Facebook’s Messenger for Kids get’s Middle Finger Welcome

Facebook’s Messenger for Kids get’s Middle Finger Welcome


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So this week Facebook has been really pushing it’s kids messenger, which has caused some to worry about it’s safety.

The messenger actually launched in December and it targets kids aged 6-12 which as you can imagine irked quite a few parents because Facebook has taken it upon themselves to target kids that are so young.


Facebook’s David Marcus claims that having the messenger available for younger kids actually makes families better off.

Well here’s what I think, David can go wank himself.

Facebook is far from safe from the likes of phedophiles and rapists although they claim that they work hard to keep registered sex offenders from the site, the truth is, they really don’t do shit to keep them from the site.

They depend on users reporting the offenders who can virtually sign up utilizing any alias they’d like.

I had an encounter with a man who happened to be a recently released registered sex offender, who managed to stalk me through Facebook. Getting them to delete his account was a total pain in the ass, they don’t make finding that info easy, additionally, he just simply signed up using a different name and email.


Facebook’s targeted kids messenger platform gets a rather large thumbs down.

Moving on to more cool things happening in the tech world:


For all of you golf lovers, be on the lookout for the newest tech from Oncore, it’s Genius Golf Ball which promises to help improve your driving.

This little gem of a golf ball tracks so many stats that it can literally help just about any golfer. What’s cool about this ball, it’s the protective coating that surrounds the balls sensors and accelerometers.

Those important features that track velocity, angle of descent and the distance of a hit, spin rate, time and distance of roll.

The ball can track everything basically.

Many manufacturers have tried and failed to create a coating strong enough to protect the balls intricate and delicate drive packed gear.

And this ball can in fact track every aspect game but your trip to the beverage cart, then again who knows, it can most likely track that too.


Drone lovers you no longer need a controller to control your drone.

Roboticists over at British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University found a way to control one’s drone by making funny faces.

The Ready-Aim-Fly system was used to dispatch drones on flights of close to 150 feet.

Some think the idea is wacky, however if you were to stroll through snapchat, people are obsessed with taking funny wacky selfies as it is, so my guess is, this will really take off.


I love my devices, they are my life when at home but the problem is that I cannot control them with a single interface.

Correction, I can now with Atmos Smart Home, which does allow all of my smart devices to work via a single interface.

Atmos Smart Home offers a seamless solution for managing multiple connected smart devices which include and are not limited to, lights, thermostats, cameras, security devices, appliances, music and more.

Currently it is not available to have, but you can pre-order it for $249.


Last but not least and my personal favorite, smart socks. Trust me, for those of you that run, these socks just might be worth the money.

I don’t run often but when I do, I find that my Apple Watch although great does not give me quite enough information.

Sensoria smart socks are specifically designed to give me the information I am looking for. The socks have sensors which record data such as form, speed and stamina to an app. What’s more is that it also offers audio and video feedback.


All in all, the latest toys, tools and gadgets are certainly beginning to take a look at what consumers really want and for that, the industry should get a standing ovation.

Cristal M Clark

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