Big Pharma Sends Over 20M Pain Pills to Town of Only 3,200

Docs and Big Pharma

Pharmaceutical Industry Sending Some Love

From 2006-2016 two drug wholesalers happened to ship 10.2 million hydrocodone pills and a rather exessive 10.6 million oxycodone pills to two pharmacies in W. Virginia.

In a joint statement:

“These numbers are outrageous and we will get to the bottom of how this destruction was able to be unleashed across West Virginia.” Greg Walden, R-Ore who serves as the House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman, along with ranking member Frank Pallone Jr, D, NJ.


West Virginia suffered the highest drug overdose death rate of any state for the year 2016 by the way.  

A congressional committee that is tasked with investigating the opioid crisis discovered the rather large amount of opioids being sent to the such a small rural area and began to look into what might have been the root causes of it.

The panel set out letters to drug wholesalers Miami-Luke’s and H.D. Smith asking what the hell?


The committees investigations tend to look at identifying systemic issues like the mass amounts of opioids that are sent to small town pharmacies and one of the red flags is when the number of opioids exceed the towns actual number of residents.

In this case, it clearly shows abuse of the drugs because that averages out to more than 6,500 painkillers per person but…who is to blame for that, really?


Is it the patients who should be blamed for abusing the drugs?

Is it the wholesalers who are shipping them out?

Is it the pharmacies who are simply tasked with filling prescriptions?

The doctors who are handing out the opioid prescriptions like candy?

While I understand going after the wholesalers, let’s be completely and brutally honest here, this is still the US government going after the little guys instead of going for the mob bosses.

You know, the ones that just so happen to line the pockets of most of the politicians who are in the political arena.


Jeffrey Sessions and his crew can continue to go after these small time pushers, the reality is that the nation is starting to really see who is responsible for pushing the drugs and getting them out on the streets and sooner or later, big pharma is going to have to pay the price for creating addiction for the sole purpose of lining its pockets, rather than create cures.

Which is what it is advertised as, creating cures, and the ‘temporary’ relief of pain, and correct me if I am wrong, technically speaking of course, that is in fact, very false and misleading advertising now isn’t it?

Cristal M Clark

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Police Officers on Duty High AF – Have to Call Police For Help


Toronto Police Sampling the Goods


I would just like to point out that for those of you who find it funny to make references to Denver as the ‘Mile High’ city, this is not something you see happening here in Denver, Colorado.


Our police tend to refrain from getting stupid high whilst on duty. Not to mention, we do not see too many stories about them sampling any type of edible after a raid of a dispensary because I believe that is highly, frowned upon here, for whatever reason.

In Toronto however, that was not the case for two officers who ate edibles and ended up so utterly stoned that they had to call other officers for assistance this past Sunday evening.

I am not sure if they failed to consult with the dispensary or read the label, much less google eating edibles before eating some but, after not feeling the high, they decided to eat some more.

Yes eating an edible does work a lot differently than smoking some weed as luck would have it. The high is different, may hit later than expected and sometimes a lot harder than one might expect.

For these two officers, things did not go quite as enjoyable and laid back as planned.


After raiding a local dispensary, these two officers whom the Toronto police have yet to name, decided to try out some of the product, I’m sure just so as to ensure that they actually had pot laced edibles instead of something like catnip laced edibles.

As it turned out, they sampled so much of it that they began to hallucinate and then freaked out, which then led them to call fellow officers for help.


When help did arrive, one of the stoned officers panicked and became so paranoid that he actually took off running.

The only thing that would have made this even better in all honesty would have been if he had disrobed whilst running away…

The officers are doing well according to reports, they were taken to a local hospital where they were treated for their highness, which correct me if I am wrong here, isn’t the prescription for that some Cheetos or nachos and a video game or something?

Cristal M Clark

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Strava – Apps Tracking More Than Just Fitness


Apps Really do Track Everything


With the fallout over the Strava fitness app that seemingly tracked a hell of a lot more than just fitness people are beginning to understand in better detail that while Strava made today’s headlines, it is most certainly not the only app around that is tracking every move one makes.

Yesterday when I got out my car and parked it on the street my Google Map App notified me of where I had parked. I did not ask it too remind me of that although, I did find it useful, I could also see the harm in the effort to become more useful for me, the end user.


That is because of one simple fact, I am not always the only end user of any app that I may have.

For every app that I have and use, I have to take into consideration that regardless of what promises the app’s make, someone may be watching my every move.

The problem here is that while developers want to help both advertisers and the world by making things easy to remember for instance, where you parked, track your fitness routine in such precise detail that you and your information are no longer secure.


By default we all become less safe when just attempting to get through our daily routine.

These apps have been stepping well over a very fine line for quite some time without anyone truly realizing it.

We all know nothing is truly 100% secure once it hits the internet, stored in the cloud, regardless of what cloud product you are utilizing so it is not a surprise that a fitness app would reveal so much intel about its end users, namely where they are choosing to workout. 

Strava just opened the door in such a way that we can actually have some better thought behind securing data that tracks any consumer, maybe not being so precise or detailed, while also making it far easier to opt out of app tracking.

Strava tracked things in such detail that secret military base information was able to escape and make headline news.

What makes that worse for Strava, they make it extremely difficult to figure out just how to opt out of the tracking.

That should be a fineable offense in my opinion.


Just the other day while testing an app called ClockShark, we noted that when someone was off the clock but near a job site that we had them scheduled for the next day, the app alerted them via the users cell phone and asked the user if he wanted to clock into the job.

Not quite a good thing when you have employees all over the place already worried that employers are becoming too much like big brother.

Apps that track, in the current state of the world are a bad idea all the way around.

We have apps for pretty much everything these days, so fitness apps are not and should not be the only concern.

For every end user downloading apps, one should consider carefully why the app would need to track you and then promptly find out how to opt out of the apps tracking.

Cristal M Clark

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Law Enforcement Officer Purchases FlexiSpy –  Intercepts WhatsApp & Emails?


Malware that intercepts social media messages, emails & so much more

Well, if it’s not the bad guys it’s law enforcement these days using malware to intercept your private data, messages and the like.

Or at least that is what some suspect.


Motherboard obtained data that seemed to indicate that a Florida law enforcement officer purchased FlexiSpy, a malware that is used to intercept private data such as messages sent through email, WhatsApp, social media communications…


Jim Born, just so happens to be the former DEA Agent and Special Agent at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) who purchased the malware and, the now retired agent claims that he simply made the purchase to better understand it and not to actually use it on someone without a court order.

Of course.

According to Motherboard it is truly unclear as to why the former agent really made the purchase.


FlexiSpy was originally marketed to those who wanted to or felt the need to spy on a spouse or lover whom they suspected of cheating, it’s changed a bit over the last year and now the marketing targets employees and children.


The spyware is available to purchase on the open market by the way, it is said that to deploy it, you would need physical access to one’s device.

Just remember, law enforcement could have a device stored as ‘evidence’ where they could if they could get into the device load the malware.

Not to mention, YouTube has a video or two on how to install the malware without having to actually have the victims device in hand.



What is truly frightening about this lovely little gem of malware is that, FlexiSpy has added features that make it a truly powerful way of spying on the ones you love, including the ability to siphon WhatsApp messages, remotely turn on the phone’s camera and microphone, rip files stored on the device, and of course the ability to hide itself from its victim.

As for FDLE, well they have absolutely no record of Agent Born ever making the purchase so he made the purchase as a private citizen which either makes his story a complete lie or makes him a jealous spouse, lover or nosy parent.


I don’t know, when it comes to ones interpersonal relationships even those with our children, I personally feel that it’s never okay to install malware onto a loved ones device for the sole purpose of spying on that individual.

If you feel that your loved one is lying to you, cheating on you, or whatever, perhaps rather than invade the individual’s privacy by installing malware onto that individuals device, which is a tit for a tat sort of move, you should just ask them.

If you don’t find that you are getting the answer you want or suspect, then maybe you should assess the relationship you have with said individual and make a decision, one that would make you happy, because confirming suspicions, never makes someone happy, it simply and only vindicates what you already know deep down.

Cristal M Clark

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Cybercriminals Selling Socials Security Numbers of Babies on the Dark Web


Dark Web Offers Huge Tax Season Sale – Social Security Numbers of Newborns

If you have ever ventured onto the dark web two things jump out at you, it can be scary and you can pretty much find just about anything for sale on it.

The dark web even offers classes on how steal and sell an individual’s personal information.


Researchers at Terbium Labs recently discovered an ad on the dark web offering to sell the social security numbers and mothers maiden name of babies for just $300 in bitcoin per child’s information.


While the theft of a child’s information has never been anything new, this is the first time that researchers are seeing infant data for sale.

Once in hand the criminal can create a lifetime of debt for the child long before he/she is even close to 18.

What makes this incredibly frightening is that child identity theft can go on for years and no one would know, not the child or the child’s family.


The truth here is that anything that is generated, created or developed on any type of software and then stored in any type of network, cloud or otherwise, is not secure.

And if anyone tells you that it is 100% secure, just know that the NSA’s so called air-gapped network was hacked once or twice in the not so recent past.

For anything digital, networks, servers and the like that has ever been created, so too has a way into all of them, regardless of it’s promised security.

Cristal M Clark

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Pill Mill Scheme Leaves 700 Dead – 7 Arrested


Opioid Trafficking – Knoxville, Tennessee, Florida and Rome


Pill mill scheme ends with 700 deaths, not 7, but 700 dead individuals.

5 american’s, two Italians arrested and subsequently charged with fraud and a pretty significant drug trafficking conspiracy to distribute opioids in both Florida and Tennessee.

Four of the defendants were from Knoxville, one from Florida, and two were arrested by authorities in Rome, the US is seeking to extradite those two.

The indictments that were handed down allege that each of the defendants were involved in a scheme to operate pill mills in the United States.

The defendants in this particular case just so happened to run The Urgent Care & Surgery Center Enterprise.


The profit that these 7 turned from the distribution of oxycodone, oxymorphone and morphine stands at the very least around $21 million, the pill mill scheme also involved kickbacks and of course money laundering.

As for the $700 dead patients, all of the deaths were a result of overdosing on the narcotics that were prescribed by the center. I’d be willing to bet that the narcotics were also being over prescribed.

These lovely defendants hired medical providers with DEA registration numbers, allowing the defendants to actually prescribe the drugs and worse, the clinics did not accept insurance and ordered drug screenings in order to defraud Medicare.

Drug dealers would send “patients” in droves to the clinics just to get drugs prescribed to the mules for resale purposes on the streets while the pretend patients would receive some of the narcotics in lue of pay for getting the prescriptions.


In all honesty it is time to take a hard look at opioids and consider taking them off of the table rather than cannabis.

They are the most abused and used drugs in the US, that just so happen to be some of the most deadly drugs that are in fact legal here in the US.

Of course the best and easiest way to do away with opioids and opioid abuse is to begin doing away with big pharma, who more often than not buys its way out of regulation, responsibility and accountability.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Remark A Pretty Big Hit!


‘Shithole’ Making Profits for Some & Downgrading Trump’s Beloved Shithole, Hotels

Trump’s  labeling of Haiti and the entire continent of Africa as “shithole countries” has been getting quite the warm response from said “shithole countries.”

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

As luck would have it, Trump’s ‘Shithole Countries’ remark is turning out to be a huge hit, turning heads and hitting the fan around the globe.

Some Shithole countries are using the slur to attract tourists who are actually eating it up.


The Facebook post for invites tourists to “Visit ****hole Zambia.”“Where beautiful vistas and breathtaking wildlife are our trump card!” I love the not so subtle dig at Trump.


It is refreshing to see this getting so tossed back into Trump’s face by seeing these ‘shithole countries’ turn Trump’s idiotic words into a profit.


“Not a DC resident? Need a place to stay? Try our shithole” projections read, with grinning poop emojis scattering the bricks of the Trump International Hotel, formerly the Old Post Office building.


On the other side of that coin happens to be those nasty Yelp reviews going around with regards to Trump’s shithole hotels.

It seems that those reviews have been responsible for downgrading Trump’s shithole hotels.

Trump International Hotel had four out of five stars before the now-denied comments were made public, but now has just two.

According to New Knowledge, a company that tracks the spread of misinformation online, almost 800 reviews were submitted, describing the hotel using the word ‘shithole’ were posted between Thursday and Monday.

Here are some of the reviews as posted on Yelp as of Monday:

“What a total ‘shithole’… Run by a deplorable”

“Ugly, tacky, ruined my country through bribery and foreign emoluments, total shithole, would not repeat”

“Perhaps the Trump brand could take some lessons from Norway, where they have the BEST hotels. Like genius hotels. NOT shitholes like this”

“Sincerely wanted to give it a chance. However, I didn’t like. It felt like fake news”

Now of course Yelp is monitoring it like big brother and trying to help but come on, could they throw a dog a bone and just let the kids out to play for a change?

Trump’s D.C. crap hotel wasn’t the only Trump brand hotel in the chain to take a hit, Trump shithole hotels in Chicago, Sunny Isles Beach, Vegas, Waikiki, New York and Mar-a-lago have also felt the shit hitting the fan over Trump’s comments.


Of all of the things Trump has ever said, I am enjoying this shit hit the fan and blow right back into Trump’s angry, little orange face.

Cristal M Clark

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CIA Manages to Let Classified Records Slip Out The Door




Jerry Chun Shing Lee Arrested for Keeping Classified Records

Once again one of America’s spy agencies has managed to lose classified records.

I am not sure if I should be surprised or just laugh at this juncture, these agencies just cannot seem to keep classified information from slipping right out of the front door.


After Jerry left the CIA in 2012, he more or less kept classified intel that should not have left with him.


The FBI had obtained a warrant for ‘unknown’ (but a little bird told me it was because Jerry, was suspected of compromising Chinese Informants) reasons and searched his luggage at a hotel room after Jerry had flown with his family from Hong Kong to Northern Virginia.

Upon the search that was conducted for again, ‘unknown’  reasons the FBI found a couple of handwritten notes that may have contained the names and numbers of covert CIA employees and the locations of covert facilities.


Of course after the CIA looked into the situation and discovered that in fact, Jerry had intel that was both secret and top secret in nature.

Oddly, Jerry had been interviewed on 5 separate occasions prior to his arrest by the FBI and failed during each and every interview to disclose that he had these handwritten books.


Jerry was a case officer for the CIA from 1994-2007 where he was trained in surveillance detection, recruiting, handling assets, and the handling of classified information (which he learned well considering his arrest), and he worked at several overseas offices.

Jerry has not been charged with espionage, he has only been charged with illegal retention of documents.

Again, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not Jerry had any intention of using the information in order to turn a profit regardless of the fact that he is suspected of compromising informants, he has not been proven guilty yet.
Then Again, maybe he did because perhaps his retirement plan was a little too lean for his comfort level.

Cristal M Clark

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Bitcoin Price Likely Manipulated?


Bitcoin – Invest At Your Own Risk

Does this come as a huge surprise?

If it does to anyone, I am quite frankly surprised. Everyone should at the very least have the slightest suspicion that the Bitcoin market was, has and is being manipulated.


It is after all only a logical sequence of events if you were paying attention to Bitcoin prices at all not to mention that quite a bit of cryptocurrency across the board is currently being acquired fraudulently in some fashion or another. 

Bitcoin prices were not moving then, suddenly it made a pretty significant jump.

Now according to a recent issue of the Journal of Monetary Economics, 4 researchers came together and wrote an article titled “Price Manipulation in the Bitcoin Ecosystem,” that paper shows just how the Bitcoin ecosystem is being manipulated.

The researchers are Neil Ganddal, JT Hamrick, Tyler Moore and Tali Oberman.


According to the paper, the researchers took a look at the Mt. Gox Bitcoin currency exchange and began to casually notice that roughly $600,000 bitcoins that were valued at $188 million just so happened to have been fraudulently acquired.

Looks like someone forgot to cover their tracks but not so much that we actually know the identity of said criminal. 

“During both periods, the USD-BTC exchange rate rose by an average of four percent on days when suspicious trades took place, compared to a slight decline on days without suspicious activity. Based on rigorous analysis with extensive robustness checks, the paper demonstrates that the suspicious trading activity likely caused the unprecedented spike in the USD-BTC exchange rate in late 2013, when the rate jumped from around $150 to more than $1,000 in two months.”

According to what the team was able to learn, the price manipulations looked like they were happening when the market was fairly thin for various cryptocurrencies.

“Despite the huge increase in market capitalization, similar to the bitcoin market in 2013 (the period examined), markets for these other cryptocurrencies are very thin. The number of cryptocurrencies has increased from approximately 80 during the period examined to 843 today! Many of these markets are thin and subject to price manipulation.”

So who is responsible for the manipulation?

According to researchers it appears that two bots named Markus and Willy were conducting what appeared to be legitimate trades yet they did not actually own any bitcoin that they were using which helped drive up the price.


Mt. Gox was hacked before, during the hack a number of bots did in fact make away with millions.

This is bad news for bitcoin as it clearly demonstrates how easy it is to manipulate the markets and to make off with millions.


While I am all for breaking off the grid and deregulation here, I still think Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies have a long way to go in terms of developing actual levels of standards, checks and balances, you know something like security and quality checks are firmly in place.

At least it should be considering now that many countries are looking to legalize cryptocurrency and accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment not to mention that the finance industry is also seeking to invest in it pretty heavily.

Cristal M Clark

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