Meth with that New iPhone?

Meth with that New iPhone?


Apple’s accessories getting stranger and stranger.


If you are like, you can’t wait for Apple to release the newest round of iPhones in September. I usually go back and forth with whether or not to upgrade right away or wait it out just a tiny bit.


Either way, I am always curious to see what new accessories come out as well and I have to admit, I never thought a box of meth would be one of them.

Most of us just want the newest headphones or cordless chargers…maybe a free cup of coffee while we wait…


Turns out, a FedEx package containing a couple of pounds of meth made its way to the store located at the Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.


The meth that had been sent to the store would sell for anywhere between $26K-$36K.

A highly intelligent drug dealer that I am guessing utilizes his own goods somehow got the address confused with his actual seller’s address, unless of course his seller worked at the store and this story turns out to be a lot like the ones you see at Burger King, where you hit the drive through, order your food and get your drugs to go with your order.

Everyone loves one stop shopping.

The store by the way closed for a few hours because initially they had no idea what they were dealing with.

What shocks me the most about this story is that people are still shipping drugs through shipping companies or the USPS.

Forget Russian Collusion and Election Interference if Russia really wanted to screw with America, they would send meth to every Apple store in the US and time it so all of it arrives the say Apple’s newest toys are due to hit store shelves.

Mess with our ability to buy stuff when we have funds available and everyone would demand the US stop Russian interference at once. Honestly, if one were to mull it over, we’d be more upset if we were unable to get the newest tech gear than we are at Russian Collusion, Russian interference with our elections and fake news combined.

People would lose it, nationwide, even Android consumers would be outraged, asking how could Russia do that to us?

And then, suddenly we would hear everyone asking where Mueller is at with his Russia investigation.

Keep your drugs out of Apple Stores folks, please.

Cristal M Clark

IOS users can find The Crime Shop on Apple News

@thecrimeshop on twitter


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