Naughty Porn Habit of USGS Employee Leaves More than Search History Behind


Porn – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

What can I say about porn that hasn’t already been said?

It is responsible for spicing up the sex life of relationships, helped singles get off when they need a little help getting to sleep, assisted the sexually depraved with some sexual fantasies they cannot act out in real life, some say it has destroyed relationships causing porn addiction.  

Why some cities in the US have tried to ban it and outlaw it.

Love it or hate it, you can usually find a good story surrounding porn.

Take for instance over at the USGS.


A report showed that a USGS employee, who oddly enough has not been named, had a rather long history of visiting porn sites.

And that porn, well it left a little more than just search history behind. Investigators found malware, not a surprise on many of the 9,000 pages the employee had visited.

That Malware infected several government computers.

Investigators confirmed that many of the pornographic images were subsequently saved to an unauthorised USB device and personal Android cell phone, which of course was also found to be infected by malware.

It was also reported that the malware in question was designed to steal data from infected computers and was “associated” with ransomware attacks.

USGS employees are “advised” not to connect USB devices or mobile phones to government computers through USB connections.

An IT “policy” that “prevents” USB use (fact: policies rarely, if ever “prevent” anything) should be implemented, the US Department of the Interior suggested.

Not sure if the employee is still employed, been asked to seek therapy for porn addiction or if they are banned from computers and back at a typewriter.

What is known is that the USGS does not have access to or store any type of sensitive government information so that malware, well is not going to be of much use here.

Cristal M Clark

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Fox News – No Moral or Ethical Compass


Caught Reporting Completely Fabricated News Stories

I suppose that this surprised no one at all, Fox News has the reputation of being a Trump propaganda media outlet.


Yet, not unlike some of the other mainstream media outlets, they report anything and everything just shy of actual real life factual news.


Yes they speak about the recent uptick in violent left and right wing supporters, but then they more often than not careen way off script and just start giving us personal thoughts, opinions and conspiracy theories.

Which play a rather unarguable part in those to far left or right that are somewhat off and decide to do something, violent.

Words even those spoken or written by the press can carry with them deeply frightening consequences.

Russian meddling carries very little weight actually where opinions are concerned here in the US.


It seems to me that our very own media are the ones causing the most irrevocable harm by distributing and sharing disinformation that is so clearly designed to sway public opinion that is it sickening.


While those who have been responsible for recent threats and murder simply spread hate through social media.


Causing one site, Gab ai to be promptly shut down. I actually am part of that site, I use it on a personal level to better track how certain headlines inspire hate rhetoric in the US. Something law enforcement should have been doing a better job of for quite some time. But that is another matter entirely.


Fox News while speaking of the migrant caravan heading towards the US, mislead viewers by mentioning that those in the caravan might spread disease once in the US.

Information that is completely unverified by the way.

So do I get ready for the zombie apocalypse finally or…do I buy a gun, start shooting any and every migrant I come across?

Between Fox News, CNN, Morning Joe, I don’t know whether to feed an immigrant or get ready for a war with them.  

You see how people can take such misinformation and apply it to frame of mind that can become dangerous?

Prior to this, all we heard was that within the caravan are dangerous Mexican cartel and gang members, terrorists and the like seeking to gain entrance into the US in an effort to rape, plunder and pillage innocent US citizens.

While other news outlets left viewers believing the caravan contains innocent mothers and children.

Words are more powerful than most would think if our own media outlets cannot respect that, they should not be licensed to present the news at all.


The media’s job and I have this before is not to sway public opinion but to deliver the news in a moral and ethical manner. To report fairly and not support one side over the other. It is is to report impartially.

Something the folks at CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and a handful of others have long forgotten.

Who bloody cares what Trump and his goon squad say, the media has a moral and ethical obligation to refrain from following suit and finally get back to fair and impartial reporting with facts and not misinformation.

Cristal M Clark

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Donald Trump not Welcome in Pittsburgh


Jewish Leaders Prefer Love, Tolerance and Peace Over,  Hate

I have no words for this past weekends act of violence.


A group of Jewish leaders told President Trump that he is no longer welcome in Pittsburgh until he denounces white nationalism following the shooting at a synagogue there over the weekend.


To attack a Jewish Community makes both my heart and soul just, sick.

We could all sit here and blame Trump, we could. He is after all the biggest speaker of hate and intolerance that I have ever seen.

But we should also blame the mainstream media and ourselves.


In the meantime, Trump who planned to visit Pittsburgh, has been dis invited by Jewish leaders until he denounces his belief in the pipe dream of white nationalism.

Hate after all begets hate.

The very definition of white nationalism:

“White nationalism is a type of nationalism or pan-nationalism which espouses the belief that white people are a race and seeks to develop and maintain a white national identity.”


Now a week ago Trump attempted to play his belief in white nationalism up as not really knowing the very definition of it.

On that, I call bullshit. You can google it, and I heard Trump does have an iPhone, he could ask Siri to define it.

Anti Semitism is vile and hate filled, but that is also what White Nationalists believe in.

White Nationalists, don’t like Jews any more than blacks, gays, trans, lesbians etc., anyone but whites.

Additionally, I do support the Washington Post’s headline yesterday with regards to the hate crimes being committed as being driven by Trump and his political rhetoric.

However, I do feel rather strongly that the mainstream media also plays a big part in the hate crimes of today’s world.


Forget Russian meddling, I said this over a year ago, our issues, what allowed Russia to meddle is very much alive already here at home.

It is playing out right in front of us if anyone would care to look.

We the people are just as much responsible for the hateful divide here in America as our president is and the media, the media is also to blame in fact, more so than anyone.

If we want change, the we need to be that change.

We must rise above the press and our hateful president.

Both by default are equally hateful.

By default they are both responsible for the hate crimes being committed within the US today.

Not one more than the other.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump Tweets at 3:00am


Blames CNN for Bombs That are Being Sent


According to news reports, the breaking news this morning was that Trump was up tweeting this morning at 3:00 am.


That was all the rage on the news this AM. Journalists decrying that Trump himself is to blame, faking disgust at his outlandish 3:00am tweet.

Aghast that Trump is not more concerned with the bombs.


Give the media an inch and they tend to take way more than a mile.

Why should Trump be more concerned?

Here is what is actual real truth about the matter.

The bombs appear to be coming from Florida – is anyone shocked by this?

The bombs are not ever going to be intended for him or his supporters.

They are not even designed to actually go off with the exception of maybe one if the builder (s) got lucky. Currently the sender (s) have only been able to demonstrate that they can create what looks like a bomb and send it out in an effort to incite fear.

They really seem to lack the ability to create an actual bomb that would explode.

Hence, the media is blowing this up in such a way so as to further incite fear and panic.

Isn’t time that the mainstream media stop its negative, hateful rhetoric as well?

Cristal M Clark

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Trump and Media Blame One Another for Bombs Being Sent


Donald Trump vs Mainstream Media

When it’s just too much.


This morning I watched the overwhelming message from the mainstream media in that the bombs being sent are Donald Trump’s fault for inciting violence against those that are well, against Trump.


While Trump on the other hand, blamed the mainstream media for inciting the bombs because well, they are not Trump supporters.

I found it all around to be in rather poor taste and simply too much to be completely honest with you.


The mainstream media seemed to feel that Trump had missed the mark yet again by not bringing America together in some magical fashion and coddle everyone so they all felt safe.

A move any realistic individual knows all to well, that Trump is not going to make, ever at any moment in time. He lives off of the drama and bringing Americans together does not afford the needed drama, panic and fear mongering that he enjoys.

The media could not help but sling insults towards Trump all morning long.

The words that were spoken were just pure hatred.

Again, I do not like Donald Trump, I do not respect him in the least and truly believe if it were not for his cabinet, the US Military, the CIA and the FBI, that the US would be in a dangerous situation simply because he ran for the office of the US Presidency, without bothering himself to become knowledgeable enough about it to actually perform the job even close to adequately.

But I am not going to blame him for a lunatic sending pipe bombs all over.


He incites a lot of things on both sides, even in the middle.

Then again, so does the mainstream media.


In fact, the mainstream media is slightly more to blame for inciting a lot of angst simply because they know better.

Claiming not to would be the biggest lie of all.

Trump does what Trump does simply because he is not educated enough to know not to do it.

The media on the other hand knows better.

Trump did not seem to care how the mainstream media felt quite frankly.

A very big part of the Anger we see today in our society is caused by the purposely false and inaccurate reporting of the Mainstream Media that I refer to as Fake News,” Trump tweeted. “It has gotten so bad and hateful that it is beyond description.”

“Mainstream Media must clean up its act, FAST!”

Trump has declared the media as the enemy of the people in the past and the media today was quick to continue to shove that down everyone’s throat.

It seemed to set off a quite a bit of finger pointing this morning.

Sticks and stones and shocking, not a single person’s bones were broken.

The point being, while I am far from Trump’s biggest fan, I am not a fan at all, we all know how the man is.

If the media feels that strongly about bringing Americans together as a united front that will not be intimidated by threats of violence, perhaps they should do a little more of practicing what it is that they preach.

That is correct, get off the high horse and rather than point the finger at Trump, do and say something inspiring, encourage viewers to be aware, report suspicious activity, try to recall anything recent that just did not seem right and report it within reason.

Do you know what happens when you stop paying attention to a three-year-old having a tantrum?

It stops throwing the tantrum.

Trump likes the blame and hatred, maybe the media could bother itself to stop doing that long enough to evolve past it and rise above.

Knowledge is power, we are full of knowledge about who and what Trump is, he loves the pipe bomb stories, so turn those stories into something he is not going to love.

Stop blaming him, you only make yourselves appear desperate for ratings.


Focus the viewers attention back to the actual issue at hand so as to better law enforcement’s ability to catch whomever this is more quickly, you know before someone actually gets hurt.

Cristal M Clark

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Hero Judge Chases & Catches Inmate Who Attempts Escape – From Court



Washington State District Court Judge R.W. Buzzard:

“I was shocked at first, I didn’t know what to think.”


Courthouse video shows 2 inmates being led out of the courtroom October 16, Tanner Jacobson 22, and Kodey Howard, 28.

Rather than just following orders to go back to the jail, the inmates are seen bolting for the door to the hallway.

It seemed that no one was there to stop them, save for one Judge Buzzard who quickly leaped into action.


Both were still handcuffed. Inmate Kodey Howard did a faceplant, lost a shoe and fell behind his companion, Tanner Jacobson.

Judge Buzzard threw off his robe and chased after the escaping inmates.

“By the time they hit the door, I’m like ‘there’s nobody between them and the street.’ So I wanted at least to find out where they were going.”

“Once I got to the stairwell I knew I was going to be able to catch the one that was just in front of me because I immediately started gaining on him. I was yelling at them all the way down the stairs to ‘stop, you’re making things worse.'”

The judge was able to catch Kodey Howard in a bear hug.

While Tanner Jacobson made it to the street but didn’t get far, and was arrested a few blocks away.

But hold on, believe it or not this is not the first time Judge Buzzard has been hailed a hero in recent months.

“In April I had the unfortunate circumstance of having to wrestle a litigant to the floor who had attacked an attorney.”

Apparently the courthouse is pretty small because there was no security at the time because it was a civil case.

“I found out at that time that grappling in a robe is very restrictive. I couldn’t imagine what running down the stairs and being in a robe, so I got it off as soon as I could and went after him.”

Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking about pulling anything stupid in Judge R.W. Buzzards courtroom, make no mistake about it, if he feels the need to take you down, he is going to take you down.


Way to go Judge Buzzard.

Cristal M Clark

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Apple Experiencing Widespread Outage


iCloud Down and Out

Apple is currently experiencing a widespread outage.

I personally am unable to log into my iCloud account as well as many other services within iCloud, however I am still receiving mail. 


This is the latest in a string of issues to hit a few tech giants within the past week.

Last week, YouTube went down for a number of hours for its two billion or so users around the world.  

Right before YouTube’s blackout, Twitter dealt with an issue when it started sending users notifications consisting of long strings of apparently non-sensical letters and numbers.


On the Apple Support System Status page, they show over 19 issues with various iCloud services currently.

No word yet as to when Apple will be able to get it’s iCloud services back up and running.

The issues started Tuesday afternoon, causing problems for potentially millions of people around the world who rely on the service.

And so far, Apple is not saying much about the current issues.

Cristal M Clark

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Grab em by the Pussy Makes a Rather Shocking Comeback


Donald Trump – Grab em by the Pussy


I almost have no words for this but oh…why the hell not.

Looks like Trump’s “grab em by the pussy” slogan has become an actual real life legal defense. Yes, you read that right children.

A man according to the FBI, one Bruce Michael Alexander, groped a woman during a flight  and simply told authorities after he was arrested that “the president of the United States says it’s OK to grab women by their private parts,” according to a complaint by the FBI.


Yes, I do see how this is making America Great Again, if you are an inbred child of both your uncle and his sister.

I do believe that I have said it before, Trump is turning the White House into a trailer park.


And his white trash children, no matter how attractive, surgery does wonders, they are turning our nation into the very same.

The complaint, filed Monday, alleges that Alexander “made abusive sexual contact” with a female passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight from Texas to New Mexico “by touching the passenger’s breast, without their permission.”

Thanks Donald. You dirty, dirty old chap for showing and teaching a nation that it is okay to sexually molest women.

What a total disgrace! I personally can not wait until the boomers just go away, and those before them.

They are the problem right?

Central American migrants walk along the highway near the border with Guatemala, as they continue their journey trying to reach the U.S., in Tapachula

If we are grabbing pussies, why can’t we send the boomers, and anyone alive before and shortly after them on a caravan to Mexico?

You know get “rid” of our problems?!?!

Cristal M Clark

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Swedish Inserting Microchips Under Their Skin


Sweden Embraces Technology

Television shows and movies have seemingly predicted this move long ago, the Swedish are inserting microchips under their own skin.


Sweden by the way is a technological mecca well known for its technological advances, far surpassing a multitude of countries, the US included.

Thousands of Swedish citizens have had microchips inserted into their hands.

The chips are designed to speed up users’ daily routines. Much like having a smart home, the chips make lives more convenient by helping recipients of the chips access homes, offices and gyms by swiping their hands against digital readers.

The chips can also store emergency contact details, social media profiles or e-tickets for events and rail journeys within Sweden.

They say that the chips are safe and mostly protected from hacking, but one scientist, just one  is raising privacy concerns around the kind of personal health data that might be stored on the devices.


The chips are the size of a grain of rice, they are typically inserted into the skin just above each user’s thumb, using a syringe.

The procedure costs about $180.

And…So many Swedes are lining up to get the microchips that the country’s main chipping company says it cannot keep up with the demand.

The Swedish are embracing technology in such a way that is is really creating improvements to everyday living in Sweden.

While I would love to see this here in America, I think it is pretty safe to say that we will not be seeing this any time soon given how the majority feel about technology having so much access to our personal details and daily lives.

Nice move though Sweden, way to embrace technology and invite it in with no fear.

Cristal M Clark

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