Airline Flight Woes Loom –

Airline Flight Woes Loom –


Chicago O’Hare

Have you ever been on one of those long international flights and felt that you were not yourself, felt the need to act out, tell a fellow passenger off, the need to drink in excess, urinate on a fellow passenger?

No? Me either.

American citizen, 24-year-old Denish Kishorchandra Parekh, decided to behave badly during his flight on All Nippon Airways to Tokyo on Friday.


Denish drank, according to the airline and other passengers at least 4 glasses of champagne and one cup of sake then turned around and proceeded to urinate on a fellow 50-year-old Japanese passenger.

Who by the way did not get into fisticuffs with the drunk urinator, he was clam, cool and collected.

And what a shot because the passenger was two rows behind Denish

Naturally, the flight crew had to subdue the urinating passenger who was arrested and then charged.

Back in May a man was arrested after a flight from Denver, Colorado in Charleston, South Carolina for the same type of bad behavior.

He had been harassing a female passenger then promptly urinated on the seat in front of him.

With everything else one has to worry about when traveling, being urinated on is not the thing I would have every thought to worry about while traveling.

Let us hope that this trend is a quick to fade one.

Happy Travels.

Cristal M Clark

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