Sweatcoin – Earn Cryptocurrency for Exercising

Sweatcoin – Earn Cryptocurrency for Exercising




Exercise can earn you – if you need that kind of motivation.


If you are one of the thousands who made your New Year’s resolution getting into shape and working out, a sweet app called Sweatcoin could earn you cryptocurrency just for sticking to your workout ritual or at the very least, just for getting up and moving.


In a world that offers many fitness and activity apps to choose from, Sweatcoin actually rewards users by giving them cryptocurrency that users can use towards purchases.

Sweatcoin is based in London and those using the app have reported a couple of things they do not like.

The app always runs in the background which is a battery drainer and the steps your taking are not counted unless you are actually outside because the app uses your devices GPS.


So being on the elliptical or treadmill are not counted, aside from that some users are reporting that the app is not always 100% accurate which is the case with a multitude of other activity and fitness apps.


The New York Times reported that users only get credit for about 65% of the steps they take which means that for every 1,000 steps you actually take you earn 1 sweat coin.

Also, for the free account, users are only allowed to earn 5 sweat coins per day, you would need to upgrade to be allowed to earn more.

What’s more is that they offer different levels you can upgrade to, each one however is capped off at a certain number of sweat coins users could earn.

Even with the downsides to the app, it’s still motivation for people who have not worked out, or who don’t typically get up and move around.

Other apps that offer cryptocurrency are Bitwalking and Gympact, as well as Charity Miles, which offers to turn steps into charitable donations for the cause of each users choice.

If you are looking for an activity app or fitness app that pays, Sweatcoin can be downloaded at the App Store and the Android version is reportedly coming soon.


In today’s world with all of the fitness and workout apps at our fingertips, I have to wonder why would anyone not be working out, moving, walking, running, biking, hiking, you name it, a workout these days is as easy as opening a webpage.

So get up and start feeling invincible.

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