Bank Robbery Suspect – Fails

Bank Robbery Suspect – Fails


Columbus, Ohio


Robbery detectives love solving the case, but I would venture to guess that they love solving a robbery even more when the suspect hands over his ID to the teller he is robbing.


Turns out that David Menser age 51, did just that when he attempted to hold up a Huntington Bank in Columbus, Ohio back on June 4.


David waltzed into a Huntington Bank and handed the teller a note stating that he was armed and demanding money.

The teller clearly sized David up as not all that intelligent and promptly informed him that in order to make a withdrawal he had to hand over his identification.

Which he did. Yes, you read that right, he just handed it over grabbed is cash and took off.

David is also accused of robbing at least 4 other banks and was subsequently arrested back on June 15th.

You have to hand it to the teller in this case as for David, well he has earned this week’s idiot award.

Cristal M Clark

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