‘Shitty Media Men’ list Creator Being Sued for $1.5 Million

‘Shitty Media Men’ list Creator Being Sued for $1.5 Million


Moira Donegan – Creator of ‘Shitty Meida Men’ List

I had no idea this list even existed.


Moira Donegan created a list which started off life as a Google Spreadsheet dubbed the ‘Shitty Media Men’ list which nudges women to anonymously post allegations of sexual misconduct by predatory men, in media.


The list was created back in October 2017.

The excuse for being able to post such accusations anonymously is that women more often than not fear coming forward with accusations, fear of losing jobs, not being listened to, being blacklisted in ones profession.

I get that and understand it completely, I just am not so sure how I feel about publicly posting such accusations anonymously because of the damage it could potentially cause someone.

A jilted former employee, coworker, lover, someone who was angry because they simply felt that the accused gets more than they themselves do.

These invisible accusers can publicly call out any man that they want and not have to come forward?

I don’t know, the whole idea just doesn’t sit well with me particularly because some of the accusations might not be true and that could ruin someone’s life and career.

The list evidently went viral and it has caused some of the men named on it to fight back.


Writer Stephen Elliott, one of the men named on the list is suing Moira Donegan for $1.5 million for libel and emotional distress.

In September, Stephen took a step forward and published the essay;  “How an Anonymous Accusation Derailed my Life.”

Stephen details how being named on the list and accused of rape has really left his life in shambles.

He was basically dropped by everyone in his field, publications canceled, uninvited to events.

According to the lawsuit Stephen plans to also sue the anonymous posters who have accused him of rape and sexual misconduct.

That’s if a Judge will force Google to release the IP addresses of those that posted, which may prove to be more difficult than anyone could imagine.

Supporters of Moira have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for her legal fees.

Moira, In a tweet posted after the announcement of the lawsuit, made it very clear that she still supports the list.

Again, I am not sure how I feel about the list to be completely honest.

On the flip side of that, women have endured sexual misconduct in the workplace by men for more years than anyone truly knows and have never had a voice until recently to finally put a stop to it.

Cristal M Clark

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