Nazi’s and Hitler Talk – Donald Trump

Nazi’s and Hitler Talk – Donald Trump


It’s About Time to Just Stop Already


I keep hearing people refer to Trump as Hitler, when someone opposes the other party, they refer to them as Nazi’s and it is time to stop it with all of that already because neither is true.


Sarah Jeong is herself a racist bigot who continually accuses Trump of being another Hitler, she mocks white men and recently Donald Trump Jr. was on live television calling the Dems Nazis just because he opposes their way of thinking and their idealism.

It’s time to stop.

These individuals explain away their own bad behavior with little more than piss poor excuses so as to excuse them behaving the very same ways they accuse whomever they are going after of behaving.

If you want white male privilege to stop, racism to stop then you have to stop behaving in such ways yourself.


Donald Trump is certainly a racist, bigot, lying, cheating, womanizer who is intolerant of others, lacks any and all empathy for anyone other than himself but he is far from Hitler.

Hitler was a murderous sociopath who got off on torturing and murdering millions.

Trump is far from clever enough to pull that one off.

If you don’t agree with someone or like them or what they stand for, be smarter than they are by not throwing hate, racism and intolerance around.

Insult them the right way not by behaving exactly like what you say you oppose.


Cristal M Clark

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