Government Employees Did Not Work for A Year – Still Collected Paychecks

Government Employees Did Not Work for A Year – Still Collected Paychecks

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If you haven’t eaten your breakfast yet, you may want to hold off because this is truly sickening news.

Government waste here in the US is far reaching and wide, we all already know this and here is yet another example of how tax payers are basically paying for absolutely nothing.


It seems that in Denver, Colorado if you’re working for the Office of the Inspector General for Veterans Affairs, you can go to work for a year with a base salary between $47,000-$100,000 and do absolutely nothing and still get paid, to do nothing.


Umm, where do I apply because I happen to adore drinking coffee and doing nothing.

Turns out some whistleblowers in Denver had quite a story to tell some local media outlets and it’s really not a shock to be completely honest here.

Whistleblowers said that the office was grossly over staffed leaving many with nothing to do but work on homework for school, read books that were not work related, Netflix and chill all day, take extremely extended lunches, play games, you could probably throw some sex while on the clock into the mix, I mean it is a given, you name it, this office did it all while getting paid, with our tax dollars.

That is by definition both fraud and abuse, something this very office is tasked with finding, holding entities and companies accountable for, thus wiping it out.

Hahaha, what a bloody joke!

The reality is that we already know that fraud and abuse exist within each and every United States Government agency though.

According to the whistleblowers this went on from April of 2017 all the way through April of 2018, although the Office of Special Council acknowledged it only for 9 months not a year.

Who do they think the public is going to believe?

The answer would be, the whistleblowers who admitted to collecting paychecks while doing nothing to earn them.

Whistleblowers also pointed out that part of the reason that they did not come forward sooner was because the office had previously been reported for other issues and they saw no corrective action, which left the whistleblowers feeling as if it didn’t matter really.

What’s really disgusting here is that most of us are paying taxes, we are forced to do that, those tax dollars go to agencies like this and those agencies do nothing to earn the money we all work so hard to, actually earn.

They are basically stealing our hard-earned cash that is supposed to pay for things like oversight of abuse and fraud, turning our hard-earned money into paychecks for themselves while doing no oversight or anything really.

But if you think this agency and Denver are the only problems, think again because this issue is in fact, a nationwide issue.

The individuals involved and the agencies themselves are never held accountable, they never have to pay the money back and they move on with a clean slate. Many get to gleefully keep high paying government jobs.

Those of us in the real world, we would be held accountable by our employers if any of us pulled something like this, not to mention face having to face a mountain of legal issues.

But not those that are employed by any branch of the United States Government.

This is just one of the many reasons anyone who isn’t a boomer has lost faith in, and no longer supports an aging, poorly run government, its systems, divisions and agencies.

Even our crime and punishment laws are so poorly written, outdated and interpreted whatever way a judge feels like, that people no longer support our failing judicial systems that are designed to take advantage of the poor and reward those that make money who have committed crimes.

I worked for the system before, I know all too well of the abuse and fraud that exists within it.

The United States has one of the most inefficient and most poorly run governments and judicial systems in the entire world.

And that is precisely what the entire world is watching for. It allows countries like Russia to expose and exploit those very flaws, that broken-down system and use it to their advantage.

It gives people like Putin power and leverage over world leaders such as one, Donald Trump.

Outdated and completely out of touch with the realities of the world in which we live in today and the people that our system should be serving.

Instead of tweeting crap all day Trump should focus his attention on our problems here at home internally and start swinging the ax because I have yet to see him start running our government and all of its agencies like an actual business.

He was known as a great businessman, right?

Isn’t it time to really drain the swamp in its entirety, do something like oh I don’t know, start swinging the ax. Our Government is too top heavy, employees too many individuals to do a single job and our laws are out of touch and date.


Cristal M Clark

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