Uber Eats Driver – Kills Customer?

Uber Eats Driver – Kills Customer?


Uber Eats Delivering Murder Now


Murder now comes with your Uber Eats order, free of charge if you are into that sort of thing.

In the latest round of bad news for Uber, it appears that one of its drivers for Uber Eats may have gone the extra mile and murdered a customer.

Uber Eats driver, Robert Bivines of Atlanta went ahead and turned himself into today for the murder of his Uber Eats customer Ryan Thornton over the weekend.

Apparently, the two men exchanged some dialogue right before Robert pulled out a gun and shot Ryan as he walked away.

It’s a complete shock given Ubers ultra strict policy prohibiting firearms at the workplace that one of it’s ultra safely screened delivery drivers would just happen to have weapon, let alone use it on a customer.


Uber in the past few years has taken quite a few hits for everything from paying taxes, to paying drivers a fair wage, sexual assault so one of it’s Uber Eats drivers murdering someone is not such a huge shock to be honest.

While Uber does background check it’s drivers, they do very little to ensure the policies they set forth are actually followed by their drivers.

At any rate, you might want to reconsider that Uber Eats order and just go pick up the food you want yourself, it’s better to be safe than risk being shot in the back by your Uber Eats Driver.

Cristal M Clark

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