Trump Declared Mentally Unfit to Hold Office

Trump Declared Mentally Unfit to Hold Office


By CNN, The Hill & other Mainstream Media outlets


I’ve found it funny and interesting the news headlines the past few days with regards to Trump’s mental health, his mental fitness, the articles with catchy headlines that indicate Trump is bat shit crazy, then at the end of the article it points out that due to Trump’s age, his mental health is deteriorating like with every single elderly person in the world.

Trump although, I poke a lot of fun at him for his behavior is far from losing it, crazy or mentally unfit.
He is absolutely quite the opposite, he is a player, a reality TV star and a very successful businessman.
He knows how to play, and by play he knows how to get into one’s head and fuck about in a very calculated effort to get the outcome he desires.

That is the fine art of being able to control and twist the thoughts and emotions and ideas, of others, not to mention the impressions that others will feel, while at the same time playing the victim or as if you are completely innocent, unaware that your behavior has impacted or affected another, because of course you are innocent of course.

I had this boss once from more than a couple of years ago, Troy, he owned at one time GOFAST Sports & Beverage here in Denver. I used to believe that he was completely insane at times but in looking back, his every word and move was quite calculated, even when he would fly off the handle and he was erratic at times, he didn’t sleep hardly at all, he would pace, yell, reach for the impossible, he always thought competitors, sales guys etc were out to get him and such.

Total Paranoia at times.  

But, that man knew exactly what he was doing in an effort to get things done, get the outcome he desired and his behavior was just one big calculated move.

That is not insane at all, that’s business and it is far from personal.


The only time he lost that game was when he contacted me after years of no contact long after I left and wanted nude pictures of me and kept bothering me for hours on end.

What can I say, I did learn the game from him after all so it’s only natural that I would give it back.


As for Trump, I see quite a few of the same behaviors although, Troy never lied, I see business owners from all over the map that I have worked with and currently work with, lie, cheat, become erratic, paranoid, become enraged, fly off the handle, you name it, it’s a behavioral pattern that seems to be more common than the mainstream media would like to inform you about.

The Hill put out a report stating that back in December one Dr. Brandy X Lee, a Yale psychiatrist, gave a report to lawmakers l with regards to Trump’s mental competency.

“Dr. Bandy X. Lee reportedly met with the group of lawmakers on Dec. 5 and Dec. 6 and warned them the president is “going to unravel.”

“We feel that the rush of tweeting is an indication of his falling apart under stress. Trump is going to get worse and will become uncontainable with the pressures of the presidency.”

You don’t say?

Did ummm Dr. Lee personally examine Donald Trump, give him oh something along the lines of a psychological exam?

This is exactly where I will argue to the bitter end that the old ways of determining sanity, profiling and the like simply do not work. Those ways are ways that are designed with one pretty big flaw, they are designed to fit neatly into a box.

In today’s world, not even food fits neatly into a box, which is why I profile killers the way that I do, I go against the grain and because of that, I get results.

And to that very point, I would argue Dr. Lee’s little meeting with lawmakers, it is quite clear that Dr. Lee lacks the basic understanding of today’s human behavioral patterns, therefore Dr. Lee is quite incorrect with regards to Trump’s mental state.

Again, I poke a lot fun at Trump for his behavior, however that does not mean that I do not understand it, quite completely.

I could find research, expert opinions and the like that would argue both sides of Trump’s mental competency all day long.

You can Google the answer you want, still doesn’t mean it is the actual answer.


CNN gave some examples today of Trump’s lack of mental competence or his deteriorating mental state and those are as follows:

He is impetuous

He is quick to anger

He appears unengaged in details

He keeps erratic hours

He says thing are provably false

He has an exaggerated and grandiose vision of his own life

He punishes enemies

Ha, ha, ha, these are literally all behaviors that I have personally both witnessed and seen from so many different types of business owners it’s more of a commonplace these days, which unlike CCN, The Hill and other news outlets who are questioning Trump’s mental competency this week care to inform the public about.


More precisely, some of those very behaviors are why Trump was elected.

He found a common ground with many business owners.

It’s like a candle being drawn to the flame.

Cristal M Clark

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