Cybercriminals Selling Socials Security Numbers of Babies on the Dark Web

Cybercriminals Selling Socials Security Numbers of Babies on the Dark Web


Dark Web Offers Huge Tax Season Sale – Social Security Numbers of Newborns

If you have ever ventured onto the dark web two things jump out at you, it can be scary and you can pretty much find just about anything for sale on it.

The dark web even offers classes on how steal and sell an individual’s personal information.


Researchers at Terbium Labs recently discovered an ad on the dark web offering to sell the social security numbers and mothers maiden name of babies for just $300 in bitcoin per child’s information.


While the theft of a child’s information has never been anything new, this is the first time that researchers are seeing infant data for sale.

Once in hand the criminal can create a lifetime of debt for the child long before he/she is even close to 18.

What makes this incredibly frightening is that child identity theft can go on for years and no one would know, not the child or the child’s family.


The truth here is that anything that is generated, created or developed on any type of software and then stored in any type of network, cloud or otherwise, is not secure.

And if anyone tells you that it is 100% secure, just know that the NSA’s so called air-gapped network was hacked once or twice in the not so recent past.

For anything digital, networks, servers and the like that has ever been created, so too has a way into all of them, regardless of it’s promised security.

Cristal M Clark

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