Trump Drunk in Public…Again?

Trump Drunk in Public…Again?


Donald Trump’s Inebriated Public Speech Today

Today Trump gave a public speech with regards to moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. In the very last 30 seconds or so of the speech if anyone caught it, his pronunciation of some words appeared to slur, much like that of a drunk.


In his last phrase of “and God Bless the United States,” it came out much like that of someone who had been drinking a lot and kept slurring the words “I love you man,” to every individual they encounter.


This controversy has sparked concerns and wild speculation throughout the mainstream media, as well as all over social media, all wondering if Trump has health issues, does he wear dentures, was he wearing a retainer, did he have a stroke, is he having heart palpitations, does he have cancer of the brain, did he fall shortly before the short speech and hit his head, was he drunk, high, did he need a glass of water perhaps or was he lost as to how to actually form real words that come out of your mouth after having used twitter to hide behind for so long as a way to communicate with the world???


Some of the speculation does make sense, he was the oldest US President elect in history and he does like junk food so much that, well that’s pretty much his diet when he is on the road.


Someone should call Michelle Obama to teach him how to eat healthier before he clogs an artery or something.

Inauguration Ceremony of United States President, Barack Obama, US Capitol, Washington DC, America - 20 Jan 2009

At any rate, some are speculating that his tone and slurring of speech were similar to someone who wears dentures.

And I am over here thinking, no, he was obviously on something. In all honesty, he is known not to drink, but what do we know about what he is taking, what he has been prescribed, smoking, snorting, etc.


For all we know he is simply snorting his Lipitor instead of taking it orally like he is supposed to do.

Mr. President, you are free to slur on because you are much more entertaining this way.

Cristal M Clark

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