The Woman who Helped Kidnap Elizabeth Smart to be Released from Prison

The Woman who Helped Kidnap Elizabeth Smart to be Released from Prison

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Utah Parole Board – 9/12/18 Idiots of the Week

As far as idiots go, here is a group of individuals that hide behind laws on the books rather than doing something to change those laws.


The Utah Parole Board has decided to allow Wanda Eileen Barzee to be released from prison early (9/19/18), due to receiving good time.

That is despite the fact that she has failed to comply with the conditions of her sentencing while in prison.

In most prisons, but not in Utah, prisoners who fail to comply with the conditions of sentencing get things like good time taken away from them and time added when they FAIL to comply with the conditions set forth through sentencing.

Which happens to be part of the whole idea of sentencing otherwise we would have no need for things like a Court System.


What truly makes this a complete travesty of justice is that the Utah Parole Board knew about this a long time ago, let’s just be completely honest here, they can’t hide behind not knowing since they are citing it now after all. They had ample time to change that.

Instead, they became complacent, lazy and just sat around collecting paychecks.

Congrats this week’s idiots, this aware goes out to the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole.

Cristal M Clark

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