U.S. Air Marshals & The Quiet Skies Program

U.S. Air Marshals & The Quiet Skies Program

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Flying the Unfriendly Skies – United States Travel

Homeland Security personnel keep watch as travelers depart at Lindbergh Field airport in San Diego

In NSA true style monitoring of US Citizens who are not under any type of investigation, on any terror watch list was found to be happening by U.S. Federal Air Marshals, who were found to have been following and monitoring American’s as they traveled the now not so friendly skies.

The goal is to thwart threats to commercial flights posed by “unknown or partially known terrorists.”

According to reports all US citizens who travel out of the country then back are automatically screened and they stay on the Quiet Skies watch list for up to 90 days or 3 encounters, they are never notified that they are being watched and according to initial reports thousands of Americans have made the illustrious list.

What is not known is, what good the program is actually doing?

The program has a check list of 15 factors that must be met in order to screen passengers however, the 15 factors are a mystery to everyone including the Air Marshals who are supposed to understand and use them in order to add a US citizen to the list.

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Sadly, one you make the list, you are not traveling alone. Marshals will fly with you to your destination where you will be watched.

Talk about a third wheel.

They are watching to see if you might have a cold, deadly stare, if you fidget a lot, watching for an Adam’s apple jump…

I have to say; the rules are quite unimpressive and complete bullshit.

Why even some of the marshals have complained about having had to waste time watching a traveler who poses absolutely no threat whatsoever.

Many are arguing the programs legitimacy as they should.

To me, it’s yet another area where our government has found a new and creative way to waste tax dollars and US Air Marshal time.

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