G20 Summit – Buenos Aires


Donald Trump – Making the US Look Even Worse

I heard a rumor about Trump’s plans to play the part of an actual diplomat at this weekends G20 summit and promptly spat out and dropped my beloved coffee.

Cup of tea spilling over a keyboard

I was in both disbelief and horror.

Inauguration Ceremony of United States President, Barack Obama, US Capitol, Washington DC, America - 20 Jan 2009

Someone should really inform the man that a real president would not feel the need to “play” the part of a real life diplomatic leader.  

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns Throughout Iowa

Trump has continually made the US appear foolish due to our complete lack of any and all leadership and the reality is, as we head into this weekend, Trump is going to face some challenges.


We started a trade war, which has trickled down worldwide and hit every nations economy, thanks for that Donald.

We have seen a fairly violent confrontation between Russia and the Ukraine, Russia is currently unhappy with Trump and his administration of late not to mention that on Tuesday Trump threatened to cancel his meeting with Putin.

Trump went against his own administration with regards to the Jamal Khashoggi murder.


In the past with these at the G-7 and a NATO meetings Trump has come across as a know it all, lecturing others, threatening more worldly leaders than he has proven to be and sat like a spoilt, sitting child in the corner pouting because he did not get his way.


And let’s also not forget that Trump is a climate change denier, inserting his own personal opinions as fact rather than take a step back and look at any, umm oh I don’t know, scientific proof.


The garbage going on at the border currently…I mean honestly between FoxNews and CNN no one knows what is really going on, but one thing we know for sure is that Trump is insistent hardened gang members, terrorists, and thugs are trying to kill our military and border patrol just to get into the US to rape and pillage.

The world has seen the US completely fall and stumble from her normal elegant and graceful position all because of one man who was elected to office, as this nation’s leader. 

Trump’s administration might be ready for him to travel to the summit but let’s be really clear on one thing, the entire world, including its leaders are fairly tired and weary of Trump’s dramatics, threats, denials,  completely fabricated stories and childish temper tantrums.


WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 30: (AFP OUT) U.S President Donald Trump looks on during a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in the Oval Office of the White House on June 30, 2017 in Washington, DC. President Trump and President Moon will hold an Oval Office meeting and then give joint statements in the Rose Garden. (Photo by Olivier Douliery – Pool/Getty Images)

So let’s all take a deep breath and hope that Donald Trump behaves as a grown up, as a president and as a real world leader rather than a spoilt, pouting child.

It’s time to be a real world leader for a change, Donald Trump not a deranged lunatic who wants to blow everything up.

Cristal M Clark

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Think Your iPhone is Safe From Malware – Think Again!


Malware Able to Spy on iPhone User Data

For those of us with iPhones, it goes without saying that we love iOS, we pay a lot of money for the added security that Apple offers, plain and simple.


But, if you think iOS is completely safe from malware, as I have said before, you are mistaken.


Kaspersky Lab’s has in fact, found proof that a small spyware government contractor happens to be selling iOS malware.

And that malware, well it actually works in the iOS environment.

Negg, the government contractor has developed a “custom iOS malware that allows GPS tracking and performs audio surveillance activity.”

Kaspersky Lab researcher Alexey Firsh told Motherboard:

“We have uncovered an iOS implant, we assume that at the moment of discovery it was in a development stage and was not fully adapted to infect potential victims.”


Apple has been notorious for incredibly secure devices and for locking down it’s devices making them difficult to jailbreak, which make them less susceptible for malware to be installed on them.

Of course for those that are skilled in the fine art of developing malware and who like a challenge, they have always been willing to find ways around Apple’s security for a very high price.


Companies will pay around $3 million for software that jailbreaks and hacks iPhone and sadly researchers simply do not  report bugs to Apple because others pay better than Apple does.

To make matters worse, several groups specialize in the creation of iOS malware, specifically for the purpose of jailbreaking a device so that the malware can be downloaded on it.

Even worse than that?


Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Saudi Arabia paid $55 million to purchase iPhone malware made by the NSO Group.

Governments worldwide are willing to shell out some pretty big cash just for the privilege of being able to hack into an iOS device.

Take a step back and let that sink in iOS lovers. .

Apple has made great strides to protect its users data, by the same token Apple has also alienated themselves from the rest of the world.

While at the very same time, painting a very large target on its own back.

And when Apple’s customers really fully realize what this means, it might change the way Apple’s stocks look, in the long term.

When one feels that it is above all of the rest and puts itself on a pedestal, it runs the very high and probable risk of becoming public enemy number one, not to mention being knocked right off of that pedestal.

Cristal M Clark

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DONALD TRUMP – Replace CNN With Worldwide U.S. Propaganda Network


Donald Trump Attacks Cable News – Again

Another Monday, another attack on cable news by Trump.


Trump again took to Twitter and had this to say:

“While CNN doesn’t do great in the United States based on ratings, outside of the U.S. they have very little competition. Throughout the world, CNN has a powerful voice portraying the United States in an unfair and false way, something has to be done, including the possibility of the United States starting our own Worldwide Network to show the World the way we really are, GREAT! ”


I’m sorry but doesn’t the US already have a worldwide propaganda network, FoxNews?


Not to mention that Trump is just tossing around completely false claims in that CNN’s ratings here in the US seem to be low.

They aren’t and while I feel they get carried away with every major news stories they air, they do have some pretty impressive ratings.


Of course this is not unlike past claims towards CNN, NBC, MSNBC notably, Trump never seems to knock his already existing propaganda network, FoxNews.

Earlier this month Trump’s ridiculous feud with CNN reached a high point when he and Jim Acosta got into it during a press conference where the two had an pretty heated exchange the day after Republicans were dealt big losses in the midterm elections.


The argument ended with Trump and CNN arguing over first amendment rights.

Yet, I have to sit back and look at the reality of the situation in all honesty here, Trump has a degree of a point.


The actual truth is that every cable news giant is already a propaganda churning network as it is.

Really, sit back and watch every single one for a week.


Here you will find biased reporting all the way around, we have some that you will find filling every news report with either pro-Trump or anti-Trump one sided reporting, sexism, some networks are clearly still full of racism while others support Trump in attempting to stifle the growth that we have achieved for our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ communities.

The point being is that cable news does in fact abuse it’s first amendment rights because instead of actual reporting they are attempting to create fans through biased and not entirely truthful or factual reporting.

Every story is one sided with cable news these days.


Cable news, the mainstream media, they are far more responsible for creating some of the very major issues we face on a daily basis in the US.

They have by far, done way more damage than our President and Russian Meddling combined.

And because of that continual abuse, maybe the US should take a hardline against cable news and do away with it all together.

Cristal M Clark

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iPhone Customers File Class Action Lawsuit


App Store – Just a Big Monopoly?

Turns out, not all Apple lovin iPhone owners are all that thrilled with Apple’s App Store which only allows Apple Approved apps to be allowed into it’s marketplace.


So those customers got together and filed a Class Action Lawsuit that the Supreme court plans to rule on in late June.

A lawsuit Apple hopes the nations Highest Court throws neatly out the window.

And, I’m with Apple on this one.

Those customers need to become Android users post, haste.

One of the biggest reasons for Apple only allowing approved apps onto it’s marketplace is because Apple is really, really good at reviewing apps so that no app in its marketplace has malware on it, unlike those one with let’s say and Android would find on the Google Play Store.


Just this holiday weekend it was discovered that Google’s Play Store had apps on it’s marketplace that ended being installed 500,000 + times by its users.

Apple generally works really hard to make sure something like that does not happen before the app is ever offered on it’s marketplace. Apple does charge developers a 30% fee for each app offered once approved in its marketplace.

Technically, that is not a monopoly. Almost all apps from Google Play to the App Store are the same, the only difference is generally related to compatibility, trusted developers and those that contain malware.

David Frederick, a lawyer representing the customers had this to say:

“Apple’s intentionally closed system prevents competition, which enables the App Store to collect a higher price than if Apple were forced to entice app seekers in a competitive market.”  

Not sure if David has any Apple products or not, I do and side by side, almost all of the apps offered on both Google Play and the App store are the same.

Each marketplace is built specifically for different platforms.

Suing Apple over what it allows onto it’s marketplace is the very equivalent of telling Apple to change its entire platform.

Daniel Wall, a lawyer for Apple, says the company, is not stifling competition but had, “created a dynamic new industry where none had existed before, which drove an explosion of development and innovation in mobile apps.”

And, for the last 40 years, the courts have held that when there’s an illegal monopoly, only the direct purchaser can sue for damages.

Which means, you can’t sue Apple.

Only the app developers could sue, because they are the actual buyers of Apple’s distribution service not those of us that simply own an Apple product.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals however, reversed that.


So Apple is taking matters all the way to the top.

And for once the Trump administration is doing something intelligent, siding with Apple on this. The Justice Department said it would be particularly hard to figure out whether the App Store overcharges, since the prices are set by tens of thousands of app developers and not Apple, if you wanted to be technical about it.

And I do love technicalities.

Guess we’ll all have to wait until June to see how the court rules this go around.

Cristal M Clark

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Once Putin’s Bitch – Russia Loses Faith in America


CNN to Blame?


Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov:

“U.S. Unpredictability Under Trump Causing Global Concern”

Trust me Dmitry, even American’s would agree with you on that.


Everything under Trump hangs in the balance these days.


Now if you were to ask Trump about this, I am sure he would gladly blame the likes of CNN or maybe MSNBC perhaps, rather than actually own up to his deplorable rhetoric, lies, tall tales, half truths.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Dozhd TV:

“The fact that America has become unpredictable lately is no secret to anyone, such unpredictability from the largest country, the most powerful economy in the world, is the subject of deep global concern.”

In fact, in recent months the relationship between the United States and Russia has begun to crack, the bromance between Putin and his beloved Donald Trump has seemingly been unable to withstand the test of actual time and Trump’s complete idiocy.


For even a spokesman for the Kremlin to state this publicly is evidence of the worlds inability to have faith much less trust in the United States due to our leadership.

Dmitry’s words have been both, heard and echoed across the globe, with a nod of agreement felt from other nations.

The rumor is that Trump and Putin are scheduled to meet soon in Buenos Aires, a meeting that is sure to be a tense one.

Cristal M Clark

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Florida Recount – Complete Disaster


Florida’s Joke on our Nation

In Florida, it’s pretty clear that no, not every vote counts.

Now the excuse for every vote not counting, sloppy signatures.


Lawyers for Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, and Republican Gov. Rick Scott, were in federal court in Tallahassee on today arguing that the ballots of traditionally Democratic voters, minorities and young people were more likely to be thrown out because of signature variations than those of other voters.

At least 5,000 + ballots from all voters were left uncounted across Florida as a result of signature mismatches, according to various estimates from the Florida secretary of state and analysts examining the latest data.

But is that really the real issue here?

Florida Senate Candidate Rick Scott Attends Election Night Event In Naples

Could it be that this is a carefully designed plot to ensure Rick Scott remain exactly where he is or is it just good old fashioned ineptitude?

I am going to go out on a limb and claim both.

Tamara Plakins Thornton, a University at Buffalo professor wrote:

“The culture, and technology, are making signatures a devalued currency, they came into popularity as a means of expressing a person’s individuality, which made them good for identification. Now people will just use an emoji.”

It was documented by the way, in a pre-election study by the American Civil Liberties Union in Florida, that young voters were more likely to have their mail-in ballots rejected because, in part, they did not use their handwriting enough to develop a steady signature.

Which also speaks to Florida’s education system. I recently met someone who informed me that he did not know how to sign his signature because back home, at his school in Florida they were not taught cursive much less, how to create a signature.


Just in the past year the A.C.L.U. has fought signature matching issues in a series of lawsuits across the the US arguing that the process is unconstitutional and disenfranchises voters.

The A.C.L.U. has in fact, won cases in New Hampshire and California.

In Georgia, the A.C.L.U. sued Secretary of State, Brian Kemp and a candidate for governor in another undecided race, for disqualifying nearly 600 absentee ballots as a result of alleged signature mismatches. On Oct. 24, a restraining order was issued that required election officials to provide absentee voters the opportunity to confirm their identity.

In most states this type of issue is resolved without having made the news 24/7 for days on end, however this is Florida a state that Donald Trump just happens to love.

A state full of Trump supporters who are quick to grab the rose colored glasses and turn a blind eye to any and all realities up to and including Trump’s outrageous lies and embellishments.

Broward County and Palm Beach County both have deep and rich histories of being slow to count votes.

Broward County has frequently been accused of making mistakes.

Broward also saw issues when it lost some absentee ballots during the 2004 presidential election.

More recently, the office of Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes destroyed physical ballots after the 2016 election while saving digital copies a move that a court ruled violated Florida law.

Brenda Snipes by the way is still gainfully employed by the state of Florida in the same position she held back in 2016. 

Not to mention that I am sure the she is the very individual responsible for the altered forms that were sent to voters for this years mid-terms as well.


Either Florida will figure out how to legally resolve the issue or its looking like the A.C.L.U. will in fact step in and take matters into its own hands.

Cristal M Clark

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The New Serial Killer –


Mass Shooters


Since the 1980’s it appears that the number of serial killers has dwindled somewhat. No more Ted Bundy, Zodiac, Paul John Knowels and the like.


Yet the reality is, haven’t the serial killers just simply evolved into a new more fierce serial killer?


No longer do they need to hide in the shadows, because the one serial killers and mass shooters have in common is that they want to Control.

They have a deeply driven motive to kill, causing fear, pain, seeing people suffer and die, that motive is simple, it is the ability to control the emotions of another and has never had anything to do with sexual gratification. Although, in the past serial killers have been known to masturbate quite often over images and videos of sexual deprivation (a hiccup in the human brain), so as to feed the need while not actually killing, they like seeing someone being harmed and controlled.

Now they have no need for that when all one has to do is simply purchase a firearm and head to the nearest crowded establishment and walk in causing fear and panic, murdering the innocent. Yes, the killer is very much in control.  

Serial killers have a history of hiding the shadows and taunting law enforcement however, the reality is that have always wanted the glory for the killings, hence they want to go down in history.

Why go down nameless after putting so much effort in after all?

For every mass shooting, everyone wants an answer, why?

As with the Vegas mass shooting, police could find no motive, nor could they ever figure out what caused the killer to snap.

Recently, the California mass shooter was posting to social media that he was sane, during the attack.

Ian David Long, left a taunting message on social media stating that he knew very well that the state of mental health would be debated for years to come.

While the media immediately went about interviewing witnesses, parents of witnesses, actually reported that this killer was a veteran, in fact the way most of the headlines seemed to attempt to draw some form of implications that lead many viewers and readers to initially believe that because this killer was a veteran he must be suffering from some for of PTSD which lead to the killing.  

The media as it most often does whilst jumping in for the highest ratings, missed the point.


Ian David Long, just informed the world who the new serial killers would be.

They know that they cannot stop killing and they know that they can only fight the urge to kill again for only so long.

It is much simpler and efficient to get in in, get it done and die by copper or suicide.

This new killer will be very difficult for the FBI to catch before they kill. The FBI will have nothing to go on in an effort to seek them out before they strike.

Because of evolution, we do have a new serial killer, Mass Shooters who by the way are not domestic terrorists as the media labels every mass shooter.

The distinction is a very fine indeed.  

Cristal M Clark

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Defiant Judge Loses Election – Releases All of The Defendants in Court Today


Harris County, Texas – What’s a Losing Judge to Do?


I really can’t say that I am all that shocked by this at all really, after Trump landed in the Republican party, anything crazy that comes from any member of that party is simply just not a shock.


Today, in a defiant tantrum Juvenile Court Judge Glenn Devlin released just about all of the youth defendants that appeared in front him, just asking the kids whether they planned to kill anyone before letting them go.

When asked why his response was “it’s what the people want.”

Sort of mature right?

Is’t that the response one would receive from a testy teen who did not get his or her way when confronted because they did the opposite of what they should have done?

In all,  seven kids were released prosecutors said, including four that were facing aggravated robbery charges.


Chron reported: “that it is not unusual for Judge Devlin to release juveniles facing serious charges, as long as they’ve behaved in detention and have adequate supervision in place on the outside.

Yet he has never released a juvenile charged with aggravated robbery before.”

I guess these days with the Republican party, its monkey see, monkey do.

Exhibiting the bad childish and immature behaviors that one Donald Trump does when he loses or fails to get his way.

Cristal M Clark

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Trump’s Shock and Awe Not Really Working


Donald Trump is the Swamp


The past two weeks, the news has been filled with our racist, bigot, womanizing president talking about the dangerous migrant caravan hurling towards America, you know the one that is filled with MS13 gang members, thugs, terrorists, men, the caravan who is going to overrun border patrol and start raping american women.


Trump is attempting to incite fear and panic, he even offered to protect women from this horrendous caravan.


Yes our pervy president says women want him to protect them.

Umm please allow for me to fact check that, no we do not want our disgusting, old perverted, sexual predator pig of a president to protect us.

Now, Trump has sent troops to the US – Mexico border to chill for a caravan that is still weeks away from arriving to the US.

Wasting the time of our military just because he wants to he wants to create a scene, he wants to create fear in order to get votes?


Are you kidding me?

Donald Trump goes on national TV and lies about the caravan, a tax cut for the middle class, outright lies, then admits he lied but could be right and we just let that shit slide?

Russian meddling is nothing compared to what our very own president is doing.


Our president spreads more fake news than any media outlet, in the entire world.

He is appealing to white nationalism and that is quite frankly, pretty disgusting in this day and age.

Trump is appealing to his voters but is that going to work this time? The sheer number of Americans that do not support Trump is staggering, quite possibly outnumbering Trump and his parties voters.

So naturally Trump is afraid, he is panicking and attempting to gain support for his party by informing us that rapists are coming.  

All of the fear mongering and hatred makes us look weak, deplorable and quite honestly absolutely ridiculous to the rest of the world.

America was once the great, now we are joke to the rest of the world.

Think about this as you cast your votes this week, if any of you want the swamp drained, it’s up to us to do it this time and not put our faith in a man who has shown over and over again he cannot be trusted.


Cristal M Clark

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