Google – Thumbs Up


Jobs for Veterans


On Tuesday of this week Donald Trump tweeted out accusations against Google, accusing the company of prioritizing “fake news” in its search results and for rigging its search engine against Donald Trump as well as other conservatives.

Welcome back to the Nixon era of the US presidency folks because this claim was brought forth with absolutely no supporting evidence whatsoever.

It’s a claim that was made up so as to further incite fear mongering and to further divide the people of the United States.

A claim that Google also denies, which they are right to do.

What Trump failed to actually mention with regards to Google is that the company just gave military veterans a leg up which far more than let’s say the Department of Veterans Affairs is actually doing for our service members.


That agency seems to be more focused on committing fraud, abuse and theft of tax payer dollars rather than actually assisting our veterans.

Google on the other hand just unveiled a new search engine that is specifically designed to help military veterans find civilian jobs.


The new features, available now, let military service members and their families search “Jobs for Veterans” and then enter specific military job codes MOS, AFSC, NEC and so on to find civilian jobs with skills similar to those that they used in the military.


Google deserves a thumbs up for this move, because it is a move that is long overdue for our nations military servicemen and women.

Cristal M Clark

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Bank Robbery Suspect – Fails


Columbus, Ohio


Robbery detectives love solving the case, but I would venture to guess that they love solving a robbery even more when the suspect hands over his ID to the teller he is robbing.


Turns out that David Menser age 51, did just that when he attempted to hold up a Huntington Bank in Columbus, Ohio back on June 4.


David waltzed into a Huntington Bank and handed the teller a note stating that he was armed and demanding money.

The teller clearly sized David up as not all that intelligent and promptly informed him that in order to make a withdrawal he had to hand over his identification.

Which he did. Yes, you read that right, he just handed it over grabbed is cash and took off.

David is also accused of robbing at least 4 other banks and was subsequently arrested back on June 15th.

You have to hand it to the teller in this case as for David, well he has earned this week’s idiot award.

Cristal M Clark

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Kim Jong-un – Message to America


No Deal – Trump’s Tall Tale


Kim Jong-un is one feisty little man, isn’t he? He has recently begun to do everything in his power to ensure that the world is fully aware that the deal according to Trump, that was struck between the US and North Korea, well maybe never was.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Tokyo government reaffirmed Tuesday that North Korea posed a “grave and imminent” threat to Japan, despite Kim’s pledge on denuclearization.


The South Korean president will be visiting North Korea next month and it appears that both China and South Korea along with Russia although rarely mentioned are beginning to outwardly side with North Korea.


South Korea in fact is planning on building a new liaison office in North Korea which means that the parties intend on regular and consistent communications with one another.


Mike Pompeo’s trip to North Korea was called off due to a warning letter that had been sent to the US.

In it, the letter blamed the U.S.’s reluctance to advance discussions about a peace treaty and senior North Korean officials warned that talks were “again at stake and may fall apart.”

So, what does all of this mean?


The reality is that the US never really had a set-in stone solid deal with North Korea and to Kim’s credit all he had to do was sit around and watch Trump destroy established relationships with other foreign leaders.

In turn, that gave Kim the advantage he desired and needed.

Powerful allies.

Cristal M Clark

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Catholic Church – Sex Abuse

Catholic-child abuse-crimeshop.jpeg

Pedophilia Runs Rife in the Church


Truthfully this is not new news.

Accusations of molestation by priests in the church date back to the 1950s however, it was first given significant media attention in the 1980s, throughout the United States and Canada.

By the time the 1990s rolled around, more and more news about the molestation began to grow, with stories emerging in Argentina, Australia, well globally. By 1995, the Archbishop of Vienna, Austria, stepped down amid sexual abuse allegations.

It also brought to light, stories of widespread historical abuse in Ireland.

In the early 2000’s the news broke into very major and damaging news stories.


Today, it never comes as much of a surprise to the world to hear another story of a priest who spent years molesting children. It is even less of a surprise to hear that the church spent years covering that abuse up.

A Church-commissioned report in 2004 documented more than 4,000 US Roman Catholic priests had faced sexual abuse allegations in the last 50 years, involving more than 10,000 children – mostly boys.

FILE PHOTO: Storm clouds pass over a Roman Catholic church in Pittsburgh

In 2009 a report found that sexual and psychological abuse was “endemic” in Catholic-run industrial schools and orphanages in Ireland for most of the 20th Century.

More recently:


  • In August 2018, a Pennsylvania grand jury named more than 300 clergy in a report which found more than 1,000 children had been abused


  • Australian Archbishop Philip Wilson resigned in July 2018after being convicted of concealing child sex abuse carried out by another priest


  • In June 2018, a former Vatican diplomat was sentenced to five years in prison for child pornography offenses


  • In Chile, 34 Roman Catholic bishops offered to resign in the wake of a child sex scandal and cover-up.


All while the church has spent millions of dollars and countless hours covering up those abuses.

This past weekend in Ireland, some called for the Pope to step down. But why should he? Those that came before him reacted to the many abuses the very same way and never had to step down.

This is an institution that harbors its criminal behavior and protects the criminals.  And institution that is made up of nothing more than hokum and fairy tales, one that has long sought to suppress those in our society from what it perceives as unnatural sexual behavior, yes, I am referring to homosexuality, which the very church has secretly allowed within its very own institution since its inception while at the same time condemning it.

The church has allowed for its made-up reason for existence to cloud the minds of its already mentally ill priests and serves no real purpose any longer for science has disproven all of the churches tales.

The Catholic church along with it’s pedophile priests should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the laws in each and every nation and country its priests have molested children.

Being the Pope should offer no protection from the law. Hiding behind the symbol of the church should offer no protection from the law.

Harboring criminals and hiding crime is at least in the US against the law and those that are caught practicing in such deeds are generally held very accountable.

Cristal M Clark

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Meth with that New iPhone?


Apple’s accessories getting stranger and stranger.


If you are like, you can’t wait for Apple to release the newest round of iPhones in September. I usually go back and forth with whether or not to upgrade right away or wait it out just a tiny bit.


Either way, I am always curious to see what new accessories come out as well and I have to admit, I never thought a box of meth would be one of them.

Most of us just want the newest headphones or cordless chargers…maybe a free cup of coffee while we wait…


Turns out, a FedEx package containing a couple of pounds of meth made its way to the store located at the Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.


The meth that had been sent to the store would sell for anywhere between $26K-$36K.

A highly intelligent drug dealer that I am guessing utilizes his own goods somehow got the address confused with his actual seller’s address, unless of course his seller worked at the store and this story turns out to be a lot like the ones you see at Burger King, where you hit the drive through, order your food and get your drugs to go with your order.

Everyone loves one stop shopping.

The store by the way closed for a few hours because initially they had no idea what they were dealing with.

What shocks me the most about this story is that people are still shipping drugs through shipping companies or the USPS.

Forget Russian Collusion and Election Interference if Russia really wanted to screw with America, they would send meth to every Apple store in the US and time it so all of it arrives the say Apple’s newest toys are due to hit store shelves.

Mess with our ability to buy stuff when we have funds available and everyone would demand the US stop Russian interference at once. Honestly, if one were to mull it over, we’d be more upset if we were unable to get the newest tech gear than we are at Russian Collusion, Russian interference with our elections and fake news combined.

People would lose it, nationwide, even Android consumers would be outraged, asking how could Russia do that to us?

And then, suddenly we would hear everyone asking where Mueller is at with his Russia investigation.

Keep your drugs out of Apple Stores folks, please.

Cristal M Clark

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U.S. The Department of Veterans Affairs


Not Helping US Veterans – Ever Really


In yet another damaging recent report it was discovered the US Department of Veterans Affairs has once again fumbled doing its job.

And to be fair, the VA has a fairly long and rich history of not helping US Veterans. The VA hospitals are a complete and utter joke, veterans get ridiculously shitty health benefits from the program that costs US Tax Payers Millions.


Those millions however do not go to helping veterans, they are actually lining the pockets of those abusing the very system that is here to and designed to care for our veterans.

This week’s report details how the department incorrectly processed hundreds of claims related to military sexual trauma, last year.

That resulted in the denial of benefits to those that really needed them.

The Reason for the breakdown?

The department failed, yes failed to actually follow its own procedure with regards to processing the reports and claims.

Nice, nice.


They call it incomplete processing, I beg to differ and will refer to it as it really is, incompetent processing done by the incompetent.

While the VA welcomes the Inspector General’s oversight and feedback, they are still doing very little to make up for the years and years of letting this system fail completely.

It is time to either fix it or re-do it and those in any position to make decisions for the VA currently, they need to removed and replaced by non-greedy, compassionate, competent individuals who are willing to take on a job that is to care for our nation’s veterans without demanding an exorbitant paycheck all while not caring for our nations veterans.

This week’s award for idiot of the week goes out to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs for continually letting our nations veterans down and leaving them out in the cold.


Cristal M Clark

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Airline Flight Woes Loom –


Chicago O’Hare

Have you ever been on one of those long international flights and felt that you were not yourself, felt the need to act out, tell a fellow passenger off, the need to drink in excess, urinate on a fellow passenger?

No? Me either.

American citizen, 24-year-old Denish Kishorchandra Parekh, decided to behave badly during his flight on All Nippon Airways to Tokyo on Friday.


Denish drank, according to the airline and other passengers at least 4 glasses of champagne and one cup of sake then turned around and proceeded to urinate on a fellow 50-year-old Japanese passenger.

Who by the way did not get into fisticuffs with the drunk urinator, he was clam, cool and collected.

And what a shot because the passenger was two rows behind Denish

Naturally, the flight crew had to subdue the urinating passenger who was arrested and then charged.

Back in May a man was arrested after a flight from Denver, Colorado in Charleston, South Carolina for the same type of bad behavior.

He had been harassing a female passenger then promptly urinated on the seat in front of him.

With everything else one has to worry about when traveling, being urinated on is not the thing I would have every thought to worry about while traveling.

Let us hope that this trend is a quick to fade one.

Happy Travels.

Cristal M Clark

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Firefighters get Into Vicious Smack-down


Bronx, New York


Back in the day, it used to be that the police and the fire department were the biggest rivals in town.

They would fight it out on the court through some type of sporting event, sometimes a drinking challenge.


These days however it would seem that in the Bronx at least, FDNY has rival fire departments and recently those rivals got into one hell of a smack down.

What makes this tit for tat unique is that it was caught on tape.


In all the beat-down involved over a dozen firefighters, who beat three rivals so severely that it is a wonder no one was killed.

According to the tape one of the men had his head repeatedly bashed into pavement.

Another attempted to kick a man down and inadvertently kicked the curb instead and broke his foot.

Those that were involved with the beating were suspended, for a month. They are not gainfully back on the FDNY payroll.

This brawl by the way happened on June 6th and to date, no one has been arrested.

Yes, that is correct not a soul was arrested although if it were anyone else, or anywhere else the individuals would have been arrested and charged with felonies.

But not in the Bronx I supposed.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump – Right


Trump’s War on the Media


I write about the mainstream media not doing its job quite often, in fact I openly have said several times that the mainstream media is no longer journalism and I have been saying that publicly since long before Trump was ever elected to office.

For the most part, the mainstream media is immoral and unethical, straying from doing its actual job for which it is protected under freedom of press.

Not freedom of speech for those two things are vastly different by definition and for what each represents and for whom.

As everyone knows, I do not care for Donald Trump much, his idea’s the way he overreacts, behaves like a child, has tantrums and the like.

The one common ground that he and I have however, is the way that we feel about the mainstream media.

For the last two mornings I have watched the most deplorable newscasts.

CNN yesterday morning went on air and stated that they witnessed the president collude with Russia all throughout his campaign back in 2016 and as back up played a clip of Trump asking Russia to find and recover those Hillary Clinton Missing in Action emails.

That is not bloody collusion. It’s a guy on TV doing the same goddamn thing I do with Russia when I subtly suggest they hack my Starbuck’s card (which I do often) and up it’s limit or when I suggest they go after some known terrorist hack group.

Other news outlets are reporting that Trump is punishing those who are no longer serving the US as intelligence officers by removing their security clearances and while making that such a huge talking point, they are also saying Trump made that move now in an effort to downplay the Omarosa tapes and newest drama.

But they are not reporting much on Omarosa to be honest, everything the last two days has been all about John Breenan.

John Breenan and all of those former intelligence officials who have or might lose those security clearances?

That is not news, it is not even news worthy.

They are not current employees of the United States Government and have no rights, legally to any such clearances.

It makes no difference as to why Trump decided to strip it away from them it was a privilege that they had not a right yet you are not seeing the mainstream media report that well known fact.

It is still irrelevant as to why Trump removed the clearances like it or not it is, when it comes to reporting just the facts and the news for two days, interjecting one’s opinion into the report, over and over again is nauseating.

Speculating that Trump is somehow turning our country into something that it is not quite yet because he is taking the security clearance away from those that no longer serve the US in any capacity is absurd.

If any of that is actual journalism it’s a complete and utter joke.


The media more often than not will do this play on words and get your attention then dominate a news story with the very thing they accuse someone of trying to use in order to get your attention away from other things.

The media also tends to confuse freedom of press with freedom of speech.

The media has a job to do fair, honest and ethical reporting.

Which cannot be done logically when all we hear or read is nothing more than opinion.

I am protected under freedom of speech, not freedom of press.

The media is protected under freedom of press not freedom of speech due to the media’s long-standing moral and ethical obligation for which freedom of press was created.

Trump could if he wanted, do away with freedom of press, and I would support that.

The mainstream media is immoral, unethical, reports opinion as if it were actual news and completely fails to inform the public.

Which is exactly what the idea of free press was.

Inform the public without personal opinion into the matter.

It’s not that anymore.

It has turned into nothing more than what I would consider entertainment, made up no facts, sort of like watching Survivor or the Bachelor.

Trump is right about the media and what it represents currently, he is right to point that out as often as he would like.

This week I am going to give a shout out to our president for standing up to the mainstream media.

Nicely Done, Mr. President.

Cristal M Clark

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