R.I.P Alex Jones

R.I.P Alex Jones


Social Media Dumps Alex Jones & InfoWars


Facebook, Spotify, ITunes, YouTube all walk into a bar…


Not a joke, collectively the social media giants dumped Alex Jones and his popular right-wing conspiracy theories, officially banning him altogether.


A move Alex claims is a global conspiracy against him.

Now Alex has reached out to the president himself asking the president to pressure the social media world into taking Alex back.

In fact, he suggested to Trump that he make the censorship a big deal in this year’s midterms.

Of course, dear old Alex is neglecting to actually mention why he was banned from the sites. He is just claiming that everyone out to get him. It is a global conspiracy against him I believe is what he actually said.

Alex Jones continually violated each sites terms of service, period and end of story.

Maybe it is or maybe, just perhaps it a global movement in that people are tired of hate speech that does little more but to encourage attacks on others.

The problem with guys like Alex isn’t that they are conspiracy theorists, it’s that not even they themselves actually believe the conspiracy nonsense they spread, the goal for them is to create discord amongst the masses.

That is what gets people like Alex off. They spread misinformation and doctor that up with the premise that is his opinion then try to sell it as a diehard fact.

For instance; Alex Jones loved to pick on the victims and family members of victims from the Sandy Hook massacre. One of the points was that he tried to sell it as an event that had been made up by the United States Government.

Like 911, conspiracy theorists have capitalized on man’s deepest darkest issue with government, trust.

To that effect, many conspiracy propaganda machines try to sell 911 as a US Government attack on its own and trust me I have met some of the whack jobs that buy into this stuff and let me just inform you, most of them did in fact, vote for Trump.

They will believe anything as long as it goes against all logic and reality.

In turn his hateful, ridiculous hate mongering created followers that found it easier to believe what Alex was selling because as Alex knew all too well, the masses have never really trusted the government anywhere, in any country or at any time throughout the history of man and government entities.

Alex perpetuated and very much glorified violence, he spread hate and encouraged people to cause harm to others at times.

Some of these individuals waged open outright war on victims and family members of victims who survived mass shootings through social media, and Alex Jones encouraged, fed and grew that behavior to proportions so great that many social media giants felt it was too dangerous to allow for it to continue.

The point is, no one wants to or needs to see the sort of hate and misinformation that Alex Jones spreads.

And yes Alex, it is a global movement, of individuals who kept reporting your hate to the social media giants, it has nothing to do with First Amendment rights, you violated yours Alex Jones.

Not social media giants collectively removing Alex Jones.

But rather, the masses that Alex kept trying to inform.

The man and his beliefs are a dying a breed. They no longer have a place in today’s world.

No one knows if Trump is going to help Alex here, hell while I am sure Alex might feel like Trump is ignoring him, it is most likely just that the president simply cannot hear Alex under all of the makeup.


I swear Donald Trump’s makeup allowance has to be eating into our national debt at epic proportions.

Has anyone caught his newest look?

We all thought a clown took the Oval Office and now he is sporting a look to match that notion.

As to Alex Jones, well sir, normally I do the idiot of the week on Wednesday but why not just go ahead and award that now.

Alex, this week’s idiot award is all yours.

Good Riddance Alex Jones and Infowars.

Cristal M Clark

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