Idiot of the Week 8/1/2018

Idiot of the Week 8/1/2018



Just when I thought that it these internet challenges could not get any worse, I am left with my face in my palm that people can top the eating of tide laundry pods challenge.


The hot water challenge is still going around, some young man saw the flesh falling off of his face after a friend thought it would be cool to partake in that while his friend was asleep a week or so ago.

Maybe as it turns out eating all of those laundry pods can really cause irrepressible brain damage.


This week’s idiot of the week award goes to a Boynton Beach, Florida man who took part in the “In My Feelings” internet challenge, Aka, the Kiki challenge and the Shiggy challenge.


This particular challenge has people jumping out of moving cars everywhere and anywhere, attempting to jump onto cars, all just to dance to the song by recording artist Drake, “In My Feelings,” and record oneself utilizing not one single brain cell he or she might have been born with.


As luck would have it and as you might have guessed, Jaylen Norwood, 22 was hit by his friends moving vehicle as he was attempting to jump onto it and dance.

Mr. Norwood went on to Jimmy Kimmel live that he had no regrets.

A sentiment that I am more than sure Mr. Norwood’s family and loved ones would not be happy to share had he been hit or killed.


Not to mention his friend who was driving the motorized transport at the time, a friend who could have been facing criminal charges if worse had happened instead.

I did read Mr. Norwood’s account of his attempt at internet fame and it explains a lot to me, he does not seem to understand the difference or meaning to the words suppose and supposed.

Yes, these brilliant individuals get a moment of internet fame, maybe some time on TV but the reality is, everyone is watching in utter shock at the lack of any and all common sense.

This goes beyond adrenaline junkies and extreme sports because these types of challenges prey on those that are somewhat inept, inept enough to actually be seriously injured.

People watch in the hope someone will be seriously injured if not get killed not because it’s cool like extreme sports.

At least with extreme sports the athletes take precautions that ensure safety, they practice, learn and get good at what they do, they have difficult to get life insurance policies just in case things ever do go wrong.


These ladies and gentlemen do not practice in the fine art of just rolling out of a moving vehicle to dance to a song by Drake.

Mr. Norwood, this week’s award is proudly yours.

Cristal M Clark

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