Cellebrite Can Hack Any iPhone – Including iPhone X?


Hacking iPhones


Have you ever wondered who in the security world could possible hack your iPhone? I have actually and as it turns out a rumor from a couple of years ago stands to be pretty true.

When the FBI could not hack the San Bernardino shooters iPhone they asked for a little help, and they actually got it.

The reason the FBI was unable to gain access to the shooters phone if you’d like to take this lovely stroll down memory lane, was because someone had attempted to access it over 10 times, thus they got locked out of the phone.

The FBI asked Apple for help but Apple refused so, they turned to the world for assistance and at the time it was widely speculated that Cellebrite was able to successfully get the FBI that highly sought after access to the shooters phone.

Now if you are like me, you keep everything stored digitally, all records, all transactions etc, but if you are, let’s say a terrorist who is hell bent on killing it is highly unlikely that you would store much digitally, at the very least you would wipe everything you own so that no trace of anything could ever be found.

Which is pretty much what the FBI found in the San Bernardino shooters iPhone, nothing, but at least they gave it a shot.


At any rate Cellebrite and Israeli security firm, was in fact able to get the FBI into the phone and has now been able to successfully hack into all of the iPhone product line, including the beloved iPhoneX and as an added fun bonus, they can also hack into a locked iPad.

To be fair, Cellebrite has long touted some pretty advanced technological skills and has been able to hack into both Apple and Android devices in the past fairly easily.

Sadly, if you are under any type of impression that Cellebrite could be the only people in the world that are capable of this, think again because if they have found ways to get into a locked device, no matter what device, so have others.

What’s more is think about how far advanced with technology another country is, than America is.

All due no less to two very defining factors, our leadership and the public who screams for the ability to allow for law enforcement to have ways into our devices and or personal details but only when it suits us.

Cristal M Clark

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NRA – About to Find Itself Extinct – Like Dinosaurs


The National Rifle Association – Peddling Death for Profit

Have you ever found yourself reading a news story or watching the news and doing that face plant thing?

Several times this past weekend I have found myself doing just that at each and every story with regards to the NRA.

These idiots are actually starting to fight back against the growing list of companies and organizations who are pulling support for such and outdated, dinosaur of an organization whose ideals and beliefs really do not fit into today’s society.

Related image

Here is what the NRA said this past weekend:

“Let it be absolutely clear, the loss of a discount will neither scare nor distract one single NRA member from our mission to stand and defend the individual freedoms that have always made America the greatest nation in the world.”

The NRA made that statement in response to the growing number of organizations such as airlines that are no longer going to give the NRA discounts. The NRA also accused companies and organizations of displaying political and civic cowardice.

Well, let me make one thing clear to the NRA, your organization and your beliefs are about to become extinct like the dinosaurs once became.

The last thing the NRA wants to do is to start to argue political and civic cowardice, that by far is the biggest hypocritical statement they could have made, for the NRA is the largest group of Americans that practice in the fine art both political and civic cowardice in that they hide behind this thing that makes people feel as if rights are deserved, a thing that is given simply because one is born an American Citizen.

American’s do not need nor do they want the NRA to hide behind that loosely true statement they made over the weekend here, the one in that they stated that they “stand for and defend the individual rights and freedoms of America?”

That is inaccurate to say the least, the NRA stands for greed, power, money, and weapons, that are designed to destroy, hurt and kill, nothing more or less than that.

The NRA does not give a shit about our individual rights or freedoms, if they did they might want to bother themselves to be a bit more compassionate towards mass shootings and the cry for more gun legislation, legislation that might prevent such events.

Make no mistake here, the NRA has absolutely no regard for human life, the right to be able to actually live, and to live free of the fear some NRA supporting, gun toting pig who will mow us down when he or she decides to have a mental break down and utilizes those shiny little toys the NRA stands to protect.

The shiny little trinkets that make the NRA it’s actual money.

The NRA and its supporters do not stand to protect individual rights at all, they simply hide behind outdated and unneeded gun laws so they can continue to exist.

Now is the time to assist the NRA to become extinct much like the dinosaurs once did, for this is a group that serves no purpose whatsoever other than to protect themselves from rights that should no longer exist and to merley peddle death for profit.

Cristal M Clark

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Uber Eats Driver – Kills Customer?


Uber Eats Delivering Murder Now


Murder now comes with your Uber Eats order, free of charge if you are into that sort of thing.

In the latest round of bad news for Uber, it appears that one of its drivers for Uber Eats may have gone the extra mile and murdered a customer.

Uber Eats driver, Robert Bivines of Atlanta went ahead and turned himself into today for the murder of his Uber Eats customer Ryan Thornton over the weekend.

Apparently, the two men exchanged some dialogue right before Robert pulled out a gun and shot Ryan as he walked away.

It’s a complete shock given Ubers ultra strict policy prohibiting firearms at the workplace that one of it’s ultra safely screened delivery drivers would just happen to have weapon, let alone use it on a customer.


Uber in the past few years has taken quite a few hits for everything from paying taxes, to paying drivers a fair wage, sexual assault so one of it’s Uber Eats drivers murdering someone is not such a huge shock to be honest.

While Uber does background check it’s drivers, they do very little to ensure the policies they set forth are actually followed by their drivers.

At any rate, you might want to reconsider that Uber Eats order and just go pick up the food you want yourself, it’s better to be safe than risk being shot in the back by your Uber Eats Driver.

Cristal M Clark

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FBI To Be Closed?


Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell Seems To Think They Should!

In light of this last week’s mass shooting, Judicial Watch Director of Investigations, one Chris Farrell seems to think that the FBI should just shutter up shop and close for good.


What’s more is that Chris is blaming Christopher Wray, the current Director of the FBI for failing to protect America.


Which is totally laughable to me, correct me if I am wrong here but isn’t our entire government failing America these days?

At any rate, to be fair the FBI was warned at least twice about the Florida shooter, Nikolas Cruz making deadly threats, within the last 6 months.

I believe it was a year or so ago that I wrote a piece about known, felons who are also gang members living in Chicago, who were legally waltzing into gun shops and purchasing guns, so it’s not like the FBI isn’t failing all over the board here.


Before everyone answers yes, let us take a step back and look at the black and white here.

Sure we expect the FBI to kick in a mans door and take his weapons when we want it, not necessarily when it actually needs to happen.

This is a discussion I have a lot with my dad, who if you’ll recall from past articles does not feel that it is a doctors business as to whether or not he owns a gun, he also does not feel that the government should be allowed to decide who owns guns and who doesn’t.

Please, entertain me and wrap your head around that for a second. How many gun rights activists can’t seem to have the brains enough to fathom that yet they are pro-gun ownership?

It’s clearly time for a reality check and it is time that when we tell the government that we expect them to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals that we finally allow for them to kick in a mans door and take said legally purchased weapons when that individual shows clear signs of instability.

I make no apologies here, we scream and cry for justice and protection yet we are the biggest hypocrites of all when it comes to actually enabling the government and all of it’s agencies in particular law enforcement at all levels to actually prevent mass shootings by restricting the ability to do so behind gun rights.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Says Yes to More AR-15’s on The Streets

Armed America.jpg

Gun Rights in America


So Trump decided to sort of talk about the mass shooting issues here in America. In doing so he did happen to address one key element to the problem and that is mental health.

I know that I have suggested quite a few times before on ways to deal with mental health and gun ownership, sadly Obama would not once acknowledge my carefully thought out questions during his time in office let alone answer them whenever he was on Twitter taking questions from everyone a couple of times.

What Trump failed to address however is that goddamn 2nd Amendment which unfortunately is so completely lost in the mix. Rights, what are rights here in America, really?

Just because one is born here does not necessarily mean they are owed a damn thing let alone a right to have guns.

What’s more is that the 2nd Amendment never in anyway shape or form was created with the idea or notion that a more powerful weapon than the single shot muzzle loading pistols of the times would ever be created.

So, that 2nd Amendment right clearly does not fit in the world we currently live in not to mention let’s just point out the obvious, it’s clearly outdated.

Our mass shooting issues are two fold, mental health, and weapons. The types of weapons available today are not what they are used to be and if you are like me, someone who actually goes out into the real world, experiences people, places and things, you know full well that the mental health, ideas and, conspiracy theories of others are not always sane.

I love to have this debate with my dad, who is a gun owner and feels strongly that individuals should be allowed to own whatever weapon because as he informs me, it is a Goddamned American Right, it’s called the 2nd Amendment, and my argument back is simply that it should not be a right in today’s world until the 2nd Amendment is amended to better fit today’s world.

My dad even feels that doctors should not have a right to know if someone owns weapons, and to me that is completely so very wrong.

As I have said many times before, an individuals mental health status can change rather dramatically without warning due to hormones, drugs, age etc. So while someone may have legally purchased any type of gun, that individual may not always be mentally healthy enough to continue to own a gun at any-one time in his or her life.

By the same token, why would anyone be allowed to own any type of semi-automatic weapon? That is so completely insane that I at times have issues with just wrapping my head around it.

To be completely honest, that is just flat out stupid.

What’s next, me purchasing a nuke at my nearest 7-11 because of the 2nd Amendment?

Completely absurd no?

Well that’s pretty much where we are with the 2nd Amendment today, AR-15’s today, nukes tomorrow because every god fearing American should have the right to bear whatever arms he so desires.

Cristal M Clark

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Bitcoin Set to Drop to $900


Dot-Com Bubble at it’s Finest


So Bitcoin is just taking an absolute beating lately and it is not looking like that proverbial beating is going to let up anytime soon.

Back in December Bitcoin took a hit of somewhere near $20,000 the numbers could actually be slightly worse but who’s counting, really?

It’s looking a lot like Bitcoin is going to fall down another 90% because it’s environment is completely unstable.


Because of the way the dot-com environment is set up, which is to become rich quick then fall, then stabilize, basically by default the environment is so volatile that it is a lot like being set up to fail.

Basically it’s a do-over of the 90’s when all of the dot-com’s rose to the top then toppled over which is comparable to the game Jenga.


Bitcoin already has over 50 million outstanding coins regardless of the fact that it’s creators intended to limit it at no more than 21 million coins.

And, if you’d like a little fuel added to that fire, rivals can already create clones in a rather unlimited supply.

Adding further fuel to the fire tradable cryptocurrency rose 120% in 2017.


of relating to, or involving a parable

And parabolic is key to cryptocurrency, parabolically increasing supply just so happens to be the primary limitation to the market price appreciation.

According to Bloomberg’s Intelligence Commodity Strategist Mike McGlone:

“There’s a strong gravitational pull toward $900, the average price since inception and the start of 2017.”

As with the rise and fall of the dot-com era it is truly anyone’s guess as to who will survive the cryptocurrency fall of 2018 and beyond.

Cristal M Clark

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Russia Gave North Korea a Mystery Missile for Christmas?


North Korean missile poses pretty significant problem for the US?


“I propose getting rid of conventional armaments and replace them with reasonably  priced hydrogen bombs that would be distributed equally throughout the world.”

Idi Amin

In last weeks Thursday parade, North Korea once again snubbed Trump and his America by showing off some type of “mystery missile.”

North-Korea-Ballistic-Missile Launch-CrimeShop

This little gem almost slipped right by because as in the case with quite a few men, size matters so, the focus was on the larger more spectacular missiles, the Hwasong-14 and Hwasong-15.

At any rate once someone actually took the time to notice the smaller missile, it created a lot of talk around town.


That of course sparked quite a bit of speculation and, well some seem to feel that it is a Russian inspired missile, which is leading many to further speculate that Russia is in fact, providing some much needed assistance to the impoverished North Korean nation.

I know that I have said this before, Russia is in fact the slut of the world, Russia tends to help those that they can most benefit from, in this case Russia would for instance benefit from North Korea starting or going to war with America and her allies.

Think about it, why would Russia want to actually start a war with any country themselves?

It is much safer for them to actually fund the war rather than to start it right? And by fund it in this particular case, all Russia has to do is provide the needed technology, the weapons, and a sprinkle of encouragement.

The reality is, no one wants to actually get into bed with Russia, everyone just likes the idea of it so it is only natural that North Korea of all of the countries would actually take the bait, I mean Russia does have a bit of a history helping North Korea out on the down low as it is.

The mystery missile appears to resemble the Russian Iskander missile, which is what caused so much speculation.

The mainstream media has run with the idea as if it were fact that, Russia is just handing North Korea Missiles like one would hand a child candy.

Given Russia’s history however, in terms of her relationship with nations that so desire war with the rest of the world, it isn’t hard to see how or why the media came to that conclusion.


It would be of a great benefit for Russia if North Korea went to war with anyone in the world but most in particular with the US because Russia has rather blatantly already picked a side, and that side is not with America or her allies.

As for North Korea and the newest missile, so what if they had a little help from Russia in the development of the Missile, the good news is that North Korea still has absolutely no intention of actually starting a war by firing a missile at anyone, they have already proven that any threats are nothing more or less than that.

Not to mention, of the test missiles they have actually fired, we’ve seen quite a bit in the way of real performance issues, so it is highly doubtful that any of North Korea’s toys could actually hit a real target.


I mean, they did hit one of their own cities once so…

North Korea is well aware of the fact that world likes drama, so they feed into it with idea’s and threats yet, they lack any and all actual intention.


For a nation such as Russia, war is a business, for a nation such as North Korea it is the very same notion as the empty threat, more of a suicidal cry for help, hence merely attention seeking and nothing more than that.

Cristal M Clark

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Facebook’s Messenger for Kids get’s Middle Finger Welcome


Technology Wrap

So this week Facebook has been really pushing it’s kids messenger, which has caused some to worry about it’s safety.

The messenger actually launched in December and it targets kids aged 6-12 which as you can imagine irked quite a few parents because Facebook has taken it upon themselves to target kids that are so young.


Facebook’s David Marcus claims that having the messenger available for younger kids actually makes families better off.

Well here’s what I think, David can go wank himself.

Facebook is far from safe from the likes of phedophiles and rapists although they claim that they work hard to keep registered sex offenders from the site, the truth is, they really don’t do shit to keep them from the site.

They depend on users reporting the offenders who can virtually sign up utilizing any alias they’d like.

I had an encounter with a man who happened to be a recently released registered sex offender, who managed to stalk me through Facebook. Getting them to delete his account was a total pain in the ass, they don’t make finding that info easy, additionally, he just simply signed up using a different name and email.


Facebook’s targeted kids messenger platform gets a rather large thumbs down.

Moving on to more cool things happening in the tech world:


For all of you golf lovers, be on the lookout for the newest tech from Oncore, it’s Genius Golf Ball which promises to help improve your driving.

This little gem of a golf ball tracks so many stats that it can literally help just about any golfer. What’s cool about this ball, it’s the protective coating that surrounds the balls sensors and accelerometers.

Those important features that track velocity, angle of descent and the distance of a hit, spin rate, time and distance of roll.

The ball can track everything basically.

Many manufacturers have tried and failed to create a coating strong enough to protect the balls intricate and delicate drive packed gear.

And this ball can in fact track every aspect game but your trip to the beverage cart, then again who knows, it can most likely track that too.


Drone lovers you no longer need a controller to control your drone.

Roboticists over at British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University found a way to control one’s drone by making funny faces.

The Ready-Aim-Fly system was used to dispatch drones on flights of close to 150 feet.

Some think the idea is wacky, however if you were to stroll through snapchat, people are obsessed with taking funny wacky selfies as it is, so my guess is, this will really take off.


I love my devices, they are my life when at home but the problem is that I cannot control them with a single interface.

Correction, I can now with Atmos Smart Home, which does allow all of my smart devices to work via a single interface.

Atmos Smart Home offers a seamless solution for managing multiple connected smart devices which include and are not limited to, lights, thermostats, cameras, security devices, appliances, music and more.

Currently it is not available to have, but you can pre-order it for $249.


Last but not least and my personal favorite, smart socks. Trust me, for those of you that run, these socks just might be worth the money.

I don’t run often but when I do, I find that my Apple Watch although great does not give me quite enough information.

Sensoria smart socks are specifically designed to give me the information I am looking for. The socks have sensors which record data such as form, speed and stamina to an app. What’s more is that it also offers audio and video feedback.


All in all, the latest toys, tools and gadgets are certainly beginning to take a look at what consumers really want and for that, the industry should get a standing ovation.

Cristal M Clark

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