Cellebrite Can Hack Any iPhone – Including iPhone X?

Cellebrite Can Hack Any iPhone – Including iPhone X?


Hacking iPhones


Have you ever wondered who in the security world could possible hack your iPhone? I have actually and as it turns out a rumor from a couple of years ago stands to be pretty true.

When the FBI could not hack the San Bernardino shooters iPhone they asked for a little help, and they actually got it.

The reason the FBI was unable to gain access to the shooters phone if you’d like to take this lovely stroll down memory lane, was because someone had attempted to access it over 10 times, thus they got locked out of the phone.

The FBI asked Apple for help but Apple refused so, they turned to the world for assistance and at the time it was widely speculated that Cellebrite was able to successfully get the FBI that highly sought after access to the shooters phone.

Now if you are like me, you keep everything stored digitally, all records, all transactions etc, but if you are, let’s say a terrorist who is hell bent on killing it is highly unlikely that you would store much digitally, at the very least you would wipe everything you own so that no trace of anything could ever be found.

Which is pretty much what the FBI found in the San Bernardino shooters iPhone, nothing, but at least they gave it a shot.


At any rate Cellebrite and Israeli security firm, was in fact able to get the FBI into the phone and has now been able to successfully hack into all of the iPhone product line, including the beloved iPhoneX and as an added fun bonus, they can also hack into a locked iPad.

To be fair, Cellebrite has long touted some pretty advanced technological skills and has been able to hack into both Apple and Android devices in the past fairly easily.

Sadly, if you are under any type of impression that Cellebrite could be the only people in the world that are capable of this, think again because if they have found ways to get into a locked device, no matter what device, so have others.

What’s more is think about how far advanced with technology another country is, than America is.

All due no less to two very defining factors, our leadership and the public who screams for the ability to allow for law enforcement to have ways into our devices and or personal details but only when it suits us.

Cristal M Clark

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