Man Arrested for having Breakfast with Woman?

Man Arrested for having Breakfast with Woman?


Saudi Arabia


Well this is certainly a rather bit old school, a man in Saudi Arabia has been arrested simply for having breakfast with a woman.


The Egyptian man who had been having breakfast in Saudi Arabia was promptly arrested after a video of him having breakfast with a woman went viral on Twitter.

In the video, the man with an Egyptian dialect eats breakfast beside a woman wearing a full-face veil, who it is assumed is Saudi.

The man and woman briefly joke about eating their breakfast together, with nobody else invited.

But the point which has caused the most consternation comes at the end of the video, when the woman appears to feed the man.

The law in Saudi Arabia, reads that in workplaces or restaurants, families and single men have to sit in different areas and single women are never to sit alongside single men.

In fact, in Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to do much outside of the home unless they are accompanied by a male guardian, a husband, father, brother etc.

At any rate, the gentleman who was having breakfast with the woman was arrested by the Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development and was accused of committing multiple violations and taking up a post which is exclusively for Saudis.

The Arabic #anEgyptianhavingbreakfastwithaSaudi has been used over 113,000 times on Twitter, where it has become the center of a cultural divide.


Cristal M Clark

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