#Metoo Meets Men’s Groups

#Metoo Meets Men’s Groups


Men talking about how they feel


The MeToo movement stormed 2018 with such ferocity that it really shocked the entire world into viewing women differently not to mention highlight the bad behaviors of many men throughout the world.

It was bound to happen sooner rather than later. Women are for the most part really tired of being viewed, seen and treated as sexual objects that are far inferior to our male counterparts who are prone to such horrid behavior that it has ruined organizations, civilizations.

Look at the Catholic Church, a predominately run male organization that rapes and molests children and women.

We as a world, have taken a stand against such ideologies.

As the MeToo movement grows another has formed.

Several digital media and tech leaders have begun to embrace men’s only groups so that they too can express their feelings. Junto, Everyman and that like all have a purpose.

The groups encourage men to better learn how to have and create better professional and personal relationships.

Experts are not all that much for these groups. I mean it was the old boys club mentality that got to the MeToo movement after all.

But do experts really understand what the men are doing in the groups?


Unlike fighting it out “Fight Club”-style, men are sitting in small group circles weekly to talk through their feelings, allowing themselves to grow more vulnerable, to cry together.

By getting in touch with their emotions and themselves on a deeper level, they believe that they can be better employees, leaders, partners and parents and they are learning how avoid the past behaviors that allowed previous generations of men to treat women as second-class citizens.

Men have always been taught to hide or hold in their emotions, these groups are helping to teach them that is not always such a good thing.

Part of being masculine is the ability to feel, show and have just as many emotions as women do. Learning how to express those emotions in a healthy way will be key for many of the men in these groups.

Either way, I believe this is a step in the correct direction and I applaud them.


Cristal M Clark

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