Hurricane Florence on Tap to be Catastrophic Event

Hurricane Florence on Tap to be Catastrophic Event


Carolina’s Prepare

Hurricane Florence is currently barreling towards the Carolina’s, reaching her category 4 status a day earlier than originally expected.


She is expected to create surges higher than the houses along the coast that is going to slam into, the worst is that the hurricane is expected to stall once she makes landfall, which will cause major flooding.

A week ago, no one thought this would be happening, but once again Mother Nature proves that can be difficult to really predict.

The news surrounding the hurricane is popping up minute by minute currently and Florence is still a couple of days away from making landfall.

Natural Disasters

A newscaster over at 9 News here in Denver made the comment that here in America, we tend to not really prepare for a natural disaster until it is too late. Seemingly, we just disregarding warnings.

In fact, Esurance did a survey this year and found that to be really quite true.

We are surrounded by technology and even with all of that, people still don’t properly prepare for a natural disaster.

The survey revealed some surprising results:

People tend to want to invest less in disaster preparedness

Many had basic staples such as food and water yet nearly half were not aware of home tech like smart smoke alarms, water sensors which can warn of flooding and the like.

Shockingly many of the those who took part in the survey were more worried about property damage than anything else.

The survey also found that many who took part in it did not have a weather app installed which I find to be completely wrong.

all cell phones come with a weather app installed. Here in Colorado, you’d be hard pressed to locate an individual with a cell who did not have a weather app on it. I believe the better question would be, are people actually using the weather apps?

I started to ask co-workers and friends about natural disasters and whether or not they heed warnings.

Many admitted that they do not simply because the news is usually inaccurate or wrong and they get tired of seeing news coverage of an event that has not happened and when it does not happen as predicted the news continues to shove it down our throats as if it did happen.

Likewise, people felt that the media when disasters were not happening take that opportunity to recall that specific state or cities own dance with a natural disaster that happened years prior. Hence people get tired of so much coverage.

When a natural or any type of disaster does happen to occur, the media plays it so much on the air that people end up tuning out.

I have to admit that I sort of saw that one coming. The media will hype up a potential natural disaster and whether nothing comes of it, or something does come of it, all of the hype and reporting tend to desensitize viewers after a while.

Either way, I hope that the Carolina’s stay safe and that Florence dies out long before making landfall.

Cristal M Clark

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