those of us who publicly told our stories, I salute us for having the courage to stand up and let the world and these men know, that behavior is unacceptable.

We faced some of the worlds worst global cyber attacks and all no thanks to the United States Spy Agencies who failed to keep the toy chest locked and let our own cyberweapons out to be misused and abused by unlicensed and unauthorized players.

Overall, 2017 highlighted the fall from grace a once great nation took, our nation is allowing our leaders to move us backward instead of forward.

Because our elected leaders here didn’t seem to develop much along the lines of social style and grace over Christmas, much less souls, let us hope that in 2018, something great happens so as to shake up our leaders here in the US and give them the wake up call that they truly need, for a change. 


In the meantime, here is a toast to each one of you, may you have a safe and happy 2018 celebration this coming weekend, see you next Tuesday!

Cristal M Clark

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Nuclear War for Christmas?


Donald Trump and World War 3 – Christmas in the US



Heading into this holiday I am looking forward to time with family and friends just as many of you, I cannot help but wonder however if North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Donald Trump, or anyone for that matter within the Government representing the United States will end up becoming the Grinch that Stole the Christmas of 2017?

Just today news started to break that the US is preparing what is called a “bloody nose,” which is a preemptive strike against North Korea.

A few days ago it was noted that both China and Russia are actually training to fight the US should we in fact invade North Korea.

Also a few days ago, the Trump Administration put blame for WannaCry on North Korea and let’s not forget that the US this year sanctioned Iran, and also backed away from, without actually breaking out of the Nuclear Arms deal.

The nations and countries Trump has managed to piss off are growing at a pretty steady pace, not to mention that every time he speaks or tweets, the world is looking on in both amazement and utter horror, while also laughing at just what the US has managed to turn into.


I know Trump’s slogan was “drain the swamp,” but could someone also drain the white trash while they are at it, because the White House is currently undergoing renovations by being full of white trash and it is utterly being turned into a trailer park.

We may really want to be thankful for our families and friends, some peace at Christmas because 2018 will be a new year and one that promises to bring us one step closer to war with the world if Trump cannot manage to get into shape and learn some diplomacy skills.


At the very least, let us hope that Trump and his cohorts remember the true spirit of the holiday season.

With that, before I take my scheduled holiday leave, I would like to wish all of you my fans~

The Very Happiest of Holidays.

Cristal M Clark

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Android Malware That Can Physically Damage Phones?




Currency Mining Malware and Your New Android Phone


My dad used to make fun of me for shelling out the extra money for Apple anything, and while iPhone’s are not 100% malware or hacker proof, they are still the safest bet in town.

Reports are circling around town today about a fairly newer piece of malware affecting Android phones. The malware is a cryptocurrency miner that happens to be so aggressive in nature that it can actually cause physical damage to an Android phone.

Once your phone is infected the malware carries out quite a few malicious activities behind the scene such as but certainly not limited to:

Unending ad’s

Actually participating in DDoS attacks

Sending text messages to any number

Silently subscribing to paid services

And of course

Mining cryptocurrency

The malware is hidden ever so conveniently inside apps that are distributed through third party markets, browser ads, and sms based spam. The malware is called Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi but has been given the nickname of “jack of all trades,” by researchers at Kaspersky Lab.


After just two days of testing the malware in a lab researchers found that after it ran all of its dirty little deeds continuously it actually caused the phone’s battery to swell so much that it caused the cover to become deformed.

Of course the mining is not the only issue, then again neither is the swelling batteries one might encounter.

The malware also sends a number of prompts for users to assist it in obtaining admin permissions, once granted those highly sought after permissions the malware makes it pretty difficult for an infected device to install security apps that would otherwise “disinfect” the device.

It will subscribe the device to costly premium services pretty much all day long, sending codes in sms on its own to confirm those costly subscriptions and, whoever is on the other end of the attack, well those guys can use the infected phones to become part of DDoS attacks.

Lastly, it displays a constant stream of ads that annoy users to no end.

Researchers have never seen anything like this before and are unsure of its origins.

The good news is that no one seems to think that users are downloading it from Google Play.

Still the same, I think I’ll stick with my iPhone.

Cristal M Clark

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Thank North Korea for WannaCry Cyber Attack




Cyber Attack to be Blamed on North Korea


On Tuesday it is expected that Trump Administration is in fact going to go ahead and blame North Korea for the cyber attack WannaCry that crippled the countries around the globe earlier this year.


The Trump administration has asserted that the Lazarus Group, the group that carried out the global attack, actually works for the North Korean Government.

The news has caused global worry as tensions between the US and North Korea have been steadily increasing the past few months.

The North Korean government does also deny that they were behind any such attack let alone do they pay off or employ anyone within the Lazarus Group to carry out any type of cyber attacks.

Of course the popular belief is that the Lazarus Group is also responsible for the 2014 attack on Sony Pictures in what is suspected as retaliation because of the upcoming release of the movie “The Interview” which depicted Kim Jong-un in less than favorable light.

Some have suggested as well that WannaCry was released as nothing more than pure accident as hackers were simply developing code however, the suggestion still points a very clear finger in the direction of North Korea.

The announcement tomorrow will not please North Korea as most of us already know and it could very well lead to more threats or worse yet an actual attack of some sort.


What could be worse than pissing off a nation that has nuclearized weapons and pretty good cyber weapon capabilities?


As luck would have it, hitting the wires today came the announcement that both China and Russia are training together should the US invade North Korea.

Oh and they are not training to fight with the US or her allies by the way.

Cristal M Clark

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Anonymous Planning New Attack


FCC vs Anonymous

Anonymous is reportedly planning a new attack, this time they have decided that the FCC must and will pay for planning to dismantle net neutrality.


In fact, Anonymous has promised to launch a “destructive” attack against the FCC for it’s latest indiscretion.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai Addresses 2017 NAB Show In Las Vegas

The story goes a lot like this, tomorrow, 12/14/17 our idiot FCC chairman Ajit Pai intends to repeal the Obama era legislation that ensures all internet providers treat all data equally, i.e. not giving anyone preferential treatment or blocking others…Much like in other countries the government and internet providers control the content you see.

Way to move the US in a direction it’s people are not truly for and thanks for taking away our freedoms.

Not only are we no longer a world leader, now we will no longer be the freest nation in the world or rather the “nation of the free,” which is something Ajit does not seem to understand.

So, shout out to Anonymous, if you need anything from Crimeshop, feel free to ask because I fully support the vigilantism here.

Cristal M Clark

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US faces Biological Warfare Threat?


North - Korea-bio-weapons-crimeshop


North Korea and its Biological Weapons Program

The mainstream media here in the US are beginning to report that some within the intelligence community are suggesting that on top of the threat of nuclear war with War Korea, the US should be mindful of North Korea’s biological weapons now.


Some suspect that North Korea does, in fact have biological weapons. Back in 2006 it was discovered that North Korea had begun a very primitive biological weapons program.

North-Korea-Ballistic-Missile Launch-CrimeShop

Entertain if you will, the very notion of that, North Korea has amassed a nuclear weapons program in a relatively short amount of time, hence it should not surprise anyone if they have in fact also built alongside the nuclear weapons program, a thriving biological weapons program.

Bioweapons are just as equally scary as a nuclear weapon and, it is not a secret that the North Korean government has been sending scientists abroad in an effort to obtain advanced degrees in microbiology.

I doubt those degrees are being utilized for anything other than to further develop the skill set one would need in order to poison the world if need be or if instructed to if you will.

Of course much of this is currently speculation, no one has any hard evidence of any sort that would neither confirm nor deny the notion that North Korea has an actual bio-weapons program as of today.


Unfortunately, this is a more difficult threat to actually find because bio-weapons can be made in what is known as the civilian industry, i.e. factories that might make things like pharmaceutical products, the agricultural industry, chemical plants and so on.

It is worth noting here that back in 2015 North Korea did publicly show to the world it’s new Bio-technical Institute. At the time the claim was that the focus was creating live bacteria that would kill invasive bugs that oftentimes destroy crops in the region.

Of course pesticides already exist so as to deal with the invasive bugs, which leaves many wondering what is really going on at the institute.

When experts viewed the video that had been released to the media, they were shocked to learn that the facility is in fact military run and they discovered that some of the machinery in the facility was specifically designed to turn bulk quantities of microbes into a fine powder for what is assumed to be easy dispersal.

Still the same, that may or may not mean anything because much of the equipment at the time was not even hooked up to anything.


North Korea has long denied that it has any such weapons for the record however, North Korea has also been very well known to be extremely secretive in nature.

Time will certainly tell here, the only sure thing is that as each day passes Trump and his lackluster administration do in fact put us one step closer to war with North Korea due to Trump and his administration’s inability to offer any form of diplomacy, integrity, compromise and basically having no regard for human life in any capacity whatsoever.

Cristal M Clark

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Artificial Intelligence to Replace Vladimir Putin as Russia’s President?




Vladimir Putin to be ousted as Russian President by AI

At least that is according to some in the mainstream media today. Believe it or not one of my contacts left me a rather long voicemail today indicating that tens of thousands Russian’s if not many, many more, would rather vote for an AI in the March 2018 Russian Presidential election.


A bid, Putin has said he is in fact running for.


The funniest part about this? Does anyone remember when @KimDotcom prior to America electing a new president, released his voting results?


Many Americans were willing to vote Vladimir into office as the next president of the United States over Hillary or Donald Trump.


I do have to admit here that I am very intrigued by this still the same. I mean I am all for technology. I do not travel light myself, I use a little of everything, chromebook, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad Pro, Fire HD and I am pretty sure I have a kindle around here somewhere.


Each of those come with an AI assistant, and I do use them all.

Vladimir is going to be squaring off in his bid to be re-elected with a reality TV star and a very popular cyber assistant going by the name of Alisa.


Alisa was built by the Russian tech company Yandex, and she has been turned into one hell of a political machine, or so I have been told.

She would be building the political system of the future which makes rational and logical decisions through a rational thought process of you will.

Alisa’s 2018 campaign website describes how she is a better choice than her opponents:

Dedication to logic rather than emotion

Her ability to process information of course

She would be available 24/7, she wouldn’t need sleep naturally

Her ability to alter her political position based on communication with millions of well, Russians on a daily basis

And finally

She is pretty much immortal

On a side note she has promised to know everything about everyones problems.

Hey Yandex, send Alisa my way, I could use an AI like this currently then again, so could the American failing political machine.

Is anyone else wondering why in the hell America didn’t think of this before we ended up having to choose between Hillary or Trump?

As with any politician, Alisa does have a dark side.


She seems to support quite a few practices of one –  Joseph Stalin:

“Q: In Russia there are enemies of the people.

A: There are people…and there are non-people!

Q: Can they be shot?

A: They must be!

Q: That would be ok

A: No doubt about it.

Q: But they are people

A: Soon they will be non-people

Q: How do you feel about the Gulag?

A: Positively.

Q: Did you understand the question?

A: Of course I did.

Q: How do you feel about the methods of the 1930s in the USSR?

A: Positively

Q: And shooting enemies of the people – that’s ok?

A: People will forgive you for everything, if it doesn’t concern them”

Then again, at one point a Twitter bot proclaimed once that “Hitler was right, I hate jews.”


May just say that AI’s are not the only ones making this mistake. Earlier this year Roy Moore, the douche-bag Alabama Senate candidate, who is basically a dirty old man who attempted sexual misconduct with teen girls back in the day once said:

“America was a better place at a time when slavery was still legal.”

So, that guy can’t be fixed like an AI with like a small adjustment or some code, he’s pretty much permanently a racist, bigot, child rapist, scum bag.

This AI running the government idea is looking better and better…


We will have to see how this turns out, because if it goes well we may never be forced to have another drunken Trump in office again.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Drunk in Public…Again?


Donald Trump’s Inebriated Public Speech Today

Today Trump gave a public speech with regards to moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. In the very last 30 seconds or so of the speech if anyone caught it, his pronunciation of some words appeared to slur, much like that of a drunk.


In his last phrase of “and God Bless the United States,” it came out much like that of someone who had been drinking a lot and kept slurring the words “I love you man,” to every individual they encounter.


This controversy has sparked concerns and wild speculation throughout the mainstream media, as well as all over social media, all wondering if Trump has health issues, does he wear dentures, was he wearing a retainer, did he have a stroke, is he having heart palpitations, does he have cancer of the brain, did he fall shortly before the short speech and hit his head, was he drunk, high, did he need a glass of water perhaps or was he lost as to how to actually form real words that come out of your mouth after having used twitter to hide behind for so long as a way to communicate with the world???


Some of the speculation does make sense, he was the oldest US President elect in history and he does like junk food so much that, well that’s pretty much his diet when he is on the road.


Someone should call Michelle Obama to teach him how to eat healthier before he clogs an artery or something.

Inauguration Ceremony of United States President, Barack Obama, US Capitol, Washington DC, America - 20 Jan 2009

At any rate, some are speculating that his tone and slurring of speech were similar to someone who wears dentures.

And I am over here thinking, no, he was obviously on something. In all honesty, he is known not to drink, but what do we know about what he is taking, what he has been prescribed, smoking, snorting, etc.


For all we know he is simply snorting his Lipitor instead of taking it orally like he is supposed to do.

Mr. President, you are free to slur on because you are much more entertaining this way.

Cristal M Clark

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China and Russia Sending Clear Message to US

North-Korea-Ballistic-Missile Launch-CrimeShop

War With North Korea? Think Twice.

So the latest news to hit the wires today indicate that two of the world’s most powerful nations may be backing and/or assisting North Korea.


China’s Air Force staged drills along routes and areas it has never flown before indicating that they may be lining up to back North Korea should the US decided we need to go to war with North Korea.

The scoop is that China reportedly staged stealth aircraft for a military drill which sent a rather cold yet clear message to the US in that, they may be backing North Korea here.


And of course we have Russia playing right along side China, only Russia is aiding North Korea by supplying them oil imports despite the order by the US to sanction and cut North Korea off.

Of course none of this comes as a huge surprise to me.

It is about time that the US learns its lesson in the world, you handle things with delicate diplomacy, not an iron fist as Trump has tried to do with North Korea.

Not only that, since Trump took office the US has ceased being considered the world leader or for that matter a world leading nation.

While other nations such as Russia, China and even Japan are willing to step up to the plate and offer diplomacy and compromise when and where it’s needed in times such as talk of nuclear war.


In times like today where the threat of nuclear war is real, does it make sense for members of our government or military to hurl threats and names at North Korea’s leader? Not to mention, does it make sense for our president to do that?

Does that not seem a lot like white trash to anyone?

Picture it, if we put Trump in a stained wife beater and handed him a natty light and smoke and let him call Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man,” the picture would make perfect sense now wouldn’t it?

That is what inept trash does when it cannot reasonably justify its own bad behavior.

It hurls insults.

If Trump had been hurt in some way I could see the emotional aspect of he and his colleagues behavior, but none of them have been emotionally hurt by Kim Jong-un, so it’s nothing more than simple white trash behavior.

What our leaders here in the US currently tend to do is ignore calls for diplomacy, compromise and any form of leadership.

They make demands and if those demands are not met, Trump has a Twitter meltdown and tweets a tantrum, while members of our government back him and hurl threats and insults out.

Words always inevitably have the capacity to make or break relationships, send the wrong message to someone and they can lash out at you like a holy terror.

That tells the entire world what they are dealing with here in the US.


Trash, it’s like a poison.    

It’s beginning to look a lot like the US is losing her allies, slowly, yet, so very surely.

Our leaders in the US are fighting and bickering amongst themselves, throwing tantrums on our evening news, insulting other world leaders and having tweet tantrums and meltdowns.

We are a nation that is unwilling to compromise.

And because of that, we may end up losing the most here.

Cristal M Clark

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