Trump Tweets at 3:00am

Trump Tweets at 3:00am


Blames CNN for Bombs That are Being Sent


According to news reports, the breaking news this morning was that Trump was up tweeting this morning at 3:00 am.


That was all the rage on the news this AM. Journalists decrying that Trump himself is to blame, faking disgust at his outlandish 3:00am tweet.

Aghast that Trump is not more concerned with the bombs.


Give the media an inch and they tend to take way more than a mile.

Why should Trump be more concerned?

Here is what is actual real truth about the matter.

The bombs appear to be coming from Florida – is anyone shocked by this?

The bombs are not ever going to be intended for him or his supporters.

They are not even designed to actually go off with the exception of maybe one if the builder (s) got lucky. Currently the sender (s) have only been able to demonstrate that they can create what looks like a bomb and send it out in an effort to incite fear.

They really seem to lack the ability to create an actual bomb that would explode.

Hence, the media is blowing this up in such a way so as to further incite fear and panic.

Isn’t time that the mainstream media stop its negative, hateful rhetoric as well?

Cristal M Clark

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