Naughty Porn Habit of USGS Employee Leaves More than Search History Behind


Porn – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

What can I say about porn that hasn’t already been said?

It is responsible for spicing up the sex life of relationships, helped singles get off when they need a little help getting to sleep, assisted the sexually depraved with some sexual fantasies they cannot act out in real life, some say it has destroyed relationships causing porn addiction.  

Why some cities in the US have tried to ban it and outlaw it.

Love it or hate it, you can usually find a good story surrounding porn.

Take for instance over at the USGS.


A report showed that a USGS employee, who oddly enough has not been named, had a rather long history of visiting porn sites.

And that porn, well it left a little more than just search history behind. Investigators found malware, not a surprise on many of the 9,000 pages the employee had visited.

That Malware infected several government computers.

Investigators confirmed that many of the pornographic images were subsequently saved to an unauthorised USB device and personal Android cell phone, which of course was also found to be infected by malware.

It was also reported that the malware in question was designed to steal data from infected computers and was “associated” with ransomware attacks.

USGS employees are “advised” not to connect USB devices or mobile phones to government computers through USB connections.

An IT “policy” that “prevents” USB use (fact: policies rarely, if ever “prevent” anything) should be implemented, the US Department of the Interior suggested.

Not sure if the employee is still employed, been asked to seek therapy for porn addiction or if they are banned from computers and back at a typewriter.

What is known is that the USGS does not have access to or store any type of sensitive government information so that malware, well is not going to be of much use here.

Cristal M Clark

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