Apple Experiencing Widespread Outage

Apple Experiencing Widespread Outage


iCloud Down and Out

Apple is currently experiencing a widespread outage.

I personally am unable to log into my iCloud account as well as many other services within iCloud, however I am still receiving mail. 


This is the latest in a string of issues to hit a few tech giants within the past week.

Last week, YouTube went down for a number of hours for its two billion or so users around the world.  

Right before YouTube’s blackout, Twitter dealt with an issue when it started sending users notifications consisting of long strings of apparently non-sensical letters and numbers.


On the Apple Support System Status page, they show over 19 issues with various iCloud services currently.

No word yet as to when Apple will be able to get it’s iCloud services back up and running.

The issues started Tuesday afternoon, causing problems for potentially millions of people around the world who rely on the service.

And so far, Apple is not saying much about the current issues.

Cristal M Clark

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