Brad Pitt Not a Home Builder?

Brad Pitt Not a Home Builder?


New Orleans

Yesterday I saw something titled “Homes built by Brad Pitt falling apart…”

Could it be because he is an actor and not a carpenter, maybe?


All joking aside, the headline is a rather bit misleading. It is in reference to a foundation, The Make it Right Foundation that Brad started in an effort to help the victims of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.


The keyword is “help” in that it was an effort to help them get to a point to where they, not Pitt or his foundation could rebuild their lives.

To be absolutely clear, Pitt did not build the homes himself, he hired what is called architects and contractors who are ultimately responsible for the shoddy work itself to be honest.


The homes are in rather bad shape, but in looking through initial pictures of them, they did not look to be built well at all in the first place.

What this really boils down to is that everyone want’s something for nothing.

A disaster occurs and people want free stuff, or stuff that replaces what they feel would cover the value of what was lost.

The problem with this frame of mind is that, the government, taxes, movie stars are not responsible for replacing anyone’s stuff in the event of a disaster.

While it is nice that some tried, they are not responsible for replacing anything that is lost due to a disaster.

Yes, it is unfair but that is also just life.

As for the homes built by the Make it Right Foundation, well they were touted as something they were not, however anyone who looked at them would have known that. Besides the reality here in the real world not the “I’m entitled to something for free” world is that you are not going to get a $200K home for around $130K.

That is simple reality.

But those that feel victimized again and that is what they are labeling it, are suing Pitt and his foundation.

Pitt I am sure had contracts built into the foundation that will undoubtedly protect him and for good reason, because he is not a carpenter but an actor. He hired what he thought were the right people in an effort to try to help which he did.

Perhaps some of those that were looking for the handout should have taken the time to consider that it was only a temporary and not lifelong.

Cristal M Clark

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